Tran Siu as the Protagonist in the Social Transformations of Brimbank

The role of Tran Siu as a protagonist in brining the social transformations across Brimbank makes an interesting story to read. But not many people are aware of the volume of efforts, patience and the persistence which have gone into making this a truly successful saga. Tran Siu attributes them to the determination and unity of the community members, while the people recognize the genuine contributions of Tran Siu in making these changes possible. The ability to withstand pressure and criticism while making efforts to bring about social changes seems to be nothing new to Tran Siu. He has raised above all the obstacles to establish his individual as well as community identity among the citizens of Brimbank and the entire nation of Australia

Tran SiuTran Siu and his Theory of Willingness to Change

Tran Siu says the worst enemy of change is the fear of extinction. The humans have a tendency to resist any changes to the existing patterns of lifestyle and thinking. This is perhaps rooted into the subconscious minds to such an extent that it becomes almost impossible for any external forces to make it happen. The genuine willingness to change has to come from within the minds of the people from various communities.

  • Tran Siu has initiated many volunteer schemes through which the individuals get encouragement to improve their lives. This could start at the education and training levels. Then it moves into the field of career selection. Most of the Sunshine community members have been able to find opportunities for jobs in the private companies and business organizations across Brimbank and the other regions in Melbourne and rest of Australia. Tran Siu has been making arrangements for taking up entrepreneurship, small business establishment, freelance profession, agriculture and horticulture and many other self employment schemes for the others. These efforts have been producing meaningful results as the average household earnings have risen since Tran Siu has taken these efforts.
  • After gaining financial freedom, the next task of youngsters in the Sunshine and other communities is very simple. They have to share their experience and strength with the others in their communities. This is a serious effort undertaken by Tran Siu. In fact this has generated huge response from the communities like the Vietnamese, Chinese and other Asian and Aborigines. Nearly all of them have changed their previous lifestyles of unproductively wasting their talents. Today nearly all of them have been working efficiently in their chosen career and business successfully.

Tran Siu

  • Establishing and sustaining communications among the various ethnic communities is one of the pioneering tasks undertaken by Tran Siu. This has helped in establishing the channels of understanding and friendship among them. The gap between them has considerably reduced. The results have been truly motivational for any citizen of Brimbank who dreamt of making it great. The consistent efforts of Tran Siu have been able to establish social and business relations among the people from different ethnic communities like never before. This has certainly resulted in the overall social, political, economical and cultural developments initiated by the efforts of Tran Siu.