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10 Best Moments From ‘Go Go Power Rangers’ #13 With Ryan Parrott

10 Best Moments From 'Go Go Power Rangers' #13 With Ryan Parrott

This week’s concern of Go Go Power Rangers kicks off the post-Shattered Grid period, and we have assembled a few of our favourite moments from the e-book with some bonus commentary from author Ryan Parrott.

Warning, spoilers are for Saban’s Go Go Power Rangers #13 are incoming, so if you have not learn the difficulty but you’ve got been warned.

Regardless of Shattered Grid being over, there are nonetheless some huge ripples from that epic occasion, particularly with regard to Matthew. It isn’t all heavy themes although, as followers will get a kick out of a number of beloved parts from the unique tv collection making their debuts within the comics, ones that you’re going to instantly acknowledge.

To recap, final time we noticed the Rangers in Go Go they have been coping with two large monsters, who gave the Rangers a run for his or her cash. Fortunately the Ranger Slayer (Kimberly from Drakkon’s timeline) helped them out a bit with some help from the Gravezord, even forming a brand new Megazord within the course of.

Ranger Slayer would ultimately be found by Grace Sterling and Promethea, and as we noticed in Shattered Grid #1 she stayed together with her to assist finish Drakkon’s plan.

As for Rita, it was beforehand teased that she would begin looking for the sixth Power Coin, and we do get some motion with regard to that journey on this situation as nicely. Should you have been round for Power Morphicon, you additionally know that the Rangers are switching their colours up quickly, and that storyline finds itself rooted on this problem as properly.

Earlier than we get began, Go Go Power Rangers #13 is written by Ryan Parrott with artwork by Eleonora Carlini, and you may take a look at the official description under.

“After the shocking conclusion of Shattered Grid , the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers are still picking up the pieces. Meanwhile, Rita Repulsa sets into motion a plan to retrieve an artifact that might be the key to besting Zordon and the Rangers once and for all…”

Alright, with out additional ado let’s take a look at our favourite moments from Go Go Power Rangers #13 with author Ryan Parrott!

Slide 1 of 10Preventing PudgyGo-Go-Power-Rangers-13-Best-Moments-Pudgy-Pig(Photograph: BOOM! Studios)

The difficulty kicks off with a deal with for longtime Ranger followers, because the Rangers tackle one of many extra memorable villains of the Mighty Morphin period in Pudgy Pig. Fortunately he is simply as disturbing as ever, however along with a pleasant homage Pudgy additionally helped set up a timeline.

“Coming out of Shattered Grid, I thought it was important to find an iconic moment that would immediately help orient the reader as to where Go Go was in the Mighty Morphin Power Ranger timeline, similar to the way the first issue showed the final Goldar battle from “Day of the Dumpster”. And is there a more iconic monster than Pudgy Pig? I think not,” Parrott stated.

Slide 2 of 10The Power BlasterGo-Go-Power-Rangers-13-Best-Moments-Power-Blaster(Photograph: BOOM! Studios)

Followers may even recognize the introduction of the Power Blaster, which manifests when the Rangers mix every of their Power Weapons into one highly effective cannon. New collection artist Eleonora Carlini makes this sequence really feel proper out of the present, even together with the Rangers calling out their particular person weapons.

Billy additionally makes a fast apart that they need to use it extra typically, and Parrott reveals that’s kind of a reference to himself.

“Yeah, after I decided on Pudgy Pig, I rewatched the episode and realized the Rangers defeat the monster with the Power Blaster… and I hadn’t even shown them use it yet! That’s just bad form on my part,” Parrott stated. “And if you’ve read any of Go Go, you know I love my Ranger morphin sequences. So Billy’s line about “utilizing it extra typically” is really just a dig at myself for taking thirteen issues to finally get around to it.”

Slide three of 10A Mom’s InstinctGo-Go-Power-Rangers-13-Best-Moments-Trini-And-Her-Mom(Photograph: BOOM! Studios)

Go Go all the time builds its characters not solely with regard to their Ranger lives but in addition their private ones, and Trini’s dialog together with her mom is an ideal instance.

Her mom picks up on the truth that Trini could be very targeted on discovering the fitting sweater, and appropriately guesses it is due to a man. Granted, she does not know it is Jason, however she’s fairly on the cash about all the things else, and it was nice to see extra of Trini interacting together with her household on this approach.

“This scene was actually in the first pages I saw from Eleonora… and I think they’re flawless,” Parrott stated. “I love the vulnerability in Trini’s “Perhaps” and the sweet display of a mother’s patience. I enjoyed the way this scene came together because I got to sorta make a joke about how the Rangers always wear the same colors… and yet tie it into how self-conscious we all are in our teens, especially around those we’re crushing on.”

Slide four of 10The Rad Bug RevealedGo-Go-Power-Rangers-13-Best-Moments-Rad-Bug(Photograph: BOOM! Studios)

One other stalwart of Mighty Morphin makes its debut in Go Go this month, and that might be Billy’s Rad Bug! The VW Beetle turned flying automotive is immediately recognizable right here, although it should nonetheless want some work earlier than it could truly fly to the Command Middle. You can even see precisely the place Billy will get the identify for it too, which is a pleasant bonus.

“I’ve heard fans have a “love/hate” relationship with the Rad Bug… but I knew, if Go Go’s job is to add texture to the lives of the original Rangers, there’s no way I was gonna miss telling the origin of Billy’s flying car,” Parrott stated. “In a weird way, I see it as sort of a representation of Billy: It may not appear too special on the outside, but there’s a lot going on under the hood.”

Slide 5 of 10Jason New PositionGo-Go-Power-Rangers-13-Best-Moments-Jason-And-His-Dad(Photograph: BOOM! Studios)

Final difficulty Jason confronted his father about letting him assist together with his sickness, and we get to see how that new position goes right here. It is solely actually a couple of panels however it’s superb what comes throughout in so little area, and for Parrott this a part of the story held some further which means.

“I had a friend in high school whose mother needed constant medical care… and I didn’t know about it for years,” Parrott stated. “He never lied, but he also didn’t directly tell anyone because he didn’t want to be pitied. In hindsight, I remember feeling horrible about complaining about all of my stupid problems while he was dealing with that. So, this was an attempt to tap into that feeling… plus, I love how comics allow you to show lies, with captions contrasting images. I really should do that more often too.”

Slide 6 of 10Rita UnleashedGo-Go-Power-Rangers-13-Best-Moments-Rita-Unleashed(Photograph: BOOM! Studios)

Carlini actually hit it out of the park on this problem, however considered one of her greatest moments was this Rita Repulsa panel, with the evil empress cloaked in shadow and reining destruction on Angel Grove together with her henchmen at her aspect. The extra we see of this Rita the higher.

“One of my goals for the series going forward was to finally get Rita out of the Moon Palace and let her wreck a little havoc herself,” Parrott stated. “Eleonora did an amazing job with her arrival on Earth. To me, it feels like Rita literally brought a hurricane with her. I love it.”

Slide 7 of 10The Ripples Of Shattered GridGo-Go-Power-Rangers-13-Best-Moments-Kimbrerly-Reacts(Photograph: BOOM! Studios)

One of many greater ripples from Shattered Grid is the crew’s relationship with Matt, who requested them to inform him the reality about their lives as Rangers within the final concern. They did not, and thus he seemingly left them behind, and as seen right here is giving them the chilly shoulder three weeks later. That’s beginning to take a toll on the staff, particularly Kimberly, and her response paints an ideal image of what she’s feeling.

“In my eyes, Shattered Grid’s consequences in Go Go are entirely emotional. Sure, the Rangers won… but it cost them Matthew,” Parrott stated. “And that goes double for Zack and Kimberly. In the next few issues, we’ll see if Kim’s statement about “everyone profitable” is true or just an expression of her own resigned frustration.”

Slide eight of 10Megaputty!Go-Go-Power-Rangers-13-Best-Moments-Megaputty(Photograph: BOOM! Studios)

Whereas the Rangers confronted Pudgy Pig within the opening moments, they do get a brand new enemy to face off towards as nicely within the type of a Megaputty, and this stuff are going to take much more punishment than your common Putty. It once more exhibits how the comics can pull from the unique collection whereas additionally including new parts to maintain issues energetic, plus it appears fairly dope.

“I mean, it’s probably been done before and I just missed it, but I figured… if the Putties are made out of clay, why not make them BIGGER than a normal person? In all honesty, it was just an excuse for me to use the name “MEGAPUTTY”, which I yelled every time I wrote it in the script,” Parrott stated.

Slide 9 of 10Baboo’s Altering His Tune?Go-Go-Power-Rangers-13-Best-Moments-Baboo(Photograph: BOOM! Studios)

Few are extra loyal to Rita than Squatt and Baboo, and we have seen a little bit of their backstories revealed on this collection to elucidate a part of why. Nonetheless, that does not imply their loyalty will all the time be unwavering, and it is fascinating to see a little bit of doubt in the best way Baboo refers to Rita on this challenge.

“Loyalty is something that’s very important to Rita Repulsa,” Parrott stated. “So, what would happen if one of her servants began to question her leadership skills? It’s like in sports, you can only lose so many games before people start looking at the coach. Baboo is arguably my favorite characters in this arc for just that reason.”

Slide 10 of 10Altering Of The GuardGo-Go-Power-Rangers-13-Best-Moments-New-Place-Switching-Colors(Photograph: BOOM! Studios)

As beforehand introduced at Power Morphicon, the Rangers in Go Go are altering their colours, and it is far more than only a easy shade swap. That storyline kicks off on this concern, as Jason and Trini are the primary ones to modify colours, with Trini taking over the Pink Ranger position and Jason taking over the Yellow Ranger position.

“I was genuinely surprised by the reaction the color swapping element received when it was first announced,” Parrott stated. “I’ve seen people praise me for my dedication to inclusivity and others berate me for shoving a social agenda into the series… all before a single page of the comic saw print. For me, I did it entirely to service the characters. This is a story about two people on a journey of discovery, not just of a dangerous alien planet, but also of one another.”

Properly, that is our listing, however tell us your favourite moments of the difficulty within the feedback!