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10 Characters Weaker Than Fans Thought (And 15 Who Are Even More Powerful)

10 Characters Weaker Than Fans Thought (And 15 Who Are Even More Powerful)

Avatar: The Final Airbender and Legend of Korra had no scarcity of robust benders and warriors, from the Avatars to the previous masters to the rising leaders. Lots of Avatar’s heroes and villains have carried out unimaginable feats, showcasing their power and cementing their place among the many strongest benders and non-benders. Nevertheless, different characters have been constructed up as nice fighters all through the collection, however couldn’t persistently ship on it when followers noticed them in motion.

Avatar has an extended historical past of build up characters earlier than they’re launched of their full glory. Primary villains and allies like Azula, Ozai, and Toph have been foreshadowed and mentioned earlier than they even appeared on display, letting followers know they have been somebody who would do nice issues. In Legend of Korra, followers began out with excessive expectations for a number of characters due to their parentage or connections to previous characters, and the present continued to hype up the brand new villains and allies as they have been launched.

Over the course of the collection, which characters might stay as much as or surpass their very own hype, and which ones fell flatter than anticipated when the destiny of the world was on the road?

Listed here are 10 Characters Weaker Than Fans Thought (And 15 Who Are Even More Highly effective).

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25 Weaker: Lin Beifong

Lin Beifong was a lady nobody needed to mess with, however she additionally under-delivered in battle on a number of events. She had a number of superb moments of glory, akin to tearing aside an airship together with her metalbending and rescuing Korra from a deadly fall. Nevertheless, she was additionally persistently incapacitated and captured. For a fighter elite sufficient to grow to be the chief of police in Republic Metropolis, she was not almost as a lot use in battle as anybody would have hoped. Although she was nonetheless a serious participant all through the collection, she didn’t often show the extent of energy followers would anticipate of a Beifong.

24 More Highly effective: Suyin Beifong

Suyin might simply be discounted because the weaker of the Beifongs as a result of she didn’t typically stray right into a battle, however the few battles she took half in confirmed her easy energy. She personally taught Kuvira, a extremely superior metalbender who might maintain her personal towards the Avatar. Suyin, although, was nonetheless capable of maintain her personal towards Kuvira. They fought to a draw, and Suyin displayed a fluidity and flexibility that allowed her to craft impromptu weapons and armor out of the metallic round her. Suyin might have been probably the most highly effective metalbenders after her mom Toph.

23 Weaker: Jet

Jet was introduced as a serious episodic villain despite the fact that he by no means posed greater than a middling menace. He might struggle properly towards a non-bender together with his hooked swords, however he by no means stood an opportunity towards any respectable bender. He fought Zuko to a draw solely when Zuko was unable to make use of his firebending. Aang and Katara simply defeated him and would have stopped his plan sooner if that they had not trusted him. When he turned towards Lengthy Feng at Ba Sing Se, Lengthy Feng dispatched him in a single transfer. Jet might solely match with opponents who have been incompetent, hampered, or fooled by him.

22 More Highly effective: Azula

Azula posed an unreasonably existential menace for any villain, not to mention a 14-year-old. Whereas Ozai was foreshadowed as the good villain of the collection, Azula was the ever-present menace that Aang and his allies couldn’t handle to shake. She typically evaded Aang’s complete staff, even when she fought alone. Even Ozai didn’t come as near ending the Avatar as Azula did when she seized Aang’s weak second getting into the Avatar State just like the ruthless tactician she was. In the long run, it took each Zuko and Katara, two of probably the most premier benders on the planet, to incapacitate a mentally unhinged Azula.

21 More Highly effective: Ozai

Hearth Lord Ozai was the large dangerous of Avatar: The Final Airbender for a purpose. He was backed by the army of a whole nation, however he was additionally a formidable opponent in single fight. He was such a highly effective firebender that solely his brother Iroh was thought-about in the identical class. He overpowered Aang at many factors throughout their battle, solely placed on his heels by the Avatar State. Ozai even virtually corrupted the Avatar within the ultimate energybending showdown, indicating that he had an almost unbendable spirit. Although Ozai stayed within the background till virtually the top, he delivered on each promise of menace.

20 Weaker: Mako

Mako appeared to fall in need of fan’s expectations from the very starting. He had massive footwear to fill because the staff’s resident brooding firebender, and he by no means distinguished himself sufficient as a bender or a personality to get out of that shadow. He was a complicated firebender, however his contribution typically appeared pointless, as Korra was an equally competent firebender. His solely distinctive talent was producing lightning, a capability he used to nice impact towards Amon, Ming-Hua, and Kuvira’s mecha fits. Except for his one dependable trick, Mako was solely helpful as one other commonplace fighter on the staff, and he seldom lived as much as the speak of his gifted firebending.

19 More Highly effective: Bolin

Bolin was the Mako’s cute youthful brother, however he was removed from the weaker of the 2. He held his personal as an earthbender towards the Equalists and the Pink Lotus. He had ok accuracy to earthbend a single pebble into P’Li’s third eye to dam her combustion. His most spectacular energy, although, was his uncommon lavabending means. Bolin was ready to sacrifice himself making an attempt to cease the lava stream from reaching his pals, resulting in the unintentional discovery of his lavabending. After this preliminary try, he conjured up and managed lava effortlessly. Bolin was a much more highly effective earthbender than everybody gave him credit score for.

18 More Highly effective: Asami Sato

Asami Sato from Legend of Kora

Asami was the non-bender of the staff, and she or he began out pigeonholed into the position of the wealthy, fairly woman. Fans had little cause to anticipate a lot from her at the start, nevertheless it didn’t take lengthy for her to show her value on the staff. When she mixed her acrobatic and self-defense expertise together with her father’s know-how, she turned an efficient fighter towards the Equalists. Asami additionally served as Workforce Avatar’s engineer and driver, as she was an skilled check driver, architect, and mechanic at her father’s firm. Within the absence of bending capacity, Asami contributed her sensible thoughts and warrior’s techniques to the staff.

17 Weaker: Tenzin

Although Tenzin was Aang’s son and the one different airbending grasp for a few years, he seldom confirmed Aang’s prowess and energy with airbending. Throughout battles with the Equalists and the Pink Lotus, he did handle to knock again a number of opponents and dodge hit opponents’ hits in an prolonged battle. He confirmed his power on a couple of events when he created tornadoes, air blasts, and shields to make use of towards attacking enemies. Regardless of these uncommon exhibits of energy, he was not the caliber of airbending grasp that followers ought to have anticipated from the grasp carrying on Aang’s legacy.

16 More Highly effective: Zaheer

Zaheer ranks excessive among the many villains in both collection, however the rarity of his energy will get misplaced among the many assortment of different villains. Zaheer developed airbending whereas he was nonetheless in a White Lotus jail, and he had no instruction in bending on account of his incarceration. He was nonetheless highly effective sufficient to make use of his airbending to flee the jail. Zaheer studied deep into airbender lore and unlocked the key to unaided flight, a capability Tenzin thought was a fantasy. He tore via superior opponents and took out a world chief together with his airbending. It took Korra and most of her allies collectively to lastly seize Zaheer, and it virtually value Korra her life.

15 More Highly effective: Jinora

Jinora was an upstart airbender-in-training by means of most of her time in Legend of Korra, however she confirmed that she was poised to take over Aang’s airbender legacy. At 11 years previous, she turned the primary new airbending grasp since Tenzin. Even as a youthful youngster, she was a strong sufficient airbender to take down Equalist opponents. Jinora additionally confirmed an affinity for religious issues that solely Korra might rival. Not solely might she detect spirits and information others into the Spirit World, however she additionally discovered to detach her spirit from her physique to spiritually challenge herself to seek out and talk with others throughout distances. Jinora’s talents would have made Aang proud.

14 Weaker: Mai

Mai was Azula’s trusted henchmen together with Ty Lee, and Mai’s knife-throwing expertise got here in useful on a lot of events. Regardless of her harmful talent set, she not often managed to realize the higher hand in a battle towards actual warriors or benders. Katara managed to conjure up a number of methods to dam her knives. She was correct and will pin down opponents with out injuring them, however that was the one capability she showcased regularly. Her lack of versatility might be extra a perform of the youngsters’s present score of Avatar and never an correct reflection of her potential. Nonetheless, she by no means reached the promise of the deadly murderer she was meant to be.

13 More Highly effective: Zuko

Everybody is aware of Zuko’s character improvement arc was probably the greatest to ever grace tv, however he additionally went by way of a profound transformation as a firebender. By the age of 16, he was already superior sufficient to face down the younger Avatar and maintain his personal towards Admiral Zhao. As he went via his journey of self-discovery, he solely acquired extra highly effective. Iroh taught him lightning redirection, which used successfully towards his father. After he discovered the secrets and techniques of firebending from the final dragons, he displayed extraordinarily highly effective firebending, even creating dragon hearth on his personal in Smoke and Shadow. Zuko might give Azula a run for her cash when it comes to uncooked firebending energy.

12 Weaker: Hama

Hama was the unique bloodbender after she found the bending potential in a Hearth Nation jail. Hama used bloodbending in a ruthless trend to puppet-master and seize unsuspecting villagers. Regardless of her villainous feats, she couldn’t rise up towards Katara. Katara simply broke Hama’s bloodbending maintain, defeated Hama in a waterbending duel, and bloodbent Hama into submission. Given the scary nature of bloodbending, it is unusual the unique bloodbender didn’t pose extra of a menace. Katara and Amon each used bloodbending much more successfully, however Hama couldn’t win a battle of power towards a 14-year-old waterbender.

11 More Highly effective: Katara

Avatar Katara Waterbending

Katara’s waterbending capacity saved the workforce’s hides on many events, however the true scope and depth of her bending mastery can get obscured in her position because the Avatar’s principal back-up. Katara had a pure affinity for waterbending, probably past some other waterbender in both collection. She turned a waterbending grasp in a single season, despite the fact that she might barely management her talents when she discovered Aang. She took to each therapeutic and bloodbending with little or no instruction, regardless that they’re each uncommon and troublesome talents to harness. Within the finale, it was Katara who lastly took down Azula. Katara might have been the best energy participant on the workforce after the Avatar.

10 More Highly effective: Sokka

In any dialogue of the Gaang, Sokka is typically relegated to the position of plucky comedian aid. He thrived as comedian aid, however he additionally introduced vital contributions to the workforce past his traditional morale increase. He served because the workforce’s strategist, considering his approach out of probably the most dire straits towards indignant spirits, Hearth Nation troopers, and Combustion Man. He additionally contributed to probably the most superior technological achievements within the collection, together with the recent air balloon and the submarine. Sokka was not ineffective in a struggle, both, as he excelled at each hand-to-hand fight and swordsmanship. Sokka was a lot greater than the non-bender sidekick many assumed him to be.

9 Weaker: Amon

Avatar Amon

Amon was a strong first villain for Korra, however he solely appeared efficient when matched towards an Avatar who had by no means confronted an existential or sudden menace earlier than. His important power was his unusually highly effective bloodbending, a capability he might leverage to take away one other individual’s bending. Nevertheless, he often solely had a chance to make use of his bloodbending when his Equalist military had finished the heavy lifting. When Korra pressured him to disclose himself as a bender and he misplaced his followers, he misplaced the power to successfully threaten Korra or anybody else. Whereas Amon was a strong bender, his energy relied an excessive amount of on the fealty of others.

eight More Highly effective: Tarrlok

Tarrlok was all the time underappreciated subsequent to his extra highly effective brother, however he was a strong bender in his personal proper. Like Amon, he might bloodbend with out the complete moon, and he used that talent to subdue the Avatar. He hid his felony parentage and amassed political energy, by no means letting his bloodbending secret slip. Even after Amon eliminated his bending, Tarrlok was capable of reveal Amon’s true id to Korra. When Amon evaded seize, Tarrlok lastly ended the Equalists’ reign of terror, taking his personal life within the course of. Tarrlok’s bending might have paled compared to Amon, however Amon made a deadly mistake in underestimating his brother.

7 Weaker: Suki

Suki was a fierce warrior, however when it got here right down to a battle, she was typically much less helpful than equally expert non-benders. Suki and her Kyoshi warriors have been defeated by Azula, Mai, and Ty Lee. Although she outlasted her warriors, she was unable to thoroughly maintain her personal within the battle. In a rematch, she fought Ty Lee to a draw, however this was solely after she had expertise with Ty Lee’s techniques. Like Sokka, her most important asset was artistic considering in a disaster, however her talent as a warrior was solely common when she was matched towards any respectable opponent.

6 More Highly effective: Ursa

Ursa was solely a minor character within the collection, however her few recognized actions had long-lasting results on the struggle and the lives of everybody related to her. Nobody anticipated Ursa to be greater than the long-lost mom determine that walked out of Zuko’s life for mysterious causes. Nevertheless, the comedian collection The Search explicitly confirmed she poisoned Hearth Lord Azulon in a deal she struck with Ozai to save lots of Zuko’s life. She additionally carried on subterfuges behind Ozai’s again and managed to vanish utterly from Ozai’s attain after she left the palace. In a collective handful of minutes on display, she modified the destiny of the conflict in numerous methods.

5 More Highly effective: Toph

It is arduous to overestimate Toph’s talent in earthbending. On the age of 12, she was already an earthbending grasp with energy that solely the best previous masters might hope to the touch. She might dispatch a number of grownup benders with a couple of exact strikes. When she was taken and imprisoned, she acquired out of it by discovering metalbending, a troublesome subset of her factor that not even Aang might handle. She was nonetheless a bender of the very best order properly into her eighties. As an previous lady, she might nonetheless throw the Avatar round like a plaything and knock again Kuvira’s complete military.

four Weaker: Ty Lee

Ty Lee had a selected and exact set of expertise, however these expertise relied on the component of shock. Her acrobatic and chi blocking was extraordinarily efficient in preliminary fights with a brand new opponent. Most fighters didn’t anticipate her chi blocking, and Ty Lee might put them out of fee with a few strikes. Nevertheless, after an preliminary battle, competent opponents like Katara, Suki, and Sokka have been capable of keep away from her chi blocking. In Ba Sing Se, she was solely capable of blindside Katara with the assault as a result of she was in disguise. She was nonetheless an efficient warrior, however much less priceless to the workforce than she ought to have been.

three More Highly effective: Iroh

Iroh was content material to remain within the background, however he was unstoppable when provoked. It is attainable nobody ever noticed the extent of his powers. He held off each Azula and Zuko and solely ended the struggle by peacefully surrendering to them. He orchestrated a variety of escapes from the Hearth Nation and different militant teams, as soon as even demonstrating his breath of fireside within the course of. He escaped a closely guarded jail within the Hearth Nation capital single-handedly. The Gaang questioned whether or not Iroh might tackle Ozai in Aang’s place, and Iroh possible might have completed it. His lengthy quest for a lifetime of peace didn’t appear to uninteresting his powers in any respect.

2 Weaker: Aang

With a doubt, Aang rose to an unattainable problem. He defeated Firelord Ozai on the age of 12, principally by the sheer pressure of his spirit. Nonetheless, Aang was removed from reaching the Avatar’s potential. Proper as much as his battle with the Firelord, his academics agreed he was not near mastering any aspect apart from air. He fell again on his airbending time and time once more, not often shifting to different parts outdoors of the Avatar State. He displayed the identical techniques in later flashbacks from Legend of Korra. His important power was in his deep connection to the Avatar Spirit, however the Avatar Spirit was typically the one energy that stored him from defeat.

1 More Highly effective: Korra

Korra Water from Air

Korra will get numerous criticism for her perceived failings in comparison with Aang, however she has been drastically underestimated. Because the Avatar, she displayed a high-level mastery of most parts and some troublesome subsets of bending. By the age of 17, her academics already thought-about her a grasp in waterbending, firebending, and earthbending, and she or he used all three as naturally as her native aspect. She took to metalbending simply, a talent Aang was by no means recognized to own. She fought bloodbending extra simply than some other character. Although she struggled with airbending, she ultimately used it simply and took on Zaheer, probably the most highly effective recognized airbenders. Korra was a drive of nature.

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