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10 Worthless Weapons Everyone Uses (And 15 That Are Way Better)

10 Worthless Weapons Everyone Uses (And 15 That Are Way Better)

Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim has simply grow to be probably the most profitable video video games so far. Since its 2012 launch, it has continued to be a fan-favorite and has unfold throughout quite a few platforms. Six years later, it is nonetheless being remastered to look higher on the PC and has been delivered to the Nintendo Change. Although followers wait anxiously for Elder Scrolls VI, they nonetheless adore the final installment. A whole lot of that has to do with the various, lovely, and huge world that was created on this nook of Tamriel.

To today, followers nonetheless talk about new issues they’ve discovered throughout Skyrim or previous favorites they’ve revisited. From the characters to places and even gadgets, the world continues to be tremendously recent. One of many few complaints is the wonky battling system, which is why it is turn out to be very important for followers to select probably the most highly effective and optimum weapons. In any case, if the battling is not all the time clean, gamers want good weapons to make up the distinction. Nevertheless, there is a truthful quantity of weapons that followers carry means too lengthy or use slightly too typically. Nevertheless, within the large world of Skyrim, they merely do not meet the reduce. Fortunately, there are different weapons that Skyrim followers can decide up as an alternative.

With that stated, listed here are the 10 Worthless Skyrim Weapons That Everyone Uses (And 15 That Are Way Higher).

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25 Worthless: Axe of Whiterun

When following Skyrim’s fundamental mission, the participant is informed to warn the Jarl of Whiterun concerning the dragons. After slaying the scaly beast on the sting of the maintain, the chief is keen to dub the Dragonborn Thane of Whiterun. With the title comes the Axe of Whiterun, a two-handed battle-axe that does shock injury.

This weapon is the primary named and enchanted weapon a participant will get. Nevertheless, that does not imply that they need to grasp on to it for lengthy. Two-handed weapons are sometimes very sluggish and do not deal sufficient injury to be value utilizing. As quickly as gamers get hold of a greater weapon, it is a good suggestion to promote the Axe of Whiterun and fill your stock with extra helpful gadgets.

24 Way Higher: Mace of Molag Bal

The Daedric Princes are recognized for his or her spectacular artifacts, however the Mace of Molag Bal is definitely top-of-the-line. Maces are already robust weapons, since they’re able to pierce by means of armor and are one-handed. Molag Bal’s artifact is even higher as a result of it offers direct injury to an enemy’s stamina and magicka. Moreover, if an enemy is slain inside three seconds, their soul will fill a soul gem.

It will get even higher, nevertheless, contemplating that the Mace of Molag Bal is retrievable pretty early into the sport. All a participant has to do is slay lots of people, a few of which could not deserve it. Molag Bal is the prince of domination and enslavement, in any case.

23 Way Higher: Windshear

Skyrim has a variety of hidden places, gadgets, and the like. Windshear is one such weapon that may be troublesome to find. This highly effective sword is stabbed into the prolonged beam of a ship. It is easy to overlook if a participant is not on the lookout for it. The boat, referred to as The Katariah, is boarded in the course of the mission “Hail Sithis!” from the Darkish Brotherhood.

Windchear is particular as a result of not solely is it robust, but in addition as a result of it staggers foes, which is useful. The sword is extraordinarily robust since block-bashing has an opportunity to knock down and paralyze an enemy for somewhat little bit of time. For Dragonborns who consider within the energy of crowd management, this weapon takes the cake.

22 Worthless: Forsworn/Falmer Arrows

Any archer in Skyrim is aware of that probably the most irritating a part of the start of the recreation includes accumulating arrows. Not solely does the Dragonborn begin off with none cash, however additionally they have no archery expertise but, so direct hits could be a problem. Arrows are key to turning into a talented archer. Due to this, early archers have a tendency to select up any and all arrows they discover and use them.

The draw back of this, although, is that some arrows are worse than the essential iron arrows that gamers can come throughout firstly of the sport. The Dragonborn runs into plenty of Forsworn and Falmer throughout their travels. Although these enemies are likely to have a variety of arrows, these arrows are literally a number of the worst within the recreation.

21 Way Higher: Zephyr

At first look, Zephyr might not seem to be an excellent bow. Its base injury is just 14. Nevertheless, its assault velocity is 30% quicker than the typical bow. Additionally, as a result of the enchantment is innate, it does not want soul gems for gasoline. The bow is principally a machine gun, or the closest factor Skyrim will ever have to at least one.

Followers can variety this spectacular Dwarven bow within the Dwemer Destroy of Arkngthamz. In comparison with all the nugatory junk that the Dragonborn picks up throughout their travels, Zephyr is a diamond within the tough. It is a weapon very becoming for an extended, sprawling Dwarven trek.

20 Worthless: Dragon Priest Dagger

When the participant meets their first Dragon Priest, the struggle might be intimidating and just a little scary. Nevertheless, as the sport goes on, the clergymen grow to be much less horrifying and extra like Pokémon. In any case, the Dragonborn simply has to get all of these masks.

One factor that is still necessary, nevertheless, are their weapons. It is onerous to not be mystified by the gadgets they drop, and the Dragon Priest Dagger is not any exception. In any case, almost all the weapons they carry look superior. Sadly, although, in comparison with different daggers, the Dragon Priest Dragger merely does not measure up. In comparison with ebony, glass, and even Dwarven daggers, they do much less injury and weigh extra. Due to this, they’re fairly nugatory.

19 Way Higher: Chillrend

Understandably, a number of the coolest weapons in Skyrim are fairly icy. In any case, enchanted gadgets that do elemental or standing injury work very successfully towards enemies. One of many coolest blades within the recreation is Chillrend. This weapon, like in Oblivion, is within the possession of the Thieves Guild.

As a strong glass sword with a everlasting ice enchantment, it may be obtained as early as degree one. The sword is so chilly, the truth is, that it additionally has the prospect to paralyze an enemy for 2 seconds. Fortunately for the Dragonborn who obtains the weapon early, they will improve it at any grindstone.

18 Way Higher: Dawnbreaker

Whereas Daedric Princes are likely to sound scary and intimidating, not all of them are. For instance, Meridia is the Woman of Infinite Energies. She protects and communicates with all life, and solely has a deep hatred for all issues within the grave.

Her artifact, Dawnbreaker, is an excessively highly effective weapon with boosted hearth stats. It does additional injury to the zombie creatures of Skyrim. For instance, when slaying a Draugr or ghost, there’s an opportunity that these enemies might explode in a fiery blaze and injury all close by zombies, too. A participant can earn this blade by finishing the search “Break of Dawn” for Prince Meridia.

17 Worthless: Blades Sword

This one-handed sword seems spectacular at first look, particularly because it seems to be like a katana. Any participant who needs to look cool will in all probability immediately search the Blades Sword. Nevertheless, the bottom blade itself is just not something particular. The truth is, the Blades Sword is definitely fairly nugatory.

Whereas a few of its variations are extraordinarily highly effective weapons, the typical model can solely be present in sure locations on the map and can’t be crafted. It may be upgraded at a grindstone, although. Nevertheless, the a number of distinctive variations of the blade are so a lot better that the essential one is not worthwhile. In any case, there are undoubtedly higher choices in relation to upgrading primary swords.

16 Way Higher: Enhanced Dwarven Crossbow

The Dawnguard DLC added lots of nice content material to Skyrim, together with many spectacular and highly effective weapons. One of many strongest is definitely the Enhanced Dwarven Crossbow. Within the DLC, gamers can discover ways to craft crossbows. They will additionally enhance these crossbows by discovering particular schematics.

The Dwarven Crossbow is already highly effective, as it’s capable of do probably the most injury to enemies. Nevertheless, when upgraded to enhanced, the weapon can impression 50% of armor, making it much more harmful. Crossbows might be slower than bows, however with all these upgrades and perks, they will undoubtedly be simpler towards enemies.

15 Worthless: Wuuthrad

Throughout the primary mission of Skyrim, the Dragonborn is shortly ushered in the direction of Whiterun. There, the participant can take part in lots of missions. One of the crucial fascinating is Skyrim’s model of The Fighter’s Guild, The Companions. There’s only one catch: these fighters are all werewolves.

After many missions with these canine heroes, the Dragonborn ultimately discovers the tomb of the primary Companion, Ysgramor, and a attainable remedy for lycanthropy. The reward for ending this mission is Wuuthrad, Ysgramor’s battle-axe. Although the axe does additional injury to elves, it isn’t particular. The axe could also be one of many first huge weapon rewards that the participant will get, however it’s not likely value utilizing.

14 Way higher: Auriel’s Bow

Auri-El is the elven variant of Akatosh, an necessary god of Tamriel. There are various legendary tales of the hero. The one most essential one cam be found within the Dawnguard DLC. It’s a story of warfare, woe, and an ideal bow Auri-El took into battle.

Very similar to Meridia’s Dawnbreaker, Auriel’s Bow does fiery solar injury and additional injury towards zombies. So far as bows go, it is stated to haven’t any equal in all of Tamriel. Even higher, the bow might be upgraded with refined moonstone to turn into even stronger. Any archer would do properly to make use of this bow typically, because it offers lots of elemental and religious injury.

13 Way Higher: Dawnguard Rune Axe

As a particular weapon of the Dawnguard, the Dawnguard Rune Axe does elevated solar injury. For every zombie creature it slays, it offers increasingly solar injury and thus turns into extra highly effective. Although this energy doesn’t reset, it does ultimately cap off. Due to this, it’s undoubtedly a weapon that the Dragonborn ought to get their arms on.

This particular axe is discovered in the course of the Dawnguard DLC quest “Lost Relic”.  It may be upgraded at a grindstone. In a world filled with vampires, draugrs, and issues that may be set on hearth, the Dawnguard Rune Axe is useful.

12 Worthless: The Shiv

There are a number of alternatives in Skyrim for the Dragonborn to finish up in jail. There, the participant looses all of their gadgets and should grow to be very properly acquainted with the one weapon obtainable: the shiv. In such a dire state of affairs, it might grow to be the one choice for freedom.

Due to this, followers can typically get hooked up to the crude, sharp stick of metallic. Nevertheless, with out mods, which may add in issues just like the Shiv of Future, shivs are fairly ineffective. Although some gamers discover it amusing to stab the residents of Tamriel with shivs, within the grand scheme of issues, these pointy sticks are completely nugatory.

11 Way Higher: Daedric Warhammer

Although two-handed weapons are a few of the slowest and least environment friendly weapons in all of Skyrim, there are some so highly effective that their delayed velocity does not matter. A type of particular, highly effective weapons is definitely the Daedric Warhammer.

In contrast to many different extraordinary instruments of destruction, the Daedric Warhammer is a craftable merchandise. A participant can create them in their very own forge. With ugrades and enchantments, this merchandise can turn into much more highly effective. In the best arms, it might simply destroy a number of enemies within the recreation. For any fan of two-handed weapons, the Daedric Warhammer is a must have.

10 Worthless: All Iron Weapons

Early on in Skyrim, the most typical sort of weapon that gamers come throughout into are of the iron selection. Nevertheless, when the Dragonborn quest begins, these weapons develop into out of date and ineffective virtually instantly. Fairly quickly into the sport, gamers are capable of craft far superior metal gadgets. That is when the Dragonborn ought to depart iron weapons within the mud.

Moreover, early enemies drop a variety of iron loot, which is a disgrace, since gamers who journey to Riverwood and use forge there’ll have already got far superior weapons. Due to their low stats, iron weapons are completely nugatory.

9 Way Higher: Ebony Blade

Hidden underneath the Dragonsreach is an eerie, sinister door. The search to seek out the door is not obtainable till the participant reaches degree 20 and defeats their first dragon. Jarl Balgruuf’s son, Nelkir, has turn out to be enthralled with this whispering door.

If the participant enters the door, they’ll encounter Mephala, a Daedric prince, who will supply the Ebony Blade. The Ebony Blade can grow to be very highly effective, however it solely turns into extra highly effective if the Dragonborn makes use of it to defeat pleasant NPCs. After defeating the tenth pleasant NPC, it’s going to attain its full potential. This blade absorbs well being as soon as it is absolutely charged, making it a strong weapon. Nevertheless, it comes with a price.

eight Way Higher: Dragonbane

In a recreation the place the primary quest includes preventing dragons, a blade that particularly hurts dragons is fairly helpful. Throughout a mission with the Blades, the Dragonborn will encounter a sword referred to as Dragonbane. This sword does a variety of shock injury, however extra importantly, it does 20-40 additional factors of injury towards dragons.

Throughout a mean battle, Dragonbane can also be a comparatively good sword. Nevertheless, it’s best towards dragons. There is no want for the Dragonborn to make use of some other weapon towards the scaly beasts. Within the dragon-ridden Skyrim, it is some of the helpful swords. Dragonbane additionally could be upgraded as wanted.

7 Wothless: Wabbajack

At first look, Sheogorath’s Daedric Artifact, the Wabbajack, is incredible. Although its assaults are random, it’s highly effective sufficient to take out most of the Dragonborn’s enemies. The employees can boost any battle. Nevertheless, after additional use, the employees turn into increasingly more ineffective.

The Wabbajack can shoot fireballs, rework the enemy right into a weak creature, paralyze an enemy, or decapitate an enemy. Nevertheless, it may possibly additionally reanimate an enemy with twice its unique well being, heal the enemy, or do completely nothing. Although it might be enjoyable to make use of, the Wabbajack is successfully nugatory on the subject of constant injury.

6 Way Higher: Blade of Woe

The Darkish Brotherhood is likely one of the most fascinating guilds in all of Tamriel. Whereas followers have combined emotions about unceremoniously burning a lot of the Brotherhood to the bottom in Skyrim, the Dragonborn will get the superior Blade of Woe out of it. This dagger is given to the participant by Astrid, the Skyrim Brotherhood’s chief, as she is passing on.

This blade not solely absorbs well being, nevertheless it additionally has an distinctive injury to weight ratio. It additionally might be upgraded on the forge pretty simply. Although, mockingly, the participant has to undergo lots of woe to acquire it, the Blade of Woe is a helpful dagger to wield.

5 Worthless: Harkon’s Sword

If the Dragonborn has chosen to aspect with the Dawnguard within the Dawnguard DLC, the ultimate mission includes dealing with off towards the large vampire dangerous himself, Harkon. Harkon is highly effective and harmful, and the participant should battle him in his strongest type. When defeated, Harkon will drop Harkon’s Sword, a strong blade that absorbs well being, stamina, and magicka. Nevertheless, there is a catch: the weilder have to be a vampire.

Ignoring the truth that this goes towards all the rules of the Dawnguard, not many gamers have chosen to turn out to be vampires since they’re shunned and put in fixed hazard. Although the sword is highly effective, it is nugatory when contemplating the hoops that the Dragonborn must undergo to make use of it.

four Way Higher: Employees of Magnus

Utilizing swords and daggers is not for each Dragonborn. Those that choose to make use of magic will need to set their sights on the Employees of Magnus. Whereas there are loads of fascinating staffs within the recreation, the Employees of Magnus is definitely probably the most highly effective.

This employees can buff up a mage because it absorbs magicka from an enemy. If the foe is out of magicka, it can then take up their well being. It’s the final weapon that makes a Dragonborn who’s interested by magic extraordinarily highly effective. The Employees of Magnus could be discovered in Winterhold after finishing quests for the School of Winterhold.

three Way Higher: Mehrune’s Razor

Mehrune’s Razor has many names, reminiscent of The Dagger of The Remaining Wounds, Bane of The Righteous, and Kingslayer. Understandably, that is the artifact of the Daedric prince, Mehrunes Dagon. The dagger could be upgraded and is extraordinarily light-weight, however the actual cause to acquire it is because of its enchantment. It has a really slim probability of slaying any enemy immediately. Solely two people, Miraak and Karstaag, are resistant to this enchantment.

Whereas different daggers may do extra injury, it is exhausting to beat such a light-weight weapon with this absurdly distinctive and highly effective enchantment. The Dragonborn can earn the dagger from the quest “Pieces of the Past” in the event that they make the suitable selection.

2 Worthless: Knife and Fork

Probably the most iconic, and most ineffective, weapons in Skyrim are simply the knife and fork. Gamers can uncover weak weapons in many locations in Tamriel, however mostly, they are often present in Riften. No matter whether or not they’re used individually or collectively, they each do little or no injury.

Nevertheless, this hasn’t cease some followers from discovering these weapons and utilizing them each time they will. Fights with the fork and/or knife are likely to final an absurd period of time. In any case, the extra highly effective the Dragonborn turns into, the more durable and longer the fights are.  These items of cutlery are completely nugatory.

1 Way Higher: Soulrender and Bloodscythe

As soon as upon a time, Soulrender and Bloodscythe have been the weapons of the legendary pirate king, Haknir Dying-Model. When it got here time for him to cross on, he cursed the blades and buried them in his tomb. Nevertheless, he clearly did not cover them nicely sufficient, because the Dragonborn can get hold of them fairly simply.

The blades can solely be found within the Dragonborn DLC. Each blades are enchanted scimitars. Soulrender absorbs magicka and reduces magical defenses, whereas Bloodscythe absorbs well being and reduces armor. Nevertheless, they will solely do that when they’re used collectively.

Did we miss any nugatory or highly effective Skyrim weapons? Tell us within the feedback!

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