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20 Things Wrong With Palpatine That We All Choose to Ignore

20 Things Wrong With Palpatine That We All Choose to Ignore

In a movie franchise full of memorable villains like Darth Vader, Jabba the Hutt, and Boba Fett, Emperor Palpatine stands as one of the iconic. His calculated malice, unbridled lust for energy, and penchant for evil monologues make him a basic villain on par with Devil from Paradise Misplaced or Iago from Othello, although it is actually the magnetism of character actor Ian McDiarmid that makes him so ghoulishly compelling. Palpatine even manages to present dramatic heft to a number of the franchise’s weaker entries.

That stated, if one really mulls over the franchise, it is exhausting not to discover some main flaws in it is writing, and numerous them relate to Palpatine. For probably the most half, these flaws are both unique to, or derived from, the much-maligned prequel trilogy, so lovers of the beloved unique trilogy can relaxation assured that the basic Star Wars movies will not be focused right here (a lot). Moreover, simply because there are some logical issues with Palpatine’s portrayal does not change the truth that he’s an interesting character. Whereas a few of these plot holes are addressed within the media’s different works of the Star Wars canon or the Expanded Universe (also called Star Wars Legends), this record goes to focus solely on the live-action Star Wars movies, as these are the points of the long-running saga that individuals are usually probably the most conversant in and the place Palpatine left his largest impression. With that in thoughts, we’re counting down 20 Things Wrong With Palpatine That We All Choose to Ignore.

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20 His Bizarre Transformation

In one of the crucial tense scenes in Revenge of the Sith, Anakin Skywalker has a selection: he can save the lifetime of his evil father determine, Palpatine, or save the lifetime of Jedi Grasp Mace Windu. Throughout this battle, Anakin finally decides to save Palpatine, however not earlier than Palpatine’s face is deformed with Drive lightning. Why was his face deformed, although? In Return of the Jedi, Luke Skywalker is attacked with Pressure lightning, however that didn’t deform him in any means. Moreover, why did George Lucas really feel the necessity to clarify why Palpatine’s face was so haggard within the unique trilogy? Individuals simply assumed that he was actually previous, maybe tons of of years previous, like Yoda.

19 Why Did Everybody Consider Him

In accordance to Star Wars, the Jedi stood because the guardians of peace and justice for over a thousand generations. As a result of he’s a Darkish Lord of the Sith, Palpatine ordered his Stormtroopers to terminate each Jedi they might. As Palpatine is Chancellor of the Republic, that is a really dangerous transfer, as individuals might see that as an excessive abuse of energy. Palpatine manages to spin this bloodbath into one thing constructive by telling the Senate that the Jedi are evil and plotting to take over the Republic. They fall for this hook, line, and sinker. Why weren’t they involved that Palpatine took nobody to trial and had youngsters who have been coaching to be Jedi eradicated? Why did everybody go from loving Jedi to hating them in a matter of seconds based mostly on an unproven declare?

18 Why Put Anakin On Tatooine?

Young Anakin in The Phantom Menace

The Star Wars saga closely implies that Palpatine manipulated the Drive to impregnate Shmi Skywalker together with her son Anakin. For the primary a number of years of his life, Anakin lived together with his mom on the desert planet, lightyears away from the Jedi and their temple. Palpatine’s grand scene within the prequels is to have Anakin get educated as a Jedi earlier than turning to the Darkish Aspect. This plan rested on two main variables: Anakin being introduced to a unique planet and Anakin turning evil. Since these variables have been so main, why not simply minimize out the middlemen? Palpatine might have kidnapped Anakin and secretly educated him as a Sith from start. He definitely had no problem protecting secrets and techniques.

17 His Relationship With the Neimoidians

In The Phantom Menace, Palpatine enlists a gaggle of alien businessmen referred to as the Neimodians to assist in his extremely difficult scheme. Why did the Nimoidians hassle to assist him? So as to stay a phantom menance, Palpatine hid his id from the Neimodians, which means that he cannot actually promise the Neimoidians something, as that might reveal his true id. So the Neimoidians lose quite a few ships and robots whereas gaining nothing. How did they grow to be such highly effective businessmen if they’re this gullible? The definition of madness is doing the identical factor time and again and anticipating a special outcome which is strictly what occurs when the Nimoidians determine to help Palpatine for everything of the Clone Wars with nothing to present for it. Head Neimoidian Nute Gunray helps out Palpatine for therefore lengthy and all he will get is decapitated.

16 Why Could not He See That Darth Vader Was Turning On Him?

Two of the signature talents of each Jedi and Sith Lords are prophecy and the power to sense the feelings of others. Regardless of being probably the most highly effective Sith Lord in your complete Star Wars saga, Palpatine had neither the supernatural instinct nor the prophetic powers to understand that his closet ally, Darth Vader, was contemplating turning on him. In Revenge of the Sith, he was in a position to manipulate the minds of highly effective Jedi like Yoda and Mace Windu, however he could not learn Anakin Skywalker. He might use his thoughts powers to manipulate quite a few individuals to grow to be a Senator, after which a Chancellor, after which an Emperor, but the seemingly straightforward process of studying Vader was one way or the other too troublesome for him.

15 His Presence At The Battle of Endor

Star Wars: The Battle of Endor

The Star Wars movies body Palpatine as a quintessential evil genius as he was in a position to manipulate politicians, Jedi, fellow Sith, and everybody concerned with an interplanetary conflict to his benefit. In Return of the Jedi, he should have been having an off day. In that movie, he determined to arrive on the Dying Star shortly earlier than a insurgent assault on it that he is aware of goes to occur. This danger has no profit. Palpatine is not directing the counterattack, so his solely purpose to be there’s as a result of he needs to watch the Insurgent Alliance get destroyed and to taunt Luke Skywalker with the Insurgent fleet’s destruction. If he have been slightly extra pragmatic, he may need had somebody document the battle for him.

14 Why Could not He Turn out to be A Drive Ghost?

After passing on, Qui-Gon Jinn, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Yoda, and Anakin Skywalker all turn out to be Drive ghosts. Palpatine, regardless of being simply as highly effective or extra highly effective than these 4 males, doesn’t. Why? Can solely mild aspect customers turn into ghosts? Did Palpatine overlook to rework right into a ghost after his dying for some purpose? Did he understand that he failed in his quest to management the galaxy and determine that he ought to simply throw within the towel? Till one of many quite a few deliberate Star Wars movies or tv collection decides to handle this challenge, all followers can do is speculate. On the very least, this unfastened plot thread supplies Palpatine followers with a brand new hope that he might sometime return to the Star Wars movie franchise.

13 His Overt Evil

When Palpatine was a Senator and a Chancellor, he prudently determined that broadcasting his position as a Darkish Lord of the Sith would solely harm his possibilities at recruiting individuals to his political causes. As soon as he turns into Emperor, nevertheless, he stops being sneaky and wears his Sith robes to work whereas funding doomsday weapons referred to as Dying Stars. One might argue that, given his new energy, Palpatine not wants to masks his malevolence, however being brazenly evil like Palpatine could lead on to individuals rebelling towards him and forming some type of alliance. Even probably the most despicable rulers in historical past often cared about making their regimes seem righteous to their countrymen, however Palpatine is just too pleased with his Sith credentials not to put on these robes.

12 Why Can He Pull Some Individuals’s Drive Senses However Not Others?

Star Wars Emperor Palpatine Laughing

As beforehand said, Palpatine was in a position to diminish the Pressure means of the Jedi council sooner or later throughout Revenge of the Sith. This raises the query— why did not he diminish Yoda’s talents later in the identical movie when he fought him? Why did not he do the identical to Obi-Wan Kenobi when he was making an attempt to get him eradicated earlier in the identical movie? His energy to “cloud” individuals’s minds utilizing the Darkish Aspect isn’t mentioned a lot, which raises questions. What are this energy’s limits? Why does not he use it extra typically? Why does nobody else within the franchise have a comparable energy? Questions like this are why the Expanded Universe was created within the first place.

11 Why Did He Solely Create One Youngster?

Quite a few Star Wars followers despise midi-chlorians as a result of they really feel that they exchange the supernatural majesty of the Drive with boring pseudoscience. A much less widely-held opinion about midi-chlorians is that they make Palpatine look a contact shortsighted. If Palpatine was in a position to manipulate these microscopic lifeforms to create a particularly highly effective Pressure consumer that he might tackle as an apprentice, why not do this a number of occasions as a back-up plan? In any case, Anakin might have by no means made it previous childhood as he was born into servitude on a particularly harmful planet. Or maybe Anakin might have resisted Palpatine’s temptations and never turned to the Darkish Aspect, which means that Palpatine’s plan and years of exhausting work would not repay as he meant.

10 Why Not Encourage Darth Vader To Have Extra Youngsters?

When Palpatine begins to suspect that Luke is Anakin Skywalker’s son, he turns into very thinking about turning him to the Darkish Aspect. If Palpatine likes the thought of getting a second Skywalker turn out to be a Sith Lord a lot, why did not he encourage Vader to have extra youngsters through the 20 years between Revenge of the Sith and The Empire Strikes Again? If Darth Vader’s horrible accidents forestall him from having youngsters, why not simply clone Vader? Palpatine has all the cash he might need and superior cloning know-how, so why not duplicate Anakin a couple of occasions? If Palpatine have been a sort, considerate man one may assume that he does not need Vader to really feel much less particular by cloning him, however Palpatine could not be extra evil if he tried.

9 Why Is He Unconcerned With Leia

Palpatine learns that Princess Leia is the daughter of Anakin Skywalker in Return of the Jedi, however by no means views her as a possible Sith Lord like Luke. Maybe that is as a result of he does not assume a lot of girls. That rationalization may make sense, as Palpatine by no means teaches any ladies the methods of the Sith throughout everything of six movies. Then once more, Palpatine does not have an issue with ladies holding elected workplace, as evidenced by the truth that he permits Leia to be a Senator. Perhaps Palpatine, in a weird otherworldly method, has completely no concern with ladies governing however hates the thought of a lady holding a Lightsaber. It is an odd principle, however Star Wars takes place in a world the place it is commonplace for large slugs to run crime syndicates.

eight Why Did not He Attempt To Disguise His Face

Ian McDiarmid as Palpatine in Return of the Jedi

Everybody cares about appearances. Whether or not or not we care about appearances to a wholesome diploma is one other matter. Following his battle with Mace Windu in Revenge of the Sith, Palpatine turns into horribly disfigured to the purpose the place he seems to be monstrous. This reality by no means causes Palpatine to fear that folks may now be extra doubtless to view him because the precise monster he’s. He by no means tries to use the Drive, or beauty surgical procedure, or make-up to attempt to look extra regular. Maybe he relishes how intimidating his new visage makes him. The Emperor may be terribly assured in his seems. The most probably cause that Palpatine embraces his grotesque face is that George Lucas needed his franchise’s final villain to be scary.

7 A Brief Chain Of Command

Palpatine's face deforming in Star Wars Revenge of the Sith

Following the demise of Palpatine and Darth Vader in Return of the Jedi, the Galactic Empire ceases to exist. Ultimately, a corporation clearly modeled after the Empire referred to as the First Order comes to energy, however the Empire itself isn’t revived. A part of the rationale why the Empire was destroyed is that it apparently had an extremely brief chain of command. The Rule of Two means there can solely be two Sith Lords, however that does not imply that somebody cannot occupy a place of energy immediately under Vader. Once more, Palpatine was not one of the best at planning forward, besides when the plot wanted him to be actually good at planning forward. At the least he managed to keep in cost longer than Snoke.

6 Why Did He Make Common Grievous The Middle Of The Wars

Battlefront 2 General Grievous

In a scene in Revenge of the Sith, Palpatine tells a Jedi grasp that the Clone Wars will finish as soon as Common Grievous is put six ft underneath. We study in one other scene that Grievous takes orders from Palpatine. If Grievous have been eradicated sooner than Palpatine wanted him to be, then Palpatine would lose the emergency powers that have been bestowed upon him due to the wars. That would definitely be an impediment for Palpatine to overcome, so why would he middle the conflict on one basic? Decentralizing the conflict would make it a lot more durable for him to lose his emergency powers. Perhaps Palpatine actually likes a great problem, and was making his path to victory far more troublesome than it wanted to be.

5 His Belief of Vader

In Episode III, Palpatine tells Anakin about Darth Plagueis the Sensible, a legendary Sith Lord he’d by no means heard of who was struck down by his personal apprentice. Various Star Wars followers have hypothesized that the apprentice within the story might very properly have been Palpatine himself. With that in thoughts, Palpatine might have needed to take some precautions when he took on Darth Vader as an apprentice, or at the very least walked on egg shells round him. As an alternative, everybody’s favourite cloaked dictator was so satisfied that Vader would by no means activate him, that he boasted to Luke that Vader would perpetually be his servant, rhetoric that in all probability helped Vader to determine to betray him. It is truthfully unhappy to see a personality who was as soon as a grasp manipulator lose his contact with age.

four Why Would He Reveal So A lot About Himself To The Neimoidians?

Ian McDiarmid as Emperor Palpatine in Star Wars

When Palpatine anonymously communicates with the Neimoidians, he does so by way of hologram. Whereas the Neimoidians do not know his identify and his face is partially obscured by a hood, the Neimoidians nonetheless know the sound of their creepy compatriot’s voice. Why would he reveal the sound of his voice? The Neimoidians might have simply realized that the mysterious hologram was Palpatine and used this info to blackmail him. Fortunately for Palpatine, nobody within the prequel trilogy realizes who he’s in time to cease him, so yet one more considered one of his shoddy, poorly thought-out plans works flawlessly. The late nice Roger Ebert decried a plot trope referred to as the Fool Plot, a plot which requires everybody in a movie to be behave like idiots for it to make any sense, and The Phantom Menace has a primo Fool Plot.

three His Belief of Rely Dooku 

Star Wars Count Dooku Christopher Lee

The Phantom Menance establishes the Rule of Two, which says that there can solely ever be two Sith Lords: a grasp and an apprentice. Originally of Revenge of the Sith, Palpatine, the Sith Grasp, already has an apprentice, Rely Dooku, however needs Anakin Skywalker to develop into his apprentice. His answer is to order Anakin to behead Dooku whereas Dooku is within the room. When Anakin was about to decapitate Dooku, Dooku might have spilled the beans on Palpatine’s position as a Sith Lord who has been manipulating the Republic for years, however for some purpose, he did not. Why would Palpatine anticipate Dooku not to reveal his secret? Was Dooku, an evil ex-Jedi who minimize Anakin Skywalker’s arm off and helped to instigate the Clone Wars, only a actually forgiving man who did not care that his previous good friend Palpatine ordered his dying?

2 Vader’s Ominous Go well with

Darth Vader was horrifically mutilated after falling into lava, and Palpatine performed a serious position within the creation of the go well with which retains him alive. Why did Palpatine need Vader’s go well with to look so ominous? Having Darth Vader seem like a nightmarish robotic with mosquito eyes definitely is not going to assist the Galactic Empire’s PR. In truth, it is in all probability going to make individuals belief Vader much less that they in any other case would. Anakin Skywalker and his son each have robotic palms that look no totally different than common palms, so why not give Vader a sensible robotic face? Leaders like Vader typically need and wish to be feared by their followers to a sure diploma, however they needn’t look utterly grotesque to encourage that worry. It is potential that Palpatine felt that Vader may stay on the Darkish Aspect if he felt too ugly to reside a traditional life.

1 His Dismissal of Obi-Wan

Alec Guinness Obi-Wan Kenobi

After the horrors of Order 66, all the Jedi have been hunted down apart from Yoda and Obi-Wan Kenobi. Palpatine had his Stormtroopers briefly seek for Yoda, however he by no means appears to have cared about Obi-Wan even though he knew he was nonetheless alive. On one degree, his dismissal of Obi-Wan is sensible; the Imperial troops managed to exterminate a lot of the Jedi, so Palpatine might not have been to involved with what Obi-Wan might accomplish on his personal. On one other degree, Palpatine ought to be sensible sufficient to know that one Jedi grasp might probably practice quite a few Jedi and assist to undo what the Empire had completed. In any case, Palpatine managed to take management of the Republic and restore the Sith to their former glory all on his personal.

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