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20 Things Wrong With Red Dead Redemption 2 We All Choose To Ignore

20 Things Wrong With Red Dead Redemption 2 We All Choose To Ignore

Final yr introduced the world tons of critically acclaimed video video games, however few stand alongside Red Dead Redemption 2. The sequel to everybody’s favourite digital Western captivates with an attractive story, loads of motion, and a dense world to discover. The sport options nice performances, an enormous open world, beautiful graphics, and unimaginable sound design. There’s little that folks can maintain towards such a well-made recreation, however is that as a result of it is good, or as a result of individuals are giving it an excessive amount of credit score?

For this record, we’re going to try all of Red Dead Redemption 2’s faults that gamers have come to miss. No one is saying that it is not a terrific recreation, it is unbelievable, however it’s not good. It has a lot mistaken with it: we’re speaking plot holes, gameplay flaws, and a number of the most weird quirks that the Wild West has to supply. We will not be discussing glitches or technical errors although (there are many these for positive), however this record was created beneath the idea that the sport is working the best way it ought to. Even when the sport is working correctly although, there are a lot that followers appear to disregard. Take into account that this record is all in good enjoyable as we’re not right here to bash your favourite online game or take away from its well-earned reward. This record solely serves to shine a light-weight on the issues that this near-perfect recreation has cleverly hidden away. So, it is time to saddle up, listed here are 20 Things Wrong With Red Dead Redemption 2 We All Choose To Ignore.

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20  Set off-Joyful Individuals

Is there any purpose why the typical Red Dead pedestrian is so simply agitated? Civilians in Rockstar video games are notoriously aggressive as they like to antagonize the participant and decide pointless fights, however that is simply nonsense. Non-player characters get spooked simply as simply as they anger, they usually’ll pull a gun on the participant for the slightest perceived offense. Did you by accident stumble upon any person on the road? Anticipate a standoff.

Red Dead Redemption 2 mitigates this challenge with new dialog choices, letting you appease and antagonize NPCs with easy button presses. Nevertheless, regardless that dialog can diffuse tense conditions, individuals are nonetheless method too straightforward to anger and even faster to enact violence. Not everybody within the Previous West was a gun-slinging bandit, proper?

19 Paying Bounties Is Too Forgiving

Committing crimes can rack up fairly the bounty on Arthur Morgan’s head. These bounties can actually pile up, and the upper the bounty, the riskier exploration might be. Bounty hunters can monitor you down in packs and full cities may even shun you on sight. Though paying off bounties could make issues a lot simpler, is not it bizarre that you are able to do this to get out of any crime?

Actual life could be comparable, however Red Dead does not have Arthur paying off parking tickets. The gang can raid complete cities or depart tons of casualties behind and the complete episode may be forgiven with a easy cost on the publish workplace. The place do these individuals draw the road?

18 Ineffective Bandanas

Red Dead Redemption 2 shootout

Red Dead Redemption 2 introduces the bandana, a brand new merchandise that gamers can equip to hide their id in the course of the recreation’s numerous heists and shootouts. The merchandise’s tutorial means that sporting it’s going to utterly disguise your face, however technically, that is not the way it works.

The bandana does not disguise your id, it solely lessens the probabilities of being acknowledged by bystanders and regulation enforcement. It additionally not often works as described. What is the sense of utilizing an merchandise that solely works half the time? Gamers may be higher off sporting it on a regular basis within the hopes that it really works, or simply ignoring all of it collectively. At the very least it makes you look cooler.

17 No Operating In The Home

Gamers spend a whole lot of time within the gang’s camp. Not solely is it the beginning location for a lot of story missions, nevertheless it’s the place Arthur eats, sleeps, clothes, shares assets, and socializes with the remainder of his household. You will typically spend much more time there than essential, although, as a result of Arthur is pressured to stroll as sluggish as attainable.

As soon as the participant enters the camp’s boundaries, operating is disabled, and Arthur is pressured to stroll at a sluggish, all-too-leisurely tempo. This makes strolling round camp extraordinarily tedious, particularly when you could accomplish easy duties consecutively. Perhaps, it is advisable to speak to a different character, however it’s worthwhile to donate assets and alter your garments first. You will end up spending means too lengthy traversing camp when these duties might be accomplished in underneath a minute.

16 Relentless Lawmen

Red Dead Online Parley Feud Griefing System

For a recreation all about dwelling free from society’s oppression, Red Dead is enduring should you do not comply with society’s guidelines. Gone are Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto IV days the place the cops are hilariously incompetent because the lawmen of Red Dead Redemption 2 are vicious and surprisingly efficient.

Very similar to the opposite Rockstar video games, you’ll be able to merely outwit the regulation by avoiding them with strategic retreats and hiding spots. Nevertheless, in contrast to their earlier video games, standing your floor towards the native regulation shouldn’t be for the faint of coronary heart. They’re plentiful, correct, and very harmful to deal with alone. We’re not saying it ought to be straightforward to battle them off, however you’d assume a recreation so thematically against “the law” can be a bit extra forgiving.

15 The Gang Empties The Donation Field

Red Dead Redemption 2 Camp Upgradesby way of: eurogamer.internet

Why is it that the gang by no means appears to contribute as a lot because the participant? The campsite have to be upgraded by donating to the gang’s assortment field the place every donation is recorded. Nevertheless, searching the monetary ledger exhibits that different gang members not often contribute as a lot as Arthur Morgan.

This is sensible, seeing because the participant can become profitable method quicker than the NPCs, however why does everyone begin to complain when Arthur does not donate? If you have not contributed shortly, gang members will typically berate you for not pulling your weight, as in the event that they’re slaving away to tug theirs. The very fact is that if it weren’t for Arthur, Dutch’s gang of criminals can be worse off. Slightly gratitude can be good.

14 Digital Hygiene Issues

Red Dead Redemption 2 is a surprisingly lifelike online game. The eye to element is astonishing, virtually as if it tries to be some type of western life simulator somewhat than a criminal offense journey. Nevertheless, whereas the realism is appreciated, not everybody performs video video games to simulate the mundane duties of actuality.

When’s the final time you performed a online game the place your character needed to bathe so NPCs would cease heckling you? Once more, positive, it is lifelike, nevertheless it completely lessens the pacing of the sport. In the event you don’t remain clear, individuals will insult you and typically, wildlife can odor your unbathed stench, ruining your aspect of shock on a hunt. Do we actually want to fret about digital private hygiene once we could possibly be off doing one thing extra enjoyable?

13 Weapon Hygiene Issues

Identical to the realism of private hygiene, weapon upkeep additionally performs a significant factor in your combating prowess. For those who do not clear and keep your weapons commonly, their fight stats will diminish they usually’ll be a lot much less efficient. In case your revolver looks like it does not have the kick that it used to, it is in all probability as a result of you have to give it some oil.

It is one other cool, reasonable function that sounds fascinating in idea. Nevertheless, having to take invaluable recreation time to wipe down all the weapons in Arthur’s stock is a chore that gamers can do with out. Cannot we simply play the sport? If you wish to skip the effort of slowly wiping down every one, you possibly can pay gunsmiths to do it for you.

12 Every thing Is Animated

Video video games typically function a type of “shorthand” for easy, menial duties. For instance, characters not often have to bend over and decide an merchandise up off the bottom to gather it. In Red Dead Redemption 2, although, even the slightest, smallest duties are animated. Have to loot an enemy you simply defeated? You will not simply be strolling over them and tapping a button, you will need to slowly, painstakingly search every one among their pockets.

Positive, this may make the sport “realistic” in a way, however having to take a seat by means of tons of monotonous, equivalent animations simply to do one thing easy is extraordinarily grating. Even the method of skinning animals after a hunt is animated intimately — and sure, the larger the sport, the longer it takes to pores and skin. Why aren’t extra followers complaining about this?

11 Lame Horse Whistling

Red Dead Redemption 2 Hungarian Half Bred Horses

Bonding together with your trusty steed is essential. To make them loyal companions, you should feed them properly, brush them clear, and deal with them proper. Nevertheless, even probably the most loyal horse is not above Red Dead’s misguided makes an attempt at being lifelike.

At any time, you’ll be able to whistle in your horse to name it to your present place, the place within the earlier recreation, whistling on your horse would summon it regardless of the place you have been — a handy “video game-esque” function that saves the participant tons of time. Now, should you whistle too far out of your horse, it will not come to you in any respect. Can we get magical, all-hearing horses in actual life? In fact not. Nevertheless, whistling too removed from our horse and having to hike again to it’s a complete buzzkill. Prepare for some lengthy walks.

10 Quick Journey Sucks

The uncivilized United States is huge and takes tons of time to discover. You will spend hours of the sport simply making an attempt to traverse all of it, not to mention making an attempt to find each creek and mountain vary. In contrast to the unique Red Dead Redemption, the sport’s quick journey system has been downgraded to the purpose the place exploration is virtually discouraged.

You possibly can solely quick journey from Arthur Morgan’s tent again at camp, and solely after you’ve got bought the quick journey improve. Which means to teleport anyplace on the map, you have to return to camp. This function is ineffective in case you are out on a mission miles away from house! Red Dead missions take time to finish, and typically, we do not have playtime to waste on crossing miles of in-game map.

9 Horseback Stock

Red Dead Redemption 2 Tennessee Walker Horse

When out searching, your horse is your greatest pal, nevertheless it does not have the magical weight capability that the participant does. Horses can solely carry one or two animal carcasses at a time, and a restricted quantity of skins and pelts. It is a minor quirk that may have you ever making frequent journeys out and in of the wilderness to promote your whole items.

What’s much more legal is the weapon storage system. Weapons are saved in your horse, and they don’t come off the horse whenever you dismount until you’re taking them your self. In emergency fight conditions, that is extraordinarily harmful as you may dismount your horse in a rush and discover out that all your good weapons are nonetheless stowed away, leaving you unprepared and annoyed that the sport will not throw you a bone.

eight A Query Of Morality

Red Dead Redemption 2 has a morality system, preserving monitor of Arthur’s “honor” all through the course of the sport. Doing good on the planet has delicate rewards, whereas being rude has delicate penalties. The liberty to be no matter gunslinger you need to be is good, however it’s contradicted by the sport’s personal story.

The story forces Arthur into dishonorable conditions on a regular basis, whether or not it’s a bar struggle over one thing trivial or a heist that ends in an enormous shootout. Are we actually alleged to consider that Arthur is an honorable man in any case that? The dignity system may need an in-game function, however gamers cannot be happy to decide on good or dangerous if the sport tends to decide on for you.

7 Horsing Round

This is not one thing that gamers have essentially “ignored” (perhaps downplayed amidst all the great the sport has to supply), however horses in Red Dead are very unreliable at excessive speeds. Grand Theft Auto gamers know simply how straightforward it’s to hurry right into a guardrail and go flying out of their windshields, however horses in Red Dead go tumbling off the roads as a result of they journey over small pebbles.

For those who do not keep on with the roads, horses will get confused close to what you’d assume are simply avoidable obstacles and crash immediately. What’s worse is that the sport’s ragdoll physics can create some hilariously goofy-looking crashes. Perhaps you ran a bit of too near that tree, however your horse will skim it, launch itself into the air, tumble off a cliff, and Arthur will go flying with it.

6 Dutch’s Downfall

Red Dead Redemption Dutchby way of:

Why does anyone comply with Dutch within the first place? The unique recreation makes it clear that the previous gang chief used his philosophy as an excuse to commit depraved crimes; he’s even remorseful in his last moments. With that information although, it makes it much more troublesome to see him as an excellent chief.

In Red Dead Redemption 2, Dutch makes dangerous selections that put the gang in danger. They push their luck at each new location, and Dutch is usually the rationale. Even his prolonged speeches and old-world philosophy appear hypocritical and weird. How can the opposite characters not see that Dutch is a psychopath? All through the sport, Arthur has moments of doubt, however it by no means appears to hit anyone that Dutch is not to be trusted till it’s too late.

5 Not Sketchy At All

Red Dead Redemption 2 gameplay

How can the gang probably lay low once they pull all types of stunts? They’re typically chased out of complete cities for his or her crimes, and even once they’re camped out within the forest, they’re just a few miles away. It is astonishing that the regulation does not discover them instantly.

This appears much more unattainable given the unreliable performance of the bandana merchandise: if anyone can acknowledge Arthur at almost each flip, how is it that the gang stays hidden for therefore lengthy? Does no one learn needed posters? Has no one heard of Dutch’s gang? Is it solely Arthur that folks acknowledge? We can solely droop our disbelief for therefore lengthy, however when the gang assaults a whole city and strikes a number of miles away, solely to be deputized as native lawmen, we have to draw the road.

four Pay-To-Play Financial system

This is a obtrusive situation, and it is one that’s ignored in each Red Dead Redemption 2, in addition to most different huge price range video video games: microtransactions.

In the event you’ve performed Red Dead On-line, you recognize that this can be very troublesome and time-consuming to unlock content material. In fact, should you’ve run out of endurance, however have cash to spare, you should purchase gold bars that may be spent on unlocks. In any other case, although, you will be spending absurd quantities of time unlocking gadgets. Placing microtransactions in any recreation that is not free is insulting, no exceptions. For those who’re giving gamers a payable shortcut that makes them keep away from enjoying the sport, it signifies that there’s something improper with the best way the sport is designed. It is a bummer that this enterprise follow has slithered into Red Dead Redemption 2.

three The Gang Makes Plans

Dutch and his gang are all the time planning new heists on native banks, gangs, and elites to make more cash, which frequently includes splitting the gang up into totally different crews to perform totally different goals. Nevertheless, it all the time looks like a key component of a heist has been botched.

A lot of the gang’s info depends on rumour, often from unreliable sources (taking a look at you, Trelawny), and most heists devolve into spur-of-the-moment selections to save lots of their skins. If the gang would plan issues out extra completely, they would not all the time find yourself operating for his or her lives. One of the obvious examples of that is throughout “A Fine Night of Debauchery” the place a river boat heist goes awry. The escape plan (in the event you can name it that) is to leap into the river and swim to shore throughout a shootout. Actually, guys?

2 The Pinkertons Are Dangerous At Their Job

It is one factor for the widespread lawmen to not catch Arthur and the gang, however that is too arduous to consider. The Pinkerton Detective Company is on their path, made recognized to the gang early on the story. How is it that these supposedly expert detectives do not discover Dutch’s crew instantly?

As said earlier than, the gang does little to hide their identities they usually do even much less to put low. That signifies that the Pinkertons both do not care, or they’re simply completely incompetent. Ultimately, Arthur learns that the Pinkertons know extra concerning the gang than they let on, nevertheless it solely makes the participant marvel why they have not moved towards the gang earlier. Personal investigation was primitive in 1899, however that is simply embarrassing.

1 John Marston Forgets Arthur Morgan

Maybe the most important flaw of all, why does not John ever point out Arthur’s sacrifice after the occasions of the sport? With out spoiling it (as a result of certainly a few of you have not gotten there but, with all of the aspect actions to take pleasure in), Arthur ought to be a serious determine in the remainder of John Marston’s life.

The truth that John by no means talks about Arthur within the unique Red Dead is weird, as if he had completely forgotten probably the most essential members of his former household. Whereas that is technically a grievance concerning the first recreation, Red Dead Redemption 2 is accountable. The prequel does a lot to retcon the earlier recreation that it actively undermines it, and in hindsight, the unique recreation now looks like it has an underdeveloped story, all due to the plot holes this sequel creates.

What flaws have you ever ignored in Red Dead Redemption 2? Make certain to go to the feedback part and share your ideas!


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