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22 Crazy Fan Theories That Change Everything

22 Crazy Fan Theories That Change Everything

For 9 seasons, The Workplace entertained viewers from all walks of life. Regardless of a less-than-popular first season, the present collected the cult standing moniker, and individuals are nonetheless being launched to the present and turning into addicted at present. That’s why The Workplace will maintain its reputation for a few years.

There isn’t a state of affairs in actual life that may’t be in contrast or equated to The Workplace. Whether or not it is a character, a scene, a snippet of dialog, virtually something you encounter in your day-to-day endeavors could be tied to the present by some means.

However sure elements of the present current fascinating info and subtext that appears to wish additional exploration.

The sheer variety of episodes – over 2 hundred – facilitates the chance for followers to fill within the gaps. Most of the loopy fan theories for The Workplace tackle topics not expounded on by the writers within the present. Particulars are pulled from the episodes and once they’re pointed it, it forces you to return to observe it to make it possible for element was actually there. Once you lastly perceive the fan principle – regardless that it is perhaps a stretch – it’s exhausting to overlook it.

This listing consists of fan theories about The Workplace with superb proof and explanations. The subsequent time you watch that specific scene or come throughout the dialog the idea refers to, you might assume the idea is 100% right. In addition to, it makes The Workplace extra enjoyable to observe.

Right here’s The Workplace: 20 Crazy Fan Theories That Change Everything.

22 Michael Hates Toby Due to Divorce

Michael Scott clearly hates Toby. In most episodes he makes some quip or degrading motion in the direction of Toby because the H.R. consultant. However the place does this contempt come from? It could’t be as a result of Toby has wronged Michael indirectly; we see that Toby ought to have had Scott fired many occasions over.

The idea says Michael doesn’t like Toby as a result of he has hatred towards divorced dads.

It’s recognized that Michael had a stepdad named Jeff, so perhaps Michael resents his actual dad as a result of he divorced his mother. As a result of Toby is divorced, Michael transfers that ire to his H.R. individual. Michael simply needs a household, which he feels Toby has tousled himself.

Plus, when Michael is tricked into enjoying board video games in a “therapy session” with Toby, he ultimately talks concerning the points together with his actual father.

21 “Casino Night” – Jim & Pam Kissed Twice

Pam and Jim’s ethical compass is out of whack from “Casino Night” and past. It’s been the assumption for a very long time that Jim sought out Pam that night time with a view to kiss her after he admitted his emotions for her. At first, she performed it off, however insisted they keep associates.

Lacking footage posits that Jim and Pam kissed twice, not as soon as. In “Casino Night” they kiss however stand there not figuring out what to do. However in “Gay Witch Hunt” (the season three premiere), the identical scene is proven, however in mid-kiss. As soon as accomplished, Jim says, “You have no idea how long I wanted to do that.”

It’s theorized that that second scene is the second kiss: Jim kisses Pam, then Pam kisses Jim. In “Cocktails”, Pam tells Roy she kissed Jim.

20 Creed Bratton is not Creed Bratton

A mysterious man, Creed Bratton is in command of high quality assurance, however does he actually carry out that job? Extra importantly, is Creed Bratton actually his identify?

Creed has said that he’s transferred his debt to an individual named William Charles Schneider. Then in a single episode, he stated that the “last guy to steal from [me]” was by no means seen once more, and his identify was Creed Bratton. The idea goes that Creed’s actual identify is William Charles Schneider.

William eradicated the actual Creed and took his identify.

The identify William Charles Schneider comes up at one other essential time. Within the episode, “Money”, Creed exhibits us his passport, which has the identify William Charles Schneider in it.

19 Roy Betrayed Pam… With Angela

On first listening to that Roy cheated on Pam with Angela, it appears far-fetched. However check out the proof:

First, Roy demonstrates some type of attraction towards Angela when he says he’d hook up together with her in a recreation of “Who Would You Do?” in “The Fire”. In “Casino Night”, when Michael will get the night time began by saying “Old friends! New lovers!” Roy and Angela take a look at one another with delicate attraction.

In “The Negotiation,” when Roy returns to the workplace to get his final paycheck, Angela referred to as him “very strong.” Kevin chuckles within the background, main some to consider he knew that Roy and Angela had been collectively.

Maybe Angels has all the time resented Pam as a result of Roy selected Pam over Angela.

18 Jim Halpert is a sociopath

A couple of characters have been named because the Scranton Strangler. That consists of Jim Halpert.

Might Jim be a sociopath, emotionally abusing the weaker co-workers like Dwight?

He doesn’t get in hassle, utilizing his appeal to speak his approach out. And the way typically does Jim lie, whether or not for a prank, or usually dialog?

For instance, he persistently agrees with Michael even when Michael is mistaken about one thing, like when Michael asks Jim, “Who’s that band from Scranton? Is it U2?” Jim instantly solutions “yes” with no hesitation.

The cameras are throughout, however Jim is conscious of them greater than all his co-workers mixed. Perhaps he’s making an attempt to maintain the notion of him constructive.

Probably the most telling proof? The Strangler strikes when Jim is in Scranton and underneath stress, just like the night time of Cece’s start.

17 Kevin Malone is a Genius

Kevin gave viewers a number of items of proof he’s smarter than he lets on. For instance, when he solutions questions within the first trivia contest and beats Oscar.

For different proof, you need to go to the webisodes. In a single, Kevin blatantly states his IQ is over 100. Additionally, Angela is the accountant that made an error inflicting hundreds of dollars to go lacking.

He can’t carry out primary features in an workplace like transferring telephone calls? And he “accidentally” shreds his bank cards? The pretense is additional solidified when Dwight pranks Holly Flax by telling her Kevin is mentally challenged. It is all simply too handy.

16 The Documentary is Truly an in-show Sitcom

From the very first episode, we study that a documentary crew is filming the employees of the Scranton department for perception into an American office, which turns into the eventual title of the PBS present later. However once you break it down, is it actually a documentary? What if it’s a sitcom written by Jim Halpert?

Jim was the darling of the workplace for almost the complete present. He was charming, humorous, and performed pranks all of us wished we might do to our personal co-workers. Nevertheless, the few occasions he virtually seemed dangerous – when he went to Philadelphia, as an example – he nonetheless seemed just like the hero. Plus, Michael by no means punished him for any of the tomfoolery.

Have been all of us tricked by Jim? Perhaps. The remainder of the workplace seemed like fools whereas he perpetually remained within the good mild.

15 Creed is the Stranton Strangler

There’s a loopy fan concept on the market that claims Creed Bratton is the Scranton Strangler.

As we established, ans assume Creed is definitely William Schneider and he took Creed’s id. If William did dispatch Creed, would his technique be strangulation? Creed by no means comes out and explicitly says how the person went lacking, however from the tone and content material of the assertion, foul play was the most probably end result.

A few situations have displaying Creed is just not unfamiliar with darkness.

Throughout a Halloween get together, he exhibits up with actual blood on his shirt, saying the social gathering was good timing. What concerning the episode when Michael informs Creed that there is been a slaying and Creed inexplicably says he’s “gotta go, boss” and leaves.

14 Jim stepped out on Pam in Philadelphia

As a lot as you in all probability don’t need to consider it, Jim Halpert might have had an affair throughout his time in Philadelphia. And worse? The documentary crew and producers stored it hidden.

We all know the producers left stuff out. Keep in mind Meredith acquiring her PhD in the course of the present? She talked about it through the panel, however we noticed none of it.

The growth operator Brian makes an attempt to make a transfer on Pam. It is sensible if he knew Jim was messing round. Additionally, most of Jim’s life in Philly isn’t captured, until it concerned Pam.

Nellie throws it on the market, when she and Pam are speaking at one level, that Jim could be having an affair. It’s a fast assertion by no means addressed once more – supposedly a joke. Does she know one thing Pam doesn’t?

13 Stanley did not survive His Coronary heart Assault

A wierd fan concept about The Workplace that emerged is predicated on Stanley Hudson’s coronary heart assault in “Stress Relief, Part 1”. Some followers really feel the present declined in high quality after that as a result of the characters became cartoonish variations of themselves.

Stanley truly misplaced his life from the guts assault, and the workplace is his private hell/purgatory.

His life prior concerned a number of affairs and an unhealthy disdain for his work and most of the people, particularly Michael Scott. The workplace’s antics get weirder and his co-workers develop into extra eccentric and outlandish.

Stanley does retire, however the concept states that it’s as a result of he served his time in purgatory and is allowed to maneuver on to heaven. Attempt watching episodes after “Stress Relief” and never considering Stanley’s in hell.

12 Toby is the Scranton Strangler

Some of the widespread fan theories on the market about The Workplace is that Toby Flenderson is the Scranton Strangler.

The most important piece of proof is in the course of the episode, “Viewing Party”. The chilly open exhibits the workers watching the police chase the Scranton Strangler in automobiles. Toby isn’t within the workplace. Then later, Toby doesn’t present as much as the Glee social gathering held by Gabe and Erin.

Season 9 did have a reveal who the Scranton Strangler was (George Howard Skub), however followers aren’t shopping for it. Toby constantly brings up the Scranton Strangler, probably due to his guilt of placing an harmless man in jail. Perhaps he’s hoping his co-workers will perceive he’s making an attempt to admit.

Additionally, when Toby visited Skub in jail, it’s thought that Toby acknowledged the reality to SKub, and Skub tried to strangle him for revenge.

11 Michael Scott is Faking

Is Michael Scott bored of working on the Scranton department? He’s labored there for many years. One theorist states that Michael acts how he does on the display as a result of life at Dunder-Mifflin is monotonous and has to discover a approach to amuse himself.

There are bouts of intelligence shining by means of at occasions, like when he makes the workplace play a thriller recreation. He doesn’t it not for himself, however for a distraction of the corporate going underneath. “They need this game,” he says confidently.

Whereas he makes use of some phrases incorrectly, he makes use of many unusual phrases appropriately, with out hesitation – like he forgot he’s purported to be the idiot.

His well-liked catch phrase, “That’s what she said,” is used to aid pressure, as he admits significantly to Jim in “Survivor Man.”

10 Phyllis & Stanley’s Secret Relationship

Stanley and Phyllis are the cantankerous and matronly (respectively) salespeople who’re surprisingly good buddies. One fan concept thinks that they had an affair earlier than the occasions of the primary episode.

The weakest of the proof states that Stanley is a recognized cheater, and Phyllis is understood to be promiscuous. In a single episode, Toby informs everybody that any workplace romance must be disclosed to HR. Phyllis asks if one-night stands counts. If it was prior to now, ought to it matter?

In “The Merger”, Phyllis’s fragrance offends Karen. Stanley has sat subsequent to Phyllis for years with that fragrance. Maybe at one level he favored it, however now smelling it solely brings up dangerous reminiscences of their affair.

9 Kevin is Stealing Cash from Dunder-Mifflin

Might Kevin be stealing cash from Dunder-Mifflin? One concept thinks so and that Kevin simply pretending to be silly so nobody thinks he’s sensible sufficient to do it.

How did Kevin afford the bar on the finish of the collection, after being fired?

Instantly referring to insider buying and selling in “The Convict” episode, he states “I had Martin explain to me three times what he got arrested for… it sounds like what I do here every day.” Martin is the Stamford worker who was beforehand convicted for insider buying and selling.

His playing drawback by no means appears to have an effect on his funds. He makes use of petty money for golf and basketball bets, however we don’t understand how a lot he returns – if he does any.

eight Scranton Staff Endure from Radon Poisoning

One of many theories on why the Scranton department’s staff act stranger because the present went one – and Michael Scott acts regular after he strikes away to Colorado – includes radon poisoning.

Greater than as soon as, Toby brings up that it’s time for his or her workplace to get examined for radon, nevertheless it’s Toby, so nobody pays consideration. Michael is all the time the primary to poke enjoyable and dismiss the thought. Perhaps Toby is heading in the right direction.

There’s a lot radon within the air that its affecting everybody’s brains, which causes them to develop into extra peculiar, season after season. Even these with persistently affordable conduct, like Jim and Pam, act in dramatic ways in which don’t befit them.

7 Dwight is Disconnected From Actuality

Dwight has an issue separating fantasy from actuality. This disconnect includes him in believing fictional tales and issues to be actual. One of many principal causes that is occurring might be as a result of Dwight was by no means allowed to observe films rising up, as talked about in episode “Golden Ticket”.

Consequently, Dwight believes Jim is slowly turning right into a vampire and his neighbor’s pet canine is a werewolf.

Additionally, in “Diversity Day”, Dwight can’t discern between a superhero and a hero.

What concerning the Benjamin Franklin impersonator? Dwight barrages him with inquiries to show he’s not the actual Ben Franklin.

Dwight acquired into science fiction and fantasy later in actual life, however at that time his mind discovered it harder to distinguish between what was on the display and what was occurring round him.

6 Digital camera Crew Stored Scranton in Enterprise

For the primary a number of seasons, the specter of the Scranton department shutting down all the time appeared to be imminent. Michael is recklessly spending cash on events and always making monetary errors, and any gross sales seen on the present are sometimes from the identical two or three individuals.

One fan concept includes the digital camera crew. To maintain the department open so they might movie the ridiculous shenanigans of the workplace’s staff, the digital camera crew stored shopping for Dunder-Mifflin paper. The documentary crew in all probability felt the craziness they witnessed early on was value shopping for the paper.

Regardless that the documentary would air on PBS, they almost certainly had a TV deal that made any a refund spent on paper.

5 Everybody Needs to be Well-known

The characters acted stranger and stranger because the seasons went on in a bid to turn into well-known. Within the first two seasons, most of them appeared regular, bored staff of the company machine.

Realizing the potential of what number of may watch the documentary, some staff went overboard.

Kelly needed to be the subsequent Kardashian and used Ryan to induce drama to get on display extra. Jim pranked Dwight as a result of he needed to be the star. Michael acted the best way he did as a result of it made for nice actuality TV.

In consequence, the present turned extra about how bizarre the workers could possibly be moderately than about how an workplace features. Ultimately, the crew should have simply stated “forget it” and filmed no matter they might.

four Michael is a Sensible Businessman

Michael Scott pretending to a impolite and idiotic supervisor is tough to fathom. With the quantity of sexist, crude, and obnoxious issues he says and the unlucky capability to grow to be concerned in loopy conditions, he couldn’t be faking.

However might the whole lot Michael does be a solution to get others to underestimate him so he can get what he needs in the long run? In “The Client”, Scott strikes the assembly with a possible shopper, which angers Jan, however in the long run, the shopper relaxes and finally provides them 100% of the county’s enterprise.

With an excellent speech, Michael manages to get the very profitable touring paper salesman Danny Cordray within the episode “The Sting” to return work for Dunder-Mifflin after spying on Cordray in probably the most exaggerated method.

three Bob Vance is Getting Free Promoting

As a The Workplace fan, you’ll be able to’t hear the identify Bob Vance with out listening to “Vance Refrigeration” proper after. Vance’s firm is subsequent door to Dunder Mifflin Paper within the Scranton Enterprise park; each enterprise take up the second flooring.

Why does Bob Vance – and even Phyllis in later episodes – continually introduce himself as “Bob Vance, Vance refrigeration”?

One concept says that Bob has grow to be self-aware within the documentary and is utilizing the documentary crew without spending a dime promoting.

At first, you may assume he’s making an attempt an aggressive strategy to promoting services to these he encounters on display. However assume deeper: by repeating his identify, he’s getting free publicity to the potential viewers of the documentary when it airs.

2 The Workplace, Parks & Rec, & Dexter

The Sabre printer firm bought Dunder-Mifflin in season six. Staff Jo Bennet and Gabe Lewis turned memorable characters that elevated the present additional. Whereas the characters do not present that The Workplace, Parks & Rec, and Dexter exist in the identical universe, Sabre’s merchandise do.

Parks & Rec had initially been meant as a spin-off of The Workplace, however the idea was rejected. In season four’s episode 5, a Sabre printer was proven sitting on the desk in Parks & Rec. The connection is a minimum of extra possible there than on Dexter due to the spin-off origins.

On Dexter, a Sabre printer was additionally seen in a single episode. Sabre is a Tallahassee-based firm, so why wouldn’t Dexter use their merchandise since he’s in Miami?

1 Creed is On the lookout for Nessie

It’s clear Creed is probably the most unstable of the Scranton crew. There’ve been many situations the place he’s stated some loopy issues, however a few of Creed’s nonsense truly make sense.

Two delicate items of dialog point out that he’s on the hunt for the Loch Ness monster.

Within the episode “The Semina”, when Andy is holding a meeting to sell to local business men, Creed comes in as a presenter. He rattles off body parts of the monster, then offers “all the riches in Scotland” for its seize.

Then in an worker interview with the documentary crew, Creed says, “If I can’t scuba, then what’s this all been about?” It feels like a common query about life, however paired together with his recruitment speech, it appears Creed is looking for one thing apart from the which means of life.

What’s your selection The Workplace fan concept? Tell us within the feedback!

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