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3 Insider Secrets That YouTube “Fitness Gurus” Aren’t Telling You

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I often don’t speak about this type of factor…however there’s one thing I completely simply should inform you. Belief me, I wouldn’t be writing you about this if it wasn’t rattling good. So, give me 20 seconds of your time and I’d change your life perpetually. Okay, right here goes…

My identify is Jon Anthony, and I’ve been on the “inside” of the health modeling group for about 5 years now… and do you know that they’re holding secrets and techniques from you?

That’s proper. A number of the largest, hottest names in health are straight up LYING to your face. Those self same guys which might be promoting you programs for $67 a pop? They’re retaining some MAJOR secrets and techniques from you… and I’m about to show all of them.

Over the previous 5 years I’ve gone from broke, school dropout, to profitable health mannequin and web marketer, and I’ve discovered a couple of issues alongside the best way. So, with out additional ado, right here’s the highest 3 insider secrets and techniques which might be being stored from you.

1. SARMs & Steroids

Have you ever ever seen these shredded health fashions? You know, those who’ve tens of millions of subscribers on YouTube and declare that their secret is one thing easy like “intermittent fasting” or simply following a “ketosis diet”? Yeah, these.

Nicely, guess what… they’re on chemical enhancement, they usually’re simply not telling you. Yup. That’s proper – there it’s. I stated it.

Whether or not you understand it or not, 99% of “natural fitness models” are something, however. They misinform your face, and promote you false hopes and guarantees, cashing out in your drive and motivation to appear to be they do…they usually’re laughing behind your again.

Most of them are on both steroids, or SARMs. That’s only a reality.

Steroids are troublesome to acquire, and are unlawful to even possess, so I gained’t even start to cowl that right here… however there’s one thing that, for my part, is even higher than steroids.

They’re referred to as “SARMs” – brief for “Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators.” They’re highly effective sufficient that will help you pack on as a lot muscle and power as steroids, however with not one of the unwanted side effects. Yeah, you heard me proper.

With out going into an excessive amount of element right here, 99% of those “fitness models” are on SARMs as a result of they’re straightforward to take, unimaginable to detect, and better of all, work like a appeal.

Actually, I’d heard about these for years, however didn’t determine to attempt them till lately (see my SARMs earlier than and after footage for proof). Belief me, they work.

The most typical cycle is Ostarine, Ligandrol, and Cardarine, as a result of not solely does it pack on slabs of lean, dense muscle, however it additionally melts away fats like butter.

“How isn’t there any side effects though, Jon? I don’t understand…” I can hear somebody ask. Properly, with out going too deep right here, principally SARMs selectively bind to androgen receptors.

In different phrases, they bind to the receptors in your physique which sign it to “grow muscle” and “burn fat” however DON’T bind to the receptors that always trigger damaging uncomfortable side effects.

Steroids simply bind to any and all androgen receptors, which is why they are often harmful if not used correctly. With SARMs nevertheless, they selectively ignore the receptors that may find yourself supplying you with negative effects, and actually focus in on the receptors that sign your physique to develop.

In case you’re in search of extra info on SARMs, I recommend you take a look at both the SARMs Subreddit or my Final Information to SARMs, each of which cowl all elements about this new and interesting emergence within the bodybuilding group.

2. Adderall, Modafinil, and the ECA Stack

For those who’re a daily reader of Menprovement, you realize the facility of nootropics. With simply the only pop of a capsule, you’ll be able to mild your mind up like a Christmas tree, and have laser focus for hours on finish.

…and when you might imagine your favourite “natural fitness models” wouldn’t dare bask in such degeneracy, consider me once I inform you that they do.

Most health fashions and “muscle building gurus” are on ample quantities of stimulants, notably cocaine. Why? Nicely, as a result of they do two issues:

  1.   They suppress your urge for food
  2.   They provide you power to exercise

It’s not unusual for even skilled bodybuilders to take cocaine earlier than lifting, to offer them the sting they need, after which to suppress starvation later.

…and whereas I can’t advocate you’re taking cocaine, there’s a authorized various: the ECA stack. Combining ephedrine, caffeine, and aspirin, in any other case referred to as the “ECA stack” is a potent and highly effective strategy to blast via your exercises, shred fats, and offer you laser focus.

The ECA stack incorporates three highly effective elements, which when mixed, stimulate the manufacturing of norepinephrine and flow into it via the adipose tissue by growing cAMP ranges. In different phrases, it’s fucking STRONG.

In truth, right here’s what Reside Robust has to say on it:

“Ephedrine, aspirin, and caffeine are the ingredients of a popular diet pill used widely in the 1990s. Common abbreviations for this combination are ECA or ECA stack. The FDA banned the use of ephedrine alkaloids as an ingredient in dietary supplements in 2004. This includes products with ma huang and other herbs with plant derived ephedra. A related drug, pseudoephedrine, is now also regulated in most states.”

In different phrases, the FDA caught on to what the complement business was doing, and straight up banned it. However do you assume that’s stopping your favourite health YouTubers? In fact not.

The ECA stack is usually cut up into three doses per day, with every dose consisting of:

  •         25mg Ephedrine (one pill of Bronkaid)
  •         200mg Caffeine (one caffeine capsule)
  •         81mg Aspirin (one child aspirin)

Bronkaid is usually bought “under the counter” as a treatment for bronchial asthma, however fortunate for you, it accommodates the ingredient ephedrine, which is a serious element of the ECA stack.

In the event you’re delicate to stimulants, it’s beneficial you begin off with just one dose per day, as a result of even that is sufficient to ship your focus and power by way of the roof.

One other secret that these health fashions are protecting from you is their use of different stimulants and nootropics, corresponding to Adderall and Modafinil. In reality, from my expertise, I’d say that at LEAST half of the health gurus on-line have a prescription to only Adderall alone.

…and whereas Adderall is extraordinarily highly effective, Modafinil can also be a strong drug as nicely. So, what’s the distinction? Which is best? What’s the decision for the battle of Adderall vs. Modafinil?

Nicely, the reality is it will depend on what you’re doing. Adderall will certainly offer you extra bodily power in my expertise. It’s nice for brief bursts of power (Four-5 hours) and may help you actually give attention to one thing that’s comparatively straightforward to do (cleansing, organizing, and so forth.).

Modafinil nevertheless, tends to have extra of a “mental” and “mind expanding” impact. In reality, once I first discovered Methods to Get A Prescription to Modafinil again once I was a child, I used to be type of shocked that I’d by no means heard about it earlier than.

For sure, it utterly modified my life – and you may guess your ass that tons of excessive performing executives and highly effective athletes alike are each taking modafinil for that surge of psychological power and laser-like focus it provides you. Belief me, I do know.

3. The “PHAT” Exercise Routine

This one’s not as thrilling as the previous two secrets and techniques, however consider me, it’s in all probability crucial. Most of those health gurus get away with telling you that they’ve some secret, unimaginable, ground-breaking routine that will get them their outcomes.

…and you can also achieve entry to this routine, if solely you’re prepared to offer them three straightforward funds of $99.95! Sadly, that is full and utter bullshit.

Most health gurus promote full rubbish routines that they don’t even use, as a result of they don’t need the competitors.

In truth, I’ve bought just about each considered one of my rivals’ routines, and right here’s what it’s in a nutshell: 150 pages of completely unsubstantiated filler, and a one-page exercise routine that isn’t even good, that they in all probability don’t even use.

They don’t cowl vitamin, they don’t cowl dietary supplements, they usually don’t cowl the no-BS secrets and techniques that they’re utilizing to get forward. No, no, no – you need to pay additional for that.

Thankfully, there’s a simple answer to your whole exercise questions, and it may be solved inside a single, nicely researched phrase: PHAT.

PHAT stands for Energy Hypertrophy Adaptive Coaching, and it’s by far been the only largest boon to my health life prior to now decade.

Consider me, I’ve tried every part…

Beginning Power, Stronglifts, the Daniel Craig Exercise… in reality, I used to be even duped into shopping for a sure health YouTuber’s exercise routine, which I can guarantee you, didn’t work.

When it actually comes right down to it, there’s just one actual exercise routine that stands above the remaining, and it’s based mostly on the precept of mixing powerlifting with hypertrophy.

Give it some thought. Whenever you simply practice for energy, you get huge and hulking, and haven’t any V-Taper. You don’t have that superman look that ladies go loopy over.

…and but whenever you simply practice for mass, you carry plenty of actually mild weight for TONS of reps, and also you don’t get any stronger.

However when you might discover out a option to do each? Properly, then you definitely’d get the most effective of each worlds. You’d achieve a physique that’s able to wrestling a bull to the bottom, and in addition getting stares from scorching babes on the seashore. What extra might a person ask for?

Gents, let me introduce to you the framework for a PHAT-based exercise:

  •         Day 1: Higher Physique Energy
  •         Day 2: Decrease Physique Energy
  •         Day 3: Relaxation
  •         Day Four: Again and Shoulders Hypertrophy
  •         Day 5: Legs Hypertrophy
  •         Day 6: Chest and Arms Hypertrophy
  •         Day 7: Relaxation

That’s it. One week’s value of a revolving exercise, the place you carry heavy as shit for 2 days every week, and practice for mass the opposite three days that week. It’s extremely easy, however I promise you it’ll work higher than another paid routine on the market.

Dr. Layne Norton was the primary to introduce this idea of PHAT, however since then, dozens of different exercise routines based mostly across the precept have popped up.

So, when you’re on the lookout for a option to blast previous your plateaus, achieve tons of power, and achieve sufficient muscle to have babes to spare, then look no additional than the PHAT routine outlined above.


Whereas there’s lots extra secrets and techniques I might share with you from the insider world of promoting health merchandise on-line, these are maybe, probably the most highly effective and closely guarded of all of them.

If a few of these greater health YouTubers on the market knew I used to be speaking about these things, they wouldn’t be completely happy… however let’s be actual, no one cares about them anyway.

On the finish of the day it’s all about YOU, and what you’ll be able to attain with your personal life. And consider me, regardless that a few of these secrets and techniques aren’t very well-known, when you begin utilizing them to your personal benefit you’ll see unimaginable positive factors you solely thought attainable with steroids.

As all the time, you’ll want to seek the advice of with a medical skilled earlier than you do determine to make use of any of those tips and techniques, and make sure to keep protected. I hope that you simply guys loved the article, and make sure you bookmark this website for extra, top quality, no-BS recommendation from yours really.