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416 Exalted Names of the Prophet

All praises are as a consequence of Allāh SubHanuhu wa Ta’ala Who created His Beloved Rasool Sayyidunā MuHammad Sallallaho Alaihi wa Aalihi wa Sallam. Choicest Salāms and most revered Salutations upon the dazzling manifestation of the Chic Lord SubHanuhu wa Ta’ala who’s the most good and unbiased human created by the Real Absolute Almighty Allāh SubHanuhu wa Ta’ala.

I – Names of the Prophet SallAllahu Alaihi wa Sallam
explicitly mentioned in the Qur’an al-Kareem
1. Muhammad: Praised One.
2. Ahmad: Most Deserving of Reward.
3. al-Ahsan: The Most Lovely. The Greatest.
4. Udhun khayr: Friendly Ear.
5. al-A`la: The Highest (in all creation).
6. al-Imam: The Chief.
7. al-Amin: The Dependable.
eight. al-Nabi: The Prophet.
9. al-Ummi: Literate with out being taught by a Instructor -or- Base / Foundation of the Universe -or- the First & the Foremost..
10. Anfas al-`arab: The Most Valuable of the Arabs.
11. Ayatullah: The Signal of Allah.
12. Alif lam mim ra: A-L-M-R.
13. Alif lam mim unhappy: A-L-M-S
14. al-Burhan: The Proof.
15. al-Bashir: The Bringer of Good Tidings.
16. al-Baligh: The Very Eloquent One.
17. al-Bayyina: The Exposition.
18. Thani ithnayn: The Second of Two.
19. al-Harîs: The Insistent One.
20. al-Haqq: The Fact Itself.
21. Ha Mim: H-M.
22. Ha Mim `Ayn Sîn Qaf: H-M- ` -S-Q.
23. al-Hanif: The One of Primordial Faith.
24. Khatim al-nabiyyin: The Seal of Prophets.
25. al-Khabir: The Educated One.
26. al-Da`i: The Summoner.
27. Dhu al-quwwa: The Robust One.
28. Rahmatun li al-`alamin: A Mercy for the Worlds.
29. al-Ra’uf: The Mild One.
30. al-Rahim: The Compassionate One.
31. al-Rasul: The Messenger.
32. Sabil Allah: The Path to Allah.
33. al-Siraj al-munir: The Mild-Giving Lamp.
34. al-Shâhid: The Eyewitness.
35. al-Shahîd: The Giver of Testimony.
36. al-Sâhib: The Companion.
37. al-Sidq: Truthfulness Itself.
38. al-Sirat al-mustaqim: The Straight Approach.
39. Tah Sîn: T-S.
40. Tah Sîn Mim: T-S-M.
41. Tah Ha: T-H.
42. al-`Amil: The Employee.
43. al-`Abd: The Slave.
44. `Abd Allah: Allah’s Slave.
45. al-`Urwat al-wuthqa: The Positive Rope.
46. al-`Aziz: The Mighty One. The Dearest One.
47. al-Fajr: The Daybreak.
48. Fadl Allah: Allah’s Grace.
49. Qadamu Sidq: Truthful Ground.
50. al-Karim: The Beneficiant One.
51. Kaf Ha’ Ya’ `Ayn Unhappy: Okay-H-Y- ` – S
52. al-Lisan: Language Itself.
53. al-Mubashshir: The Harbinger of Goodness.
54. al-Mubîn: The Manifest.
55. al-Muddaththir: The Cloaked One.
56. al-Muzzammil: The Enshrouded One.
57. al-Mudhakkir: The Reminder.
58. al-Mursal: The Envoy.
59. al-Muslim: The One Who Submits.
60. al-Mashhud: The One Witnessed To.
61. al-Musaddiq: The Confirmer.
62. al-Muta`: The One Who Is Obeyed.
63. al-Makîn: The Staunch One.
64. al-Munadi: The Crier.
65. al-Mundhir: The Admonisher.
66. al-Mizan: The Stability.
67. al-Nas: Humanity.
68. al-Najm: The Star.
69. al-Thaqib: The Sharp-Witted One.
70. al-Nadhîr: The Warner.
71. Ni`mat Allah: Allah’s Nice Favor.
72. al-Nur: The Mild.
73. Nun: N.
74. al-Hadi: Steerage Itself.
75. al-Wali: The Ally.
76. al-Yatim: The Orphan. The Unique One.
77. Ya Sîn: I-S.

II- Names of the Prophet SallAllahu Alaihi wa Sallam
mentioned in the Qur’an as verbs078. âkhidh al-sadaqat: The Collector of Alms.
079. al-âmir: The Commander.
080. al-Nâhi: The Forbidder.
081. al-Tâli: The Successor.
082. al-Hâkim: The Arbitrator.
083. al-Dhakir: The Rememberer.
084. al-Râdi: The Acquiescent.
085. al-Râghib: The Keen.
086. al-Wâdi`: The Deposer.
087. Rafî` al-dhikr: The One of Exalted Fame.
088. Rafî` al-darajât: The One of The Exalted Ranks.
089. al-Sâjid: The Prostrate.
090. al-Sâbir: The Lengthy-Struggling.
091. al-Sâdi`: The Conqueror of Obstacles.
092. al-Safuh: The Oft-Forgiving.
093. al-`âbid: The Worshipful.
094. al-`âlim: The Knower.
095. al-`Alîm: The Deeply Aware.
096. al-`Afuw: The Grantor of Pardon.
097. al-Ghâlib: The Victor.
098. al-Ghani: The Free From Need.
099. al-Muballigh: The Bearer of News.
100. al-Muttaba`: He Who Is Adopted.
101. al-Mutabattil: The Utter Devotee.
102. al-Mutarabbis: The Expectant One.
103. al-Muhallil: The Dispenser of Permissions.
104. al-Muharrim: The Mandator of Prohibitions.
105. al-Murattil: The Articulate.
106. al-Muzakki: The Air purifier.
107. al-Musabbih: The Lauder.
108. al-Musta`îdh: The Seeker of Refuge.
109. al-Mustaghfir: The Seeker of Forgiveness.
110. al-Mu’min: The Believer. The Grantor of Safety.
111. al-Mushâwir: The Advisor.
112. al-Musalli: The Prayerful.
113. al-Mu`azzaz: The Strengthened One.
114. al-Muwaqqar: Held in Awe.
115. al-Ma`sum: Immune.
116. al-Mansur: The One With Divine Assist.
117. al-Mawla: The Grasp of Favors and Assist.
118. al-Mu’ayyad: The Recipient of Help.
119. al-Nâsib: The One Who Makes Nice Effort.
120. al-Hâdi: The Information.
121. al-Wâ`izh: The Exhorter.

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III- Names of the Prophet SallAllahu Alaihi wa Sallam
in the Hadith and the Historic Books
122. Ajîr: The Saved One.
123. Uhyad: The Dissuader.
124. Ahhad: The Peerless One.
125. Akhumakh: Of Sound Submission.
126. al-Atqa: The Most Godwary.
127. al-Abarr: The Most Righteous One. The Most Pious One.
128. al-Abyad: The Fairest One.
129. al-Agharr: The Most Radiant One.
130. al-Anfar: The One With the Largest Assembly.
131. al-Asdaq: The Most Truthful.
132. al-Ajwad: The Most Bounteous.
133. Ashja` al-Nas: The Most Courageous of Humanity.
134. al-âkhidh bi al-hujuzât: The Grasper of Waist-Knots.
135. Arjah al-nas `aqlan: The Foremost in Humankind in Mind.
136. al-A`lamu billah: The Foremost in Information of Allah.
137. al-Akhsha lillah: The Foremost in Worry of Allah.
138. Afsah al-`arab: The Most Articulate of the Arabs.
139. Aktharu al-anbiya’i tabi`an: The Prophet With The Largest Following.
140. al-Akram: The One Held in Highest Honor.
141. al-Iklil: The Diadem.
142. Imam al-nabiyyin: The Chief of Prophets.
143. Imam al-muttaqin: The Chief of the Godwary.
144. Imam al-nas: The Chief of Humankind.
145. Imam al-khayr: The Good Leader.
146. al-Amân: The Safeguard.
147. Amanatu as-habih: (The Keeper of) His Companions’s Belief.
148. al-Awwal: The First.
149. al-âkhir: The Last.
140: Ukhrâya: The Last (of the Prophets). His identify in the Torah.
141: al-Awwâh: The One Who Cries Ah.
142: al-Abtahi: The One from Bitah between Mecca and Mina.
143. al-Bâriqlît, al-Barqalîtos: The Paraclete. The Spirit of Holiness. The Harmless One.
144. al-Bâtin: The Hidden One (in his station).
145. Bim’udhma’udh: One of his names in the Torah.
146. al-Bayan: The Exposition.
147. al-Taqi: The One Who Guards Himself.
148. al-Tihami: The One from Tihama (the lowland of the Hijaz).
149. al-Thimal: The Protector.
150. al-Jabbar: The Fierce One.
151. al-Khatim: The Sealer.
152. al-Hâshir: The Gatherer.
153. Hât Hât: His identify in the Psalms.
154. al-Hâfizh: The Preserver.
155. Hâmid: Praiseful.
156. Hâmil liwa’ al-hamd: Bearer of the Flag of Reward.
157: Habib Allah: Allah’s Beloved.
158. Habib al-Rahman: The Beloved of the Merciful.
159. Habîtan: His identify in the Injil.
160. al-Hujja: The Proof.
162. Hirzan li al-`ayn: A Barrier Towards The Evil Eye.
163. al-Hasîb: The Enough One. The Highborn One.
164. al-Hafîzh: The Keeper and Guardian.
165. al-Hakîm: The Clever One.
166. al-Halîm: The Meek One.
167. Hammitâya: Guardian of Sanctity.
168. al-Humayd: The Praised One.
169. al-Hamîd: The Praised One.
170. al-Hayy: The Dwelling One.
171. Khâzin mal Allah: Allah’s Treasurer.
172. al-Khâshi`: The Fearful One.
173. al-Khâdi`: The Submissive One.
174. Khatîb al-nabiyyin: The Orator Among the Prophets.
175. Khalil Allah: Allah’s Shut Pal.
176. Khalifat Allah: Allah’s Deputy.
177. Khayr al-`alamin: The Biggest Goodness in the Worlds.
178. Khayru khalq Allah: The Biggest Good in Allah’s Creation.
179. Khayru hadhihi al-umma: The Greatest of This Group.
180. Dar al-hikma: The Home of Knowledge.
181. al-Dâmigh: The Refuter (of Falsehoods).
182. al-Dhikr: The Remembrance.
183. al-Dhakkar: The One Who Remembers A lot.
184. al-Râfi`: The Exalter.
185. Râkib al-buraq: The Rider of the Buraq.
186. Râkib al-jamal: The Rider of the Camel.
187. Rahmatun muhdat: Mercy Bestowed.
188. Rasul al-rahma: The Emissary of Mercy.
189. Rasul al-raha: The Emissary of Aid.
190. Rasul / Nabi al-malahim: The Emissary / Prophet of Battles.
191. Rukn al-mutawadi`in: The Pillar of the Humble Ones.
192. al-Rahhab: The Most Fearful.
193. Ruh al-haqq: The Spirit of Fact.
194. Ruh al-qudus: The Spirit of Holiness.
195. al-Zahid: The One Who Does-Without.
196. al-Zaki: The Pure One.
197. al-Zamzami: The Heir of Zamzam.
198. Zaynu man wâfa al-qiyama: The Decoration of All Present on the Day of Judgment.
199. Sabiq: Foremost.
200. Sarkhatilos: Paraclete (in Syriac).
201. Sa`id: Felicitous.
202. al-Salam: Peace.
203. Sayyid al-nas: The Grasp of Humanity.
204. Sayyid walad Adam: The Master of the Youngsters of Adam.
205. Sayf Allah: Allah’s Sword.
206. al-Shâri`: The Regulation-Giver.
207. al-Shâfi`: The Intercessor.
208. al-Shafî`: The Constant Intercessor.
209. al-Mushaffa`: The One Granted Intercession.
210. al-Shâkir: The Grateful One.
211. al-Shakkâr: The One Who Thanks Much.
212. al-Shakur: The Ever-Thankful.
213. Sâhib al-taj: The Wearer of the Crown.
214. Sâhib al-hujja: The Bringer of The Proof.
215. Sâhib al-hawd: The Proprietor of the Pond.
216. Sâhib al-kawthar: The Owner of the River of Kawthar.
217. Sâhib al-hatîm: The Lord of the Courtroom Earlier than the Ka`ba.
218. Sâhib al-khâtim: The Owner of the Seal.
219. Sâhibu Zamzam: The Proprietor of Zamzam.
220. Sâhib al-sultan: The Possessor of Authority.
221: Sâhib al-sayf: The Bearer of the Sword.
222. Sâhib al-shafa`at al-kubra: The Nice Intercessor.
223. Sâhib al-qadib: The Bearer of the Rod.
224. Sâhib al-liwa’: The Service of the Flag.
225. Sâhib al-mahshar: The Lord of the Gathering.
226. Sâhib al-mudarra`a: The Wearer of Armor.
227. Sâhib al-mash`ar: The Proprietor of the Landmark.
228. Sâhib al-mi`raj: The One Who Ascended.
229. Sâhib al-maqam al-mahmud: The One of Glorified Station.
230. Sâhib al-minbar: The Owner of the Pulpit.
231. Sâhib al-na`layn: The Wearer of Sandals.
232. Sâhib al-hirâwa: The Bearer of the Cane.
233. Sâhib al-wasila: The Possessor of the Means.
234. Sâhib la ilaha illallah: The Instructor of “There is no god but Allah.”
235. al-Sadiq: The Truthful.
236. al-Masduq: The Confirmed.
237. al-Sâlih: The righteous one.
238. al-Dâbit: The One Given Mastery.
239. al-Dahuk: The Cheerful One.
240. al-Tahir: The (Ritually) Pure One.
241. Tâb Tâb: Of Blessed Reminiscence. His Identify in the Torah.
242. al-Tayyib: The Salutary One. The Aromatic One.
243. al-Zhahir: The Prevailer.
244. al-`âqib: The Final in Succession.
245. al-`Adl: The Just.
246. al-`Arabi: The Arabian. The Speaker of Arabic.
247. `Ismatullah: Allah’s Protection.
248. al-`Azhim: The Large One.
249. al-`Afif: The Chaste One.
250. al-`Ali: The Excessive One.
251. al-Ghafur: The Frequent and Ample Forgiver.
252. al-Ghayth: Rain. Help (esp. in the parts).
253. al-Fâtih: The Conqueror.
254. al-Fâriq: The Separator Between Good and Dangerous.
255. Fârqilîta: The Paraclete.
256. Fartt: The Scout.
257. al-Fasîh: The Extremely Articulate One.
258. Falâh: Felicity.
259. Fi’at al-muslimin: The Essential Body of the Muslims.
260. al-Qa’im: The One Who Stands and Warns. The Establisher.
261. Qâsim: The Distributer.
262. Qa’id al-khayr: The Chief Who Guides to Goodness.
263. Qa’id al-ghurr al-muhajjalîn: Leader of the Vibrant-Limbed Ones.
264. al-Qattal: The Dauntless Fighter.
265. Qutham: Of Good Character. Gifted With Each Benefit.
266. Qudmâya: The First (of the Prophets). His identify in the Torah.
267. al-Qurashi: The One From Quraysh.
268. al-Qarîb: The Near One.
269. al-Qayyim: The Righteous Straightener (of the Group).
270. al-Kâff: The One Who Puts a Cease (to Disobedience).
271. al-Mâjid: The Glorifier.
272. al-Mâhi: The Eraser (of Disbelief).
273. al-Ma’mun: The One Devoid of Hurt.
274. al-Mubarak: The Blessed One.
275. al-Muttaqi: The Godwary One.
276. al-Mutamakkin: Made Firm and Established.
277. al-Mutawakkil: Utterly Dependent Upon Allah.
278. al-Mujtaba: The Elect One.
279. al-Mukhbit: The Humble Earlier than Allah.
280. al-Mukhbir: The Bringer of News.
281. al-Mukhtar: The Chosen One.
282. al-Mukhlis: The Completely Sincere One.
283. al-Murtaja: The Much Anticipated One.
284. al-Murshid: The Information.
285. Marhama: Basic Amnesty.
286. Malhama: Great Battle.
287. Marghama: Higher Pressure.
288. al-Musaddad: Made Righteous.
289. al-Mas`ud: The Lucky.
290. al-Masîh: The Anointed.
291. al-Mashfu`: Granted Intercession.
292. Mushaqqah / Mushaffah: Praised One.
293. al-Mustafa: The One Chosen and Purified.
294. al-Muslih: The Reformer.
295. al-Mutahhir / al-Mutahhar: The Air purifier / The Purified One.
296. al-Muti`: The Obedient One.
297. al-Mu`ti: The Giver.
298. al-Mu`aqqib: The One Who Comes Final in Succession.
299. al-Mu`allim: The Instructor.
300. al-Mifdal: The Most Generous.
301. al-Mufaddal: Favored Above All Others.
302. al-Muqaddas: The One Held Sacred.
303. Muqim al-Sunna: The Founder of The Approach.
304. al-Mukrim: The One Who Honored Others.
305. al-Makki: The Meccan One.
306. al-Madani: The Madinan One.
307. al-Muntakhab: The Chosen One.
308. al-Munhaminna: The Praised One (in Syriac).
309. al-Munsif: The Equitable One.
310. al-Munib: The Oft-Repentant One.
311. al-Muhajir: The Emigrant.
312. al-Mahdi: The Nicely-Guided One.
313. al-Muhaymin: The Watcher.
314. al-Mu’tamin: The One Given the Trust.
315. Mûsal: Mercied. (In the Torah.)
316. Mâdh Mâdh / Mûdh Mûdh / Mîdh Mîdh: Of Blessed Memory.
317. al-Nâsikh: The Abrogator.
318. al-Nâshir: The Proclaimer.
319. al-Nâsih: The Most Honest Adviser.
320. al-Nâsir: The Helper.
321. Nabi al-marhama: The Prophet of Common Amnesty.
322. al-Nasîb: The One of Excessive Lineage.
323. al-Naqiy: The Limpid One.
324. al-Naqîb: Trustee. Guarantor.
325. al-Hâshimi: The One of Hâshim’s Line.
326. al-Wâsit: Central in Relation To All The Noble Families.
327. al-Wâ`id: The Harbinger of Horrible Information.
328. al-Wasîla: The Means.
329. al-Wafi: Holder of His Promise.
330. Abu al-Qasim: Father of Qasim.
331. Abu Ibrahim: Father of Ibrahim.
332. Abu al-Mu’minin: Father of the Believers.
333. Abu al-Arâmil: Father of Widows.

Al-Jazuli’s Invocation at the End of His listing of
the Porphet’s (SallAllahu Alaihi wa Sallam) Names
O Allah, O our Lord! for the honor of Your elect Prophet and Pleasing Messenger earlier than You, purify our hearts from all the traits that hold us away from Your presence and Your love, and have us cross away following his Means and adhering to his Congregation, longing to satisfy You, O Possessor of Majesty and Generosity! And the blessings and plentiful greetings and peace of Allah be upon our grasp and liege-lord Muhammad SallAllahu Alaihi wa Sallam, and upon his Family and Companions… Aameen!