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7 Ways to Get Over Your Oneitis

how to command a room and get every girl competing over you

In the event you’ve been within the “pickup community” for lengthy sufficient, you’ve possible heard a few time period referred to as “oneitis.” Stemming from the medical suffix “-itis” it sometimes refers to a man who’s infatuated with a woman…that doesn’t return his curiosity.

Whereas it might appear critical, in case you’ve come down with a case of oneitis, the consequences could be devastating. Guys can have their complete lives destroyed once they can’t recover from a woman, or worse but, be manipulated right into a relationship that’s unhealthy.

In fact, there’ll all the time be a “one girl” that you simply’re targeted on, in a relationship probably, however “oneitis” refers to an unhealthy obsession with a single lady, who you consider is the only arbiter of your happiness.

Clearly, that is extraordinarily unhealthy—and that’s why right here at Menprovement, we’ve created an inventory of the highest 7 methods to recover from your oneitis.

1) Study Recreation

So simple as it might appear, typically occasions the reason for having a oneitis is simply that she’s the one woman you will get. Far too many males accept relationships which might be dysfunctional, manipulative, and life-draining.

That’s why, in some ways, the perfect oneitis remedy is to merely study recreation. Exit seven nights every week for a number of months, study to acknowledge her indicators of curiosity, study what a shit check is, perceive the method of seduction, and enhance your self as a person.

Studying recreation requires you to put your self to the check, acknowledge your weaknesses, take some brutal rejection, and rise up even stronger every time. Undoubtedly, it’s among the best processes for private progress that I’ve ever encountered.

Not solely this, however studying recreation will drastically improve your availability to ladies. Whenever you study recreation, you’ll have dozens of girls chasing you on a regular basis, which can put you in a state of abundance.

…and everyone knows that once you’re in a state of abundance, it’s virtually unattainable to get caught up over a single lady who broke your coronary heart.


2) Reduce Off All Contact

It’s virtually unattainable to recover from a oneitis for those who see her each single day in your social media platforms…and but by some means, most guys do that, anticipating to transfer on.

The chilly, onerous actuality is that you simply CAN’T transfer on, in case you’re being uncovered to fixed contact together with your oneitis. Each time you see her, you actually strengthen the neurons in your mind related to obsessing over her.

Each Fb submit of her speaking about her new boyfriend…

Each Instagram publish of her out together with her women…

…and each textual content message or name you get from her, is slowly poison-dripping you, and stopping you from shifting on.

This, in fact, is a deal breaker. If you would like to recover from your oneitis as quick as attainable, with as minimal heartbreak as potential, you MUST (underscore, MUST) reduce off all contact.


three) GFTOW

There’s an previous saying within the pickup group that’s fairly crass, however to be trustworthy, has a number of fact behind it. Each time newbies would say “how do I get this ONE girl?” they might all the time be met with an acronym: GFTOW.

“Go Fuck Ten Other Women,” or GFTOW for brief, is a condensed phrase meant to get newbies off of their ass and out into the world.

Far too typically, newbies assume that they’ll by some means magically develop the skillset to get probably the most beautiful woman of their goals, with out having to put in another effort.

This, in fact, is a lie—and it’s utterly delusional.

If you need to get good at baseball, what do you do? You play baseball.

If you would like to get good at golfing, what do you do? You golf.

If you would like to turn out to be a very good programmer, what do you do? You code packages.

…and if you’d like to develop into good with ladies? You should land different ladies.

As arduous as this can be to hear for a lot of guys, it’s the God’s trustworthy fact. If you need to proceed being her beta orbiter, then don’t go on the market and fuck ten different ladies.

If you need to develop that pure charisma and easy flirting that ladies go loopy over, although? Go fuck ten different ladies.

What you’ll discover is that the method of studying recreation will rework you as a person, and make you 100x what you have been earlier than.


four) Give attention to Your self

Whereas it’s wholesome to concentrate on a woman to some extent, most guys take it WAY too far. They ship her flowers earlier than they’ve even met her, they continuously stalk her on social media, they usually ship her texts each ten minutes in a determined try to win her over.

…and whereas this may increasingly work in tacky romantic comedies similar to “Hitch,” the truth is that the majority ladies discover it EXTREMELY creepy and repelling when guys do that in actual life.

Why? It’s easy—being so singlemindedly obsessed over a woman proves that you haven’t any life apart from her, and are thus immature as a person.

Each man should have his personal, fascinating life, full of cool, fascinating issues. When you don’t, you’re preventing an uphill battle daily.

You assume that oneitis will remedy your issues? You’re undoubtedly improper. She gained’t aid you get a greater job. She gained’t assist you to get in higher form. She gained’t clear up your deep seeded insecurities and emotional issues.

Solely you are able to do this stuff…and solely you may give up the obsession you have got together with your oneitis, to concentrate on your self for some time and enhance your life.


5) NoFap

porn is an addictionA lot has been stated about nofap on this web site, and far will proceed to be stated, till each man on planet earth understands the significance of it.

Put merely, nofap will completely rework your life—for the higher. Earlier than, once I used to masturbate daily, I used to be a weak, scrawny, insecure little chode.

Now, that I’ve been doing nofap for years? I’m a jacked, strong-willed, assured motherfucker who kills it in all points of life.

Ask your self: which would you like to be? I feel the reply is fairly apparent.

Whenever you take the time to do nofap, and also you develop the DISCIPLINE to say “no, fuck you!” to your base impulses each day, you mould your self right into a conqueror.

Now, saying “no” to obsessing over a lady? It’s straightforward as cake. You’ve already stated “no” a thousand totally different occasions, to a thousand totally different ladies on the web. How a lot more durable might only one easy lady be?

As well as to this, if you do nofap, you rework who you’re as a person. You evolve from a beta male into an alpha male, and naturally improve your attractiveness to ladies.

I’ve seen it myself, I’ve seen it in my shoppers, and hundreds of thousands of different males all around the globe have seen it. Now, it’s time for you to see it.


6) Raise Weights

increase your confidence

A part of the rationale why our testosterone ranges are so low these days, is that we stay such sedentary life. Quite than being on the market killing buffalo and preventing like warriors in conquest, we’re sitting at house enjoying Xbox and consuming Cheetos.

That is no method for a person to stay. To be a person means to be robust, and in accordance to critically famend writer Jack Donovan, power is a serious advantage of males.

With out power, you aren’t helpful to different males, and can’t be trusted—interval.

Once you want somebody to defend you in battle, who do you select? The limp-wristed, cardigan-wearing faggot in Starbucks, sipping his soy latte? Or the broad-shouldered, chilly, exhausting, iron-lifting MAN? I feel the selection is fairly apparent.

There’s a cause why most losers, hardcore communists, and staff are all scrawny. It’s as a result of they’ve low testosterone, don’t have the AMBITION and DISCIPLINE required to get in fine condition, and are husks of what they might really be.

Lifting weights will assist you to recover from your oneitis, as a result of it requires you to construct the “discipline of steel,” as Arnold was fond of claiming within the film Conan the Barbarian. Whenever you bodily resemble Superman, it’s type of onerous to get caught over a woman.


7) Male Camaraderie

A lot emphasis is positioned on “toxic masculinity” these days, that the majority MEN have forgotten how to be MEN!

I’ll always remember a narrative that occurred to me in ninth grade…

I used to be in school, as traditional, and speaking about how I had a blast over the weekend. I informed my classmates about how I frolicked with a few of my closest male pals that weekend, and the way it was spent laughing, joking round, and simply having enjoyable.

“Wow dude, sounds like a sausage party,” certainly one of them stated.

On reflection, these have been the phrases of an entire and utter faggot, spineless to the top.

“Sausage party”? You imply being a fucking man, and hanging out with different MEN?

The reality of the matter is that IRON sharpens IRON, and in case you don’t hang around round different males, you’ll not attain your full potential…PERIOD.

Males want to be round different males, to LEARN how to be males. Once they do one thing silly or weak, different males will name them out on it. Once they act like a bitch, different males will name them out on it. It’s our job, and our obligation, as males, to strengthen different males.

So in case you’re in search of a good way to recover from your oneitis, then look no additional than having a robust male camaraderie to hang around with. The appropriate males in your circle will provide help to recover from that oneitis in a single weekend, they usually’ll elevate you in all areas of life.



In abstract, scuffling with a oneitis may be one of the crucial troublesome issues that occurs to any man on this earth. It will possibly rip your soul out, and tear it into shreds, after which mild it on hearth, after which anticipate you to go on.

…however, with the best perseverance, the appropriate steerage, and a bit little bit of willpower, something could be overcome on this life—and oneitis is not any exception.

Basically, what it comes down to, is you’ve got to reduce off contact together with your oneitis and work on your self as a person. Once I’ve accomplished this in my very own life, humorous sufficient, all the great ladies who have been worthwhile come again chasing me, more durable than EVER earlier than!

Why? It’s easy. They perceive that as a person, you’re able to taking rejection and shifting on. It doesn’t part you. You’re like a mountain—you simply are, who you’re, and you’re detached to the forces of the Universe making an attempt to knock you down.

…and that, that my associates, is true attractiveness.