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A Tale of Four Wordlords Chapter 3: The People’s Choice

A Tale of Four Wordlords Chapter 1: Sound the Drums

The Wordlords are again! Black Library alumni Man Haley, Phil Kelly. Aaron Dembski-Bowden and Gav Thorpe proceed their path to new tabletop forces. Firstly of the method, the Wordlords requested you to decide on what they’d paint for Half Three of their pastime odyssey. Right here’s how they received on…

Gav: This month has been a whirlwind of Clippers, Inexperienced Stuff and Plastic Glue. For viewers vote month you picked the loopy conversion choice – and I’m proud to current the Avatar of Grimnir!

I can’t lay declare to the thought – it was steered to me by Martin Morrin, of Warhammer TV fame. Once I advised him of my plans for a Fyreslayers military he shared the idea behind the Avatar of Grimnir, which I’ve massaged a bit to suit into the background for my military.

“When the guilt-rage of the zharrthaggi grows, it resonates with the ur-gold set within their flesh, creating a focus for their repentant anger. The longer this phenomenon continues, the greater the strength of this anger, until it cannot be contained any longer. Bursting forth from the heavens, ushering in a devastating storm of mystical ur-gold bolts, the manifested guilt-rage takes on the form of the Slayer God, Grimnir himself. Given that it is powered by the fragments of ur-gold hammered into their flesh, perhaps there is truth to the belief of the zharrthaggi that this apparition is driven by the remnant ire of the duardin warrior god.”

As soon as I noticed the whirlwind from the Stormcast Eternals countless spells, the modelling aspect turned fairly easy. It was only a query of precisely find out how to deliver the theme collectively. Utilizing the Unforged provides ‘Grimnir’ a extra conventional Slayer look to distinction with the Fyreslayers, although I couldn’t assist however improve his axes a bit…

The largest problem was assembling the whirlwind of axes. Within the course of of chopping out the hammers I had eliminated most of the joints, and on prime of that I couldn’t work out which piece was which numbered half…

I bodged it collectively and modelled some extra pointy flames on the bottom, which I’ll paint to look as if the Avatar of Grimnir is coursing throughout the bottom leaving a burnt wake.

In recreation phrases, he ‘counts as’ Celestant-Prime! It matches fairly properly, I feel – merely change the names of the principles to Rain of Ur-gold, Immortal Rage, Axes of Grimnir and Ire of the Slayer-Born. That’s it.

He’s not painted but, as I need to take my time, as befits a centrepiece mannequin like this. In the meantime, I’ve been build up my Battleline models alongside the conversion work, so I even have a unit of Vulkite Berzerkers with slingshields.

In addition to extra infantry, subsequent month I goal to place collectively a pair of Heroes, giving me a battle-ready pressure.

Phil: I’m actually moving into this! This month I painted three models, which is fairly good going, and press-ganged one other into service for a recreation towards Man.

The first activity was a chunky unit of 5 Brutes, as determined upon by the ballot we did early December. I used the helmeted ‘hog’ heads I had left over from the Ardboys I made in November and painted them as rusty and metallic as I might to intensify their Chamonic origins as warriors of Skrappa Spill.  

Subsequent, I made a decision to color one other Warchanter to steer my Brutes. I didn’t need two fashions that appeared the identical in my military, so I did a bit of conversion work. Leaving off his breastplate was an excellent begin, as was a head swap with one other brutish sort. The subsequent factor was to mount him on stairs from the Age of Sigmar Hero Bases package. This gave him a presence to rival his good friend with the enormous maw-banner from Half 1.

Subsequent up was one other group of ten Ardboys. They stands out as the smallest greenies within the military (excepting Nuggit, the grot mascot who occurred to suit completely on prime of their Beastman-headed conflict banner) however they nonetheless have an actual presence on the portray desk and Realm of Battle alike. I’m aiming to get one other ten of these lads carried out earlier than I let myself unfastened on some centrepiece fashions.

In mid-December, I managed to squeeze in a good-sized recreation towards Man in Warhammer World. I introduced each Ironjaw I might, bolstering my forces with an Aleguzzler Gargant I painted a number of years again to hit a pleasant, spherical 1,000 factors.

The recreation was an absolute blast. Man and myself actually are likely to get into the spirit of issues, and because the cube flew we have been hooting, howling and hollering a lot I feel I noticed Gav shake his head like a correct Longbeard from his close by interest desk. My Brutes proved implausible, taking down 5 Chaos Spawn, a Cygor and a Nice Bray-Shaman.

But the true revelation was my Gargant ally, Kroksnappa. Persistently rolling excessive for his membership assaults, he turned twenty Ungors to goat paté (three went in his bag for later), solely to cost the Cygor and kick him squarely within the unmentionables earlier than delivering a thunderous six-wound headbutt that brought on the bull-monster to topple into the filth. A lot hilarity ensued – regardless of (or as a result of of) being so random, Aleguzzler Gargants all the time ship in that respect. I’m undoubtedly contemplating portray one other earlier than the problem is over.

Man: This month was an enormous problem. If you mild individuals picked the 2 Cygors from my listing of choices I assumed I won’t pull it off, however right here they’re, and very happy with them I’m too.

The Cygor is one of my favorite Citadel miniatures. It has such movement, energy, and ferocity. There’s one thing deeply primitive and mythological about them.

By the point Phil and I had our recreation, I had completed Boulder Bull, so he made his inaugural look in Warhammer World. Sadly, he missed all however one boulder toss and Phil gave me a beating to make Gorkamorka proud. It was nice enjoyable, and we spent as a lot time Waaagh!ing and mooing as we did casting cube.

The recreation confirmed up the weaknesses in my military. I’ve Gavespawn, and from a strategic level of view, I ought to have cut up up my single unit of Chaos Spawn to unfold the affect of the Propagator of Devolution command means.

I might have completed with the Beastlord’s assaults and Grisly Trophy command capacity. Larger numbers of Gors and Ungors would have preserved the particular unit bonuses, in addition to giving me extra versatile decisions when it got here to unit summoning by way of the herdstone. A unit of Bestigors would have actually helped.

I put all this into follow in one other, barely bigger, recreation towards my pal Ste at house. A nail-biting draw ensued, however not earlier than each Cygors had tossed lots of rocky demise round. My private spotlight was Boulder Bull squishing a whole unit of Auric Hearthguard with one shot, inventing the brand new recreation of ‘duardin skittles’ within the course of.

Military choice informs my selection for subsequent month. I’ll consider one other 15 Gors and, if writing deadlines allow, I’ll add some Ungors too.

Aaron: I had a bizarre couple of months which actually slowed the challenge down.

My dad died just a few days after the final entry. Placing it diplomatically, that wasn’t precisely a terrific second proper earlier than Christmas. Should you’ve misplaced a father or mother earlier than, then you understand that additionally comes free with an insane quantity of admin and an enormous quantity of individuals to cope with at a time whenever you’d actually somewhat simply be left alone. On a associated notice, it was my dad who first inspired me into the interest. He purchased me my first copy of White Dwarf. That’s been on my thoughts quite a bit, too.

Then the vacation season hit, consuming up valuable pastime time as I wrangled a 7-year-old and a Three-year-old via the loudest time of the yr. (By the best way, for Christmas I requested for a Derelict Factorum and an Akhelian King. Fortunate me, I acquired each!)

And proper when issues began to calm down, I received Labyrinthitis, which feels like I’m making up an superior Tzeentch-based affliction, proper? The actuality was truly an ear an infection so dangerous I used to be virtually hospitalised. I’ll say no extra, nevertheless it was decidedly disagreeable.

Via all this, I managed to get my Soulscryer completed, giving me a valuable Chief for some Skirmish video games forward.

However the actual deal was the readers’ vote selection – an Akhelian Allopex. I’ll be trustworthy, this was the most important mannequin I’ve ever painted. My monitor document for truly ending fashions has all the time been horrendous, so tackling a bigger mannequin was an intimidating gamble, and it’s all of your fault for voting to make me do it.

When it was nonetheless only a beastie undercoated in clean and noncommittal Mechanicus Commonplace Gray, I confirmed it to Scout, my Three-year-old daughter.

“What shall we call my Allopex?”

There was no hesitation. She seemed like she’d been born to reply this very query.

“Baby Shark.”

So I used to be caught with a terrifying mannequin who, by way of my very own foolishness, now had a foolish identify. Nice. Simply nice.

For the bottom, I spent a number of days rigorously glueing Creeping Vines round smaller chunks of Azyrite Ruins, including flock as moss whereas protecting area within the center of the bottom for the flight stand. I needed Child Sha– my Allopex to seem like she was gliding by means of the ruins, not mounted on prime of them. I feel it labored out okay! I’ll in all probability do the identical with my eels.

Right here’s Khraleth, the ‘Huntress in the Vines’. I imagined her as this historic, imply monster drifting via the kelp forests of Ghur, tamed by means of my Enclave’s sorcery to serve them. I needed her to look pale and marked by age, so I added two very, very skinny coats of Lahmian Medium, Nuln Oil, and Agrax Earthshade to attempt get that splotchy, rough-looking pores and skin that some actually previous sharks get.

Subsequent up I’m going to be courageous and deal with one of my favorite fashions within the vary – the Akhelian King. That is in all probability a loopy transfer because the mannequin is intimidatingly detailed, however I’m driving a surge of confidence after finishing Khraleth.

I’m additionally hoping to make some respectable headway into some Namarti Thralls as a result of I don’t assume I can resist them for much longer. I ought to in all probability plan a military sooner or later as an alternative of simply selecting random fashions I like or asking the readers for his or her decisions, however… we’ll bounce that fence once we get to it.

Till subsequent time! 

Be a part of us subsequent time to see if the Wordlords keep on with their plans or get distracted by different shiny issues. Need to be a part of them in constructing a brand new military? Take a look at the vary of Warhammer Age of Sigmar Begin Amassing! units – the right option to start a brand new drive.