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All The Ranger Teams At Power Morphicon So Far

All The Ranger Teams At Power Morphicon So Far

Power Morphicon, the most important Power Rangers conference round, is true across the nook, and in case you’re trying to see in case your favourite staff shall be there you then’re in the suitable place!

We have coated the continuously updating visitor listing various occasions, however we have gone forward and damaged it down by group since these bulletins aren’t in any specific order. Positive you possibly can head to the grasp record and see in case your favourite Ranger goes to be there, however in case you are in search of all the S.P.D. or Time Pressure staff to signal your poster this listing is the one you will need to take a look at.

First off although this is a bit extra about Power Morphicon.

“The Power Morphicon Conference is celebrating its SIXTH present, the expo’s first on the Anaheim Conference Middle in Anaheim, California. The present is run by veteran conference artist and vendor Scott Zillner who yearly places on almost a dozen exhibits within the Los Angeles and Sacramento areas together with Japan World Heroes, a conference celebrating Japanese and Sentai associated in style tradition. Power Morphicon Conference has been held each different yr since 2007, and Scott Zillner has been in charge of the present since its second run in 2010. Since then, Power Morphicon Conference has been held persistently on even-numbered years.

Power Morphicon Conference hosts the most important variety of actors and crew from the Power Rangers franchise, together with artists and actors from the unique Japanese Tremendous Sentai collection, upon which the Power Rangers tv present is predicated. Along with assembly their favourite actors from Power Rangers, followers and conference attendees will be capable of buy some conference unique merchandise. These particular convention-only gadgets can be found for pre-order together with your paid conference membership (attending or non-attending), or on the expo through the present. Gadgets embrace the unique Lord Drakkon figurine (throne bought individually) and the black and gold Megazord Funko Pop! figurine. A convention-exclusive Power Morphicon Conference T-shirt is on the market for buy, in addition to metallic Morphin’ Cash and specialised merchandise for Membership Tier.”

Hit the subsequent slide to seek out out who’s going to attend!

Slide 1 of 22Mighty Morphin Power Rangers


Austin St. John – Jason Scott (Thursday Solely)

Jason David Frank – Tommy Oliver

Walter Jones – Zack Taylor

Karan Ashley – Aisha Campbell

Johnny Yong Bosch – Adam Park

Steve Cardenas – Rocky DeSantos

Catherine Sutherland – Katherine Hillard

David Fielding – Zordon

Romy J. Sharf – Alpha 5

Paul Schrier – Bulk

Jason Narvy – Cranium

Carla Perez – Rita Repulsa

Barbara Goodson – Rita Repulsa Voice

Jason Ybarra – Baboo

Sabrina Lu – Scorpina

Neo Edmund – Putty Patrol

Royce Herron – Ms. Appleby

Ron Wasserman – Composer

Elisabeth Fies – Stunts

Ronnie Sperling – Author


David Yost – Billy Cranston

Amy Jo Johnson – Kimberly Hart

Slide 2 of 22Power Rangers Alien RangersPower-Rangers-Power-Morphicon(Photograph: PMC/Saban)


Alan Palmer – Corcus

Rajia Baroudi – Delphine


David Bacon – Aurico

Karim Prince – Cestro

Jim Grey – Tideus

Tom Wyner – Grasp Vile Voice 

Slide three of 22Power Rangers Zeo


Nakia Burrise – Tanya Sloan

Jason David Frank -Tommy Oliver

Johnny Yong Bosch – Adam Park

Steve Cardenas – Tanya Sloan

Catherine Sutherland – Katherine Hillard


Tom DiFillippo, Tim DiFillippo, and Ted DiFillippo — Trey of Triforia.

Brad Hawkins – Gold Ranger Voice

David Stenstrom – King Mondo

Alex Borstein – Queen Machina Voice

Slide four of 22Power Rangers Turbo


Blake Foster – Justin Stewart

Jason David Frank – Tommy Oliver

Selwyn Ward – T.J. Johnson

Johnny Yong Bosch – Adam Park

Roger Velasco – Carlos Vallerte

Nakia Burrise – Tanya Sloan

Tracy Lynn Cruz – Ashley Hammond

Catherine Sutherland – Katherine Hillard

Hilary Shepard – Divatox (Saturday Solely)

Derek Stephen Prince – Elgar Voice

Denny Logan – Elgar


Ali Afshar – Phantom Ranger

Patricia Ja Lee – Cassie Chan


Carol Hoyt – Divatox V2

Slide 5 of 22Power Rangers In AreaPower-Rangers-In-Space(Photograph: Saban)


Christopher Khayman Lee – Andros

Tracy Lynn Cruz – Ashley Hammond

Selwyn Ward – T.J. Johnson

Roger Velasco – Carlos Vallerte

Justin Nimmo – Zhane

Patrick David – Psycho Purple

Melody Perkins – Astronema 


Patricia Ja Lee – Cassie Chan

Lex Lang – Ecliptor Voice

Slide 6 of 22Power Rangers Misplaced Galaxy


Cerina Vincent – Maya

Valerie Vernon – Kendrix Morgan

Melody Perkins – Karone


Danny Slavin – Leo Corbett

Archie Kao – Kai Chen

Reggie Rolle – Damon Henderson

Kerrigan Mahan – Magna Defender

Russell Lawrence – Mike Corbett

Amy Miller – Trakeena

Slide 7 of 22Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue


Sean Johnson – Carter Grayson

Keith Robinson – Joel Rawlings

Sasha Craig – Kelsey Winslow

Rhett Fisher – Ryan Mitchell

Ron Rogge – Captain Mitchell (Friday and Saturday Solely)

Neil Kaplan – Diabolico Voice


Michael Chaturantabut – Chad Lee

Alison MacInnis – Dana Mitchell

Monica Louwerens – Angela Fairweather

Diane Salinger – Queen Bansheera

Slide eight of 22Power Rangers Time PressurePower-Rangers-Time-Force(Photograph: Saban)


Jason Faunt – Alex/Wesley Collins

Erin Cahill – Jen Scotts

Michael Copon – Lucas Kendall

Deborah Phillips – Katie Walker

Kevin Kleinberg – Journey

Daniel Southworth – Eric Myers

Kate Sheldon – Nadira

Eddie Frierson – Frax

Vernon Wells – Ransik

Tone Rodriguez – Idea Designer

Slide 9 of 22Power Rangers Wild Drive


Alyson Kiperman – Taylor Earhardt

Phillip Jeanmarie – Max Cooper

Jack Guzman – Danny Delgado

Phillip Andrew – Merrick Baliton

Jessica Rey – Alyssa Enrile

Ann Marie Crouch – Princess Shayla

Lex Lang – Zen-Aku

Danny Wayne – Jindrax


Llia Volok – Grasp Org

Not Coming:

Ricardo Medina, Jr. – Cole Evans

Slide 10 of 22Power Rangers Ninja Storm


Adam Tuominen – Hunter Bradley

Jorge Vargas – Blake Bradley

Katrina Devine – Marah

Katrina Browne – Kapri


John Tellegen – Author


Pua Magasiva – Shane Clarke

Sally Martin – Tori Hanson

Glenn McMillan – Dustin Brooks

Jason Chan – Cameron Watanabe

Grant McFarland – Sensei Kanoi Watanabe, Lothor

Megan Nicol – Kelly Halloway

Roseanne Liang – Miko Watanabe

Slide 11 of 22Power Rangers Dino ThunderPower-Rangers-Dino-Thunder-2(Photograph: Saban)


Jason David Frank – Tommy Oliver

Kevin Duhaney – Ethan James

Jeff Parazzo – Trent Fernandez


James Napier – Conner McKnight

Emma Lahana – Kira Ford

Jeff Parazzo – Trent Fernandez: Power Rangers Dino Thunder

Kevin Duhaney – Ethan James: Power Rangers Dino Thunder

Lathan Gaines – Mesogog

Slide 12 of 22Power Rangers S.P.D.


Brandon Jay McLaren – Jack Landors

Matt Austin – Bridge Carson

Monica Might – Elizabeth Z Delgado

Alycia Purrott – Syndey Syd Drew

Greg Aronowitz – Government Producer

Kelson Henderson – Growth


Chris Violette – Schuyler Sky Tate

John Tui – Anubis Doggie Cruger

Brett Stewart – Sam Voice

Michelle Langstone – Kat Manx

Antonia Prebble – Nova 

Slide 13 of 22Power Rangers Mystic Drive


Angie Diaz – Vida Rocca

Richard Brancatisano – Xander Bly


Firass Dirani – Nick Russell

Nic Sampson – Charlie Thorn

Melanie Vallejo – Madison Rocca

Peta Rutter – Udonna

John Tui – Daggeron

Chris Graham – Leanbow

Antonia Prebble – Niella

Geoff Dolan – Koragg Voice

Slide 14 of 22Power Rangers Operation OverdrivePower-Rangers-Operation-Overdrive(Photograph: Disney)


Caitlin Murphy – Ronny Robinson

Dwayne Cameron – Tyzonn


James MacLurcan – Mack Hartford

Samuell Benta – Will Aston

Gareth Yuen – Dax Lo

Rhoda Montemayor – Rose Ortiz

Dwayne Cameron – Tyzonn

Gerald Urquhart – Flurious


Slide 15 of 22Power Rangers Jungle Fury


Anna Hutchison – Lily Chillman


Jason Smith – Casey Rhodes

Aljin Abella – Theo Martin

David de Lautour – Robert James

Nikolai Nicko laeff – Dominic Hargan

Bede Skinner – Jarrod

Geoff Dolan – Dai Shi Voice

Holly Shanahan – Camille

Bruce Allpress – Elephant Ranger

Oliver Driver – Bat Ranger

Paul Gittins – Shark Ranger

Sarah Thomson – Fran


Slide 16 of 22Power Rangers RPM


Ari Boyland – Flynn McAllistair

Mike Ginn – Gem

Li Ming Hu – Gemma

Adelaide Kane – Tenaya


Eka Darville – Scott Truman

Rose McIver – Summer time Landsdown

Milo Cawthorne – Ziggy Grover

Daniel Ewing – Dillon

Physician Okay – Olivia Tennet

James Gaylyn – Colonel Mason Truman

Andrew Laing – Venjix Virus

Slide 17 of 22Power Rangers Samurai/Tremendous SamuraiPower-Rangers-Samurai(Photograph: Saban)


Alex Heartman – Jayden Shiba

Kimberly Crossman – Lauren Shiba

Najee De-Tiege – Kevin

Erika Fong – Mia Watanabe

Hector David Jr. – Mike

Brittany Anne Pirtle – Emily

Steven Skyler – Antonio Garcia

Bulk – Paul Schrier

Cranium – Jason Narvy

Spike Skullovitch – Felix Ryan

Grasp Xandred – Jeff Szusterman

Slide 18 of 22Power Rangers Megaforce


Andrew Grey – Troy Burrows

Christina Masterson – Emma Goodall

Azim Rizk – Jake Holling

Ciara Hanna – Gia Moran

John Loudermilk – Noah Carver

Cameron Jebo – Orion



Chris Auer – Robo Knight Voice

Geoff Dolan – Gosei

Estevez Gillespie – Tensou

Campbell Cooley – Admiral Malkor

Stephen Butterworth – Prince Vekar

Mike Drew – Emperor Mavro

Slide 19 of 22Power Rangers Dino Cost/Tremendous Dino Cost


Brennan Mejia – Tyler Navarro

Camille Hyde – Shelby Watkins

Davi Santos – Ivan

Claire Blackwelder – Kendall Morgan 


James Davies – Chase Randall

Yoshi Sudarso – Koda

Michael Taber – Riley Griffin

Jarred Blakiston – Prince Phillip III

Arthur Ranford – Albert Smith

Richard Simpson – Keeper

Kirk Torrance – Dr. Runga

Ryan Carter – Heckyl

Adam Gardiner – Sledge

Reuben Turner James Navarro

Dan Musgrove – James Navarro

Alistair Browning – Zenowing

Andy Grainger – Lord Arcanon 

Slide 20 of 22Power Rangers Ninja Metal/Tremendous Ninja Metal
Power-Rangers-Ninja-Steel-Season-Cover-Header(Photograph: Saban/Lionsgate)


William Shewfelt – Brody Romero

Peter Sudarso – Preston Tien

Nico Greetham – Calvin Maxwell

Zoe Robins – Hayley Foster

Chrysti Ane – Sarah Thompson

Jordi Webber – Levi Weston

Kelson Henderson – Mick Kanic

Iris Hampton – Power Rangers Casting Director


Caleb Bendit – Monty

Chris Reid – Victor Vincent

Mike Edward – Dane Romero

Byron Coll – Redbot Voice

Ruby Love – Princess Viera

Richard Simpson – Galvanax

Campbell Cooley – Ripcon, Cosmo Royale

Jacque Drew – Madame Odius

Slide 21 of 22Different Exhibits And Tasks


Adi Shankar: Producer: Power/Rangers Fanfilm

Mike Hollander: JB Reese: VR Troopers

David Carr – Tyler: VR Troopers

Michi Yamato – Metallix: Massive Dangerous Beetleborgs

Tsuyoshi Nonaka – Toy Designer: Bandai America/Japan

Scott Shaw – Comedian Ebook Artist: Smurfs/Captain Carrott

Shinji Nishikawa – Artist: Heisei Godzilla Movies

Sentai Confirmed:

Hisashi Sakai – White Dairanger: Gosei Sentai Dairanger

Teruaki Ogawa – Pink Kakuranger: Ninja Sentai Kakuranger

Yasuhiro Takeuchi – Stunts: Tremendous Sentai (Over 25 Seasons)


Slide 22 of 22BOOM! Studios And HyperForce

BOOM! Confirmed:

Kyle Higgins – Author: Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Comics

Ryan Parrott – Author: Saban’s Go Go Power Rangers Comics


Marguerite Bennett – Author: Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Comics

HyperForce Confirmed”

Peter Sudarso – Marvin Shih

Paul Schrier – Jack Thomas


Andrew Meadows – Eddie Banks

Cristina Vee – Vesper Vasquez

Meghan Camarena – Chloe Ashford

Yoshi Sudarso – Joe Shih