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Battle For The Grid’ Developer Answers Combo, DLC, and Console Questions

Battle For The Grid' Developer Answers Combo, DLC, and Console Questions

There have been a number of questions on nWay’s Energy Rangers: Battle for the Grid console recreation and had an opportunity to speak to the developer all concerning the recreation and get a few of these questions answered.

For those that did not hear the information, nWay and Lionsgate just lately introduced Energy Rangers: Battle for the Grid, a brand new cross-platform console recreation that may hit PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Change, and PC later this yr. Followers have been excited by the information, although some have been a bit confused or nervous about sure parts. just lately spoke to Vice President of Artistic at nWay Steve Kuroki, and one of many first issues we addressed is that this isn’t a port and was by no means meant to be one.

“It was never going to be a port,” Kuroki stated. “We knew it was going to be market confusion if we even considered it, so it’s definitely a business decision and a development decision made early on. Not only are we starting everything from the ground up in terms of visuals, but the gameplay controls are actually going back more towards a traditional fighter.”

“So a full suite of navigation,” Kuroki stated. “I would say if you were to compare to a title out there, Dragon Ball FighterZ or Marvel vs. Capcom, that series, full control of everyone on your team, three vs. three. You can assist them in to do an assist attack or you can actually do a full-on swap out to take full control of those characters. And it was never our intention to do a port on that end. The game engine itself is just like most game engines. We’ve been working in Unity, on this engine for over six years for all the games that we’ve been making, so in terms of technology, it is unique, some of it, just like a regular shooter would use Unreal forever.”

nWay’s truly been sitting on this secret for a bit now it seems. “From that aspect, the development of the actual game has gone over a year,” Kuroki stated. “We always wanted to make a traditional fighter, but the mobile platform didn’t really hold the ideas we wanted to do for, true to traditional fighters, especially with button inputs and all that abilities you use. So, putting it on console gave us the opportunity to do the fighter that we’ve always wanted to make.”

Hit the subsequent slide to seek out out about Battle for the Grid’s combo system!

Slide 1 of 12Want These Combos

Any preventing recreation value its salt must have a combo system for gamers to sink their tooth into, however as followers know combo techniques are available many various flavors, with some favoring complexity and self-discipline and others specializing in ease of use and making gamers really feel like they all the time have an opportunity. For Battle for the Grid, nWay is favoring a little bit of the latter however needs to function sufficient depth to maintain hardcore gamers round.

“We realize that most of the time, most of the Power Rangers fans aren’t your hardcore fighting game player,” Kuroki stated. “We wanted to build a combat system that could support those kinds of players that can pick it up to mash on one button and do a really easy combo, but we also realize that kind of lends itself to not enough gameplay depth when it comes to advanced gameplay, competitive gameplay. We’ve designed a combat system that could be a little bit more freeform. You can create your own combos, you can do a combo that lends itself up to a launch, which then you can follow up with some air attacks, and follow up with specials to extend the combo.”

The studio has introduced in preventing recreation specialists to assist craft a satisfying expertise for newcomers and longtime preventing followers alike.

“Right now, in tuning, we actually have, on-staff, we have some professional fighting game players that have come on as designers,” Kuroki stated. “They’ve been helping us design the system itself. One player, in particular, we had Justin Wong come in and consult with us. With him coming on board and showing us his experience on playing these kinds of games as well as the people that we have on staff, we’re very confident that we’ll be able to hit not only the casual fighting games fans, the hardcore Power Ranger fans that can actually play the characters that are in our game but also the ones that are competitive and into true fighting games.”

Slide 2 of 12Challenges And GroupPower-Rangers-Battle-For-The-Grid-Red-Vs-Green-3(Photograph: nWay/Lionsgate)

Designing a console recreation from scratch has its share of challenges and for nWay a type of concerned choosing the right characters for the roster.

“There are quite a few challenges,” Kuroki stated. “I feel loads of it comes into choosing the right characters. Energy Rangers, particularly with the sport that we have made for cellular, now options over 60 characters. We needed to ensure that we pulled the proper Rangers or villains from the Energy Rangers universe to help all of the archetypes wanted for preventing video games.

“That’s always the debate within the studio itself, as we’re now Power Rangers fans,” Kuroki stated. “Which ones are our favorite? Which one will actually fit the role of a more bruiser, bigger type character, or the speedy type character? That’s always a fun conversation within the studio.”

The recreation is certainly impressed by some giants in the area, together with Dragon Ball FighterZ and Marvel vs. Capcom, and nWay is making an attempt to determine one of the simplest ways to make the most of its assets.

“We’re also fans of games like DBZ, Marvel vs. Capcom, all the triple-A titles that are coming out,” Kuroki stated. “It’s always been a challenge of trying to figure out what we can do best with our time and resources, and try and offer the best gameplay, but also not really get bogged down by having to keep the game very feature-rich and all these things. We really want to make sure that we make a really fun game that we can build upon and include the community into developing the game. Hopefully, they’ll be as passionate. I think they already are, as they are with our Legacy Wars mobile title, so that they can be included in how we can make this game better.”

“We have a plan to release new characters after launch, and continue that, and we’d love to be able to fold in the community sentiment and feedback into shaping up what could be a really big, next-gen fighting game for us,” Kuroki stated.

Slide three of 12Three’s A Crowd For Supers

Video games like Marvel vs Capcom and Dragon Ball FighterZ are recognized for his or her flash and excessive strikes, one thing that Energy Rangers lends itself too. So, will we see something like that within the recreation? I imply, this can be a franchise the place a Ranger can play a dragon dagger like a flute and name in a Dragonzord in any case.

“Yeah, we’re definitely taking inspiration from the show, and we have a lot of surprises coming up in the next few weeks,” Kuroki stated. “I can’t say right now exactly what that would be, but fans would be very excited about what we show in the next upcoming weeks.”

Kuroki additionally confirmed that this can be a preventing recreation held on a 2D aircraft and that will probably be true three on three fights. Now, in Marvel vs Capcom, your fighters can mix assaults and create a ridiculous extremely combo. That will not be the case right here, as Kuroki stated Steve “Yeah, you won’t be able to do all three, but you’ll definitely bring at least one into the fray.”

Slide four of 12Characters And Skins

A part of the announcement revealed characters like Gia, Tommy, Drakkon, and Jason, however we’re additionally getting Drakkon Evo II and Mighty Morphin’s Pink Ranger skins. Some have been confused about what’s a personality and what’s a re-skin, and Kuroki cleared a few of that up.

“So a skin would be changing the visual look of a character,” Kuroki stated. “We’ll even be modifying some VFX to make it possible for it matches consistent with a pores and skin. Examine that to a model new character. A model new character would imply model new playstyle, animation and that.

Meaning Drakkon will probably be a totally playable character and not a re-skin of the Inexperienced Ranger. That additionally more than likely means we’ll get a Ranger Slayer character since there’s a Mighty Morphin Pink pores and skin provided up as a part of the bundle.

As for unlocking new characters and skins, for now, it appears the one approach to unlock them is to seize the DLC packs, although that is not last. “Yeah, we’re still talking about that internally,” Kuroki stated. “Currently the idea is that you’ll only be able to get skins through the DLCs.”

Slide 5 of 12Season One Cross And Arcade ModePower-Rangers-Battle-For-The-Grid-Red-Vs-Green(Photograph: nWay/Lionsgate)

The Season One Move will embrace three fighters, an Arcade story, and a brand new warrior pores and skin, and that center factor is a bit mysterious. It was beforehand revealed that every fighter would have their very own story, however that’s anticipated to be one thing alongside the strains of different preventing video games, which usually have some type of paintings or animation between the levels to hyperlink the person fights.

That is why the one which comes with the Season One Move is noteworthy, and we requested if it was the identical as the only characters tales or one thing separate.

“The Season One Pass has the arcade story put into there,” Kuroki stated. “I would say right now that they are separate.”

A part of that cross additionally consists of three new fighters, however these will not be obtainable proper at launch. “They will be released down the line,” Kuroki stated. “The skin will be available at launch, but the characters will be announced down the line.”

Battle for the Grid will even embrace a full coaching and follow mode to hone your expertise.

“Yeah, we’ll have practice and training mode, we’ll also have training mode and a tutorial, so basically the tutorial teaches you how to play the game, training mode’s just freeform,” Kuroki stated. “You can play against the computer in different forms of difficulty, but also tuning variables to modify your training experience.”

Slide 6 of 12Cross-Platform Play For All…Besides Sony

One of many coolest points of the sport is the cross-platform play. The recreation has been introduced for Nintendo Change, Xbox One, PC, and PlayStation four, however a type of won’t be out there to play with the opposite consoles. We’re guessing you realize who it’s.

“Yeah, we’re currently not offering PS4,” Kuroki stated. “I think they’re being selective of whose participating in that right now. Ideally, we come out on there, but that’s something that we’re hoping to be available later down the line, but for sure, at launch, we’ll have Xbox, Switch, and then once PC comes out, we’ll have that as well.”

Slide 7 of 12Enjoying With Buddies

Since you will be enjoying with buddies, we received a break down of how the matchmaking and rating system will work.

“Unlike Battle for the Grid, Legacy Wars has a bit of built-in character progression in power,” Kuroki stated. “We’re not doing that at all with this game, it’s gonna be a fair match in terms of character abilities and skills. We’ll have a ranked mode, we’ll allow you to compete against the best in the world, and compete on the leaderboard and see as they rise and fall within the ranks. Casuals, basically open, you can play against anyone that wants to jump into that player pool. It’ll take some consideration over your performance in terms of trying to make the best match as possible, but it doesn’t drop you in medals or anything like that.”

As for enjoying with your folks instantly, that is the place the nWay platform is available in. 

“And then using our nWay platform, you’ll be able to play the cross-play option,” Kuroki stated. “You direct matches with your friends that you’re hooked up with through nWay Play, and just go fight as if you guys are sitting on the same couch.”

In fact, you can too play native co-op on the sofa as properly, so no matter fits your fancy you can also make it occur. Apart from PS4, which, you already know, C’MON SONY!

Slide eight of 12Bringing Rangers To LifePower-Rangers-Battle-For-The-Grid-Red-Ranger-1(Photograph: nWay/Lionsgate)

Legacy Wars’ gameplay construction lends itself to creating absolutely animated assaults that recreate strikes or sequences from the present. That is going to vary with a real-time preventing recreation, however you additionally do not need to lose the personalities and iconic strikes that followers acknowledge from the present. nWay is looking for methods to implement these personalities with out sacrificing crisp gameplay.

“One of the things that we are building into the combat system in terms of how we show animations is to make sure that we have the opportunity to show the personality,” Kuroki stated. “For example, at the end of a combo string, or maybe at the end of a special attack, they can hit that pose that’s kind of a nod to the show, and how they’re portrayed, even into our Legacy Wars game. A lot of the intros where they’re coming in and showing off and flaunting their style, we’ll also have that as well.”

“And then with the supers and everything that’s built in, we’ll be able to express their style in terms of anything that’s coming from the visual reference,” Kuroki stated. “In playstyle, that’s where we actually can fold in a lot of the fighting game expertise. You could imagine as Goldar, for example, he looks like a big brute. He’s got a sword, and you don’t expect him to move fast. So then we can really lean into that playstyle a lot more than we could do with the card-based game, which is a lot more based on timing and everything.”

“So, when Goldar pulls back into a big attack, he doesn’t necessarily have to automatically do the attack,” Kuroki stated. “The player for Goldar needs to make sure the defense of the opponent maybe puts them into a startup attack or some kind of confirm frame so that they can pull off the bigger attack or even a grab for example. We have grabs in this game that we couldn’t do in Legacy Wars.”

By the best way, grabs are superior, and I apologize to the one that performs me as a result of I might be utilizing them…rather a lot. Simply truthful warning.

“So you get close to someone that has a grab, watch out, cause you’ll be in a bad situation,” Kuroki stated. “They can throw into or against the wall, behind your back, or anything like that. It’s gonna be fun, and is definitely gonna play a lot different than Legacy Wars.”

Whereas Legacy Wars got here first, in some ways, that is the preventing recreation they all the time needed to make.

“One of the inspirations for Legacy Wars would be a true fighting game, but we built that system completely differently for that mobile experience,” Kuroki stated. “So now we’re going back to making a true fighting game that has a lot more button input and skill-based, and something that people can have fun just banging away at it or really learning to master the system so they can compete with the best.” 

Slide 9 of 12Be On Your Guard

Protection is all the time necessary in a preventing recreation, and in Legacy Wars the sport makes use of Guard based mostly strikes that randomly pop up all through the battle (like all the opposite playing cards). That is not the case in Battle for the Grid.

“It’s not as complicated as our previous games, or even something like Smash I would say, where you have to hold a button to guard and you only have a small amount of time to guard for,” Kuroki stated. “It’s pretty simple, we want to make sure that it’s easy to do. If you want to defend, just hold back. I mean, there’s a standing guard and low guard, so your attacker does have to mix up being able to attack high or low.”

Whereas guarding is straightforward to do, you’ll be able to’t simply turtle and do it perpetually towards savvy gamers.

“But there’s also the cross-up, so they can jump over you, they could bring in an assist attack that might put you in a situation, and then simply, they can just grab you now, so you can play around with them and just walk up, and do what we like to do and just grab our target,” Kuroki stated.

Slide 10 of 12Levels

Followers received to see their favourite places from the Energy Rangers franchise come to life in Legacy Wars, however you have not seen something but when in comparison with Battle for the Grid.

“Yeah, so the stages will be based around a lot of the environments told within our story mode,” Kuroki stated. “A lot of the environments will be animated, VFX, high-res fidelity, very excited about how they were turning out. Lot of things that we couldn’t do in Legacy Wars in terms of memory and stuff, we’ll be able to blow out in this game.”

Now, the levels will not be interactive, although Kuroki does not shut the door on it ever occurring. “We won’t do any kind of interactions with the environment, at least the first launch environment, but they will be something that you will have a lot of fun playing within,” Kuroki stated.

Slide 11 of 12The RosterPower-Rangers-Battle-For-The-Grid-Green-Ranger(Photograph: nWay)

As of proper now, there are 4 characters revealed, which embrace Megaforce Yellow (Gia), Mighty Morphin Inexperienced (Tommy), Mighty Morphin Purple (Jason), and Lord Drakkon (Evil Tommy), and the roster picture signifies that there can be 15 fighters within the preliminary batch.

With over 25 years of characters to work from, there have been clearly some that simply did not make the sport, however that does not imply they are not coming later.

“There’s definitely a lot of characters that have been left off the roster,” Kuroki stated. “Ones that we’re planning to add on later for sure, it’s hard to say. I won’t call out ones exactly, cause I don’t want to spill the beans, but once we start revealing the roster I think people would be happy with what we are coming out with.”

You will discover all of the revealed characters and skins under.

Mighty Morphin Pink/Jason

-No skins revealed but

Mighty Morphin Inexperienced/Tommy

-Inexperienced Ranger V2 pores and skin

Megaforce Yellow/Gia

– No skins revealed but

Lord Drakkon/Evil Tommy

-Lord Drakkon Evo II pores and skin

Pink Ranger/Kimberly (suspected to be Ranger Slayer)

– Mighty Morphin Pink pores and skin

Slide 12 of 12Why You Ought to Attempt It

Whether or not you’re a longtime fan of Legacy Wars or a returning fan of Energy Rangers trying to get re-immersed within the franchise with a brand new recreation, this is why you need to give Battle for the Grid a shot.

“We’ve been building this game from the ground up as our love letter to the players that supported us through the Power Ranger Legacy War journey, and to new players who haven’t even seen a real Power Rangers game, especially a console game for a long time,” Kuroki stated. “We’re making this game with passion and love, and care for not only the IP, but for games that we love to play.
Steve Kuroki: As a studio, nWay Games are built on people that play all types of games. Mobile, console, from the PS4s to the Switches, and we want to be able to play a game that we have fun with, that are evergreen, and competitive, but we also bring in games that people of all ages can play together. This is our opportunity to bring all that together into something we’re really proud of and excited to show everybody.”

Energy Rangers: Battle for the Grid hits consoles in April, and you’ll be able to pre-order the sport proper right here!