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Meet the ex-federal prosecutor who wants to abolish prisons — Quartz

Georgetown Regulation professor and writer Paul Butler is aware of the US legal justice system, personally and professionally, in and out. As a former...

culture curses edited by sarah todd First Amendment free speech fuck FUCT Games Government intellectual property Language law legal linguistics profanity salty language swearing trademark US Supreme Court USPTO vulgarity

The US Supreme Court will review the government’s right to be a prude — Quartz

The US Supreme Court isn’t a bawdy physique. Though entrusted with safeguarding the First Modification right to free speech, justices keep away from...

compass pathways contracts depression drug development Edited by Elijah Wolfson Edited by Kevin Delaney ekaterina malievskaia Games george goldsmith Isle of Man legal Maps MDMA Patent psilocybin psychedelic therapy

Compass Pathways wants to be Big Pharma for psychedelic therapy — Quartz

Virtually 50 years since US president Richard Nixon declared psychedelic mushrooms unlawful and “of no medical use,” mounting scientific proof suggests he was...

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Mediastalker – Irish Tech News

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All career advice for women is a form of gaslighting — Quartz at Work

In case you’re a working lady, you’ve possible been inundated with advice about how to make sure that gender double requirements don’t impede your sensible...

"America First" binding precedent Brett Kavanaugh Burnett v. Colorado Oil and Gas constitution culture Games judiciary law law and order legal legal principles Louis Brandeis Roe v Wade stare decisis US law US Supreme Court nominee

Don’t panic about change on the US Supreme Court—justices hate overruling cases — Quartz

This can be a delightfully boring true story. It’s a staid story of regulation and order, judicial restraint, binding precedent, and stability. And for those...