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Everything to remember from ‘Game of Thrones’ Season 1

Everything to remember from 'Game of Thrones' Season 1

Beware, for this submit is darkish and full of spoilers for Recreation of Thrones Season 1-7

Valar morghulis, buddies. You’ve got simply entered Mashable’s Citadel, the place we’re Rewatching the Throne, dissecting Recreation of Thrones season by season to put together for the ultimate six episodes starting on April 14. 

Listed here are all of the theories, unanswered questions, unresolved plots, and forgotten tidbits you want to remember earlier than winter comes for the endgame in Season eight, starting immediately with all of the small moments that started in Season 1 that we expect could be making a reappearance.   

1. What does the spiral sample imply?

This reoccurring thriller occurred proper underneath our noses within the very first scene of the very first episode. The White Walkers depart the lifeless wildlings’ physique elements organized in an odd sample, which crops up once more in Episode three, Season three when Mance factors out that the lifeless horses are organized equally. “Always the artist,” he jokes concerning the White Walkers.

However it’s not simply the Walkers utilizing this spiral sample. In a single of Bran’s visions in Season 6, an analogous image is outstanding within the shot of the weirwood tree the place the Youngsters of the Forest created the primary ever White Walker and once more in Season 7’s Dragonstone cave work presumed to be created by the Youngsters as properly.

We have by no means gotten a straight reply about their significance. Showrunner David Benieoff has defined over many Contained in the Episodes that these historic symbols have been created by the Youngsters for ritualistic functions. 

Some speculate the Walkers are utilizing it to mock their creators by debasing these holy symbols. Others consider it is extra sensible, and used for ritualistic magic. There’s precedent for it being  related to the Isle of Faces, an necessary, mysterious, historic location the place the Youngsters of the Forest and First Males made a peace pact throughout Westeros’ prehistory.

Usually, spirals characterize cycles of repetition. That is sensible to our story, because the White Walkers rising once more is a parallel to once they first rose through the Lengthy Night time hundreds of years in the past. 

Maybe the White Walkers see this sample as a reminder to man of one other pact they made hundreds of years in the past, however have since forgotten. Perhaps it is a sign that their return is just half of the universe’s pure cycle, and probably even tied to its unusual seasonal patterns.

2. Consider each phrase that got here out of Previous Nan’s mouth

In Season 1 everybody made enjoyable of Previous Nan’s whacky tales — till virtually each single one of them got here true. This is a scene the place she principally lays out every thing that may probably occur now that the White Walkers have absolutely risen once more:

We should always give credence to the items of Previous Nan wisdoms that have not come true but.

She claims White Walkers marched on lifeless horses and pale spiders as huge as hounds. Within the present, we have seen the undead horses and even a bear. However spiders? That might be a remaining season shock.

Some even assume a passage within the books about Previous Nan seeing all Brandon Starks as the identical individual foreshadows that our Bran will grow to be a time traveler who really does turn into all of the Brandon Starks from historical past (together with the one of legend who constructed the Wall).

Additionally Previous Nan says, “All crows are liars.” Is there one other Night time’s Watch betrayal to come, or was that a warning to Jon Snow about what’s already occurred?

three. How will Nymeria come again?

After Nymeria bit Joffrey’s arm to defend Arya in Episode 2 (the goodest woman), she was the primary direworlf to disappear from the story. However in contrast to virtually all the opposite direwolves since, she and Ghost at the moment are the final remaining survivors.

Nymeria knows that the lone wolf dies, but the pack survives

Nymeria is aware of that the lone wolf dies, however the pack survives

In her temporary reunion with Arya in Season 7 Arya revealed that’d she’d grow to be the chief of a wolf pack. However it’s arduous to consider that is the final we’ll ever see of this highly effective she-wolf.

Within the books, Nymeria’s lethal wolf pack is inflicting all types of mayhem within the Riverlands, and it is speculated she’ll both come again to struggle alongside Arya within the battle towards the lifeless and even battle in battle towards a special conqueror, Daenerys Targaryen.

four. Mirri Maz Duur curses Daenerys

After her betrayal, the witch Mirri Maz Duur says the next notorious phrases as soon as Dany asks when Drogo will return to her:

“When the sun rises in the west and sets in the east. When the seas go dry and mountains blow in the wind like leaves. When your womb quickens again, and you bear a living child. Then he will return, and not before.”

The witch Mirri Maz Duur might have very well cursed Daenerys to death

The witch Mirri Maz Duur may need very properly cursed Daenerys to demise

Now, you possibly can interpret this straightforwardly, and as a very poetic approach of saying, “Never.” However others see it as one thing of a prophecy or perhaps a curse. And in phrases of e-book lore, almost each one of her predictions has already come true apart from the dwelling baby and Khal Drogo’s return.

Dany brings this curse again up within the Season 7 finale with Jon, deciphering it as a curse that left her barren. However Jon correctly says she should not consider the phrases of a scorned witch, main many to speculate that they will have a child (whether or not human or dragon) subsequent season.

However this is the twist: if the prophecy come true, meaning Khal Drogo will probably be returned to Dany. Or extra in all probability, it means Daenerys will die and reunite with him within the afterlife. This is able to additionally align with a imaginative and prescient she has within the Home of the Timeless in Season 2 (which we’ll get to later). 

5. The importance of the Valyrian dagger

Wen we first watched Season 1, none of us understood why a Valyrian dagger, used within the assassination try on Bran, was so particular. We nonetheless do not both, as a result of that particular dagger got here again up many occasions, indicating it’s going to play a much bigger position in Season eight.

What followers refer to because the “Catspaw Dagger” comes from unknown origins, which could be very odd for any Valyrian weapon. Baelish claimed he misplaced it to Tyrion in a guess, however that is complete bullshit (Why would a person from a no-name household possess such a uncommon weapon? Additionally we now know Baelish had been scheming for a struggle between the Starks and Lannisters again then).

Extra importantly, in Season 7 Littlefinger provides it to Bran and the all-knowing Three-Eyed-Raven asks, “Do you know who this belonged to?” 

A bizarre query from somebody who is aware of the whole lot, and certain a sign that its origins and historical past matter (our guess is a vital Targaryen). 

Keep that Valyrian steel close in Season 8, Arya

Maintain that Valyrian metal shut in Season eight, Arya

That is supported by the truth that Bran (who, once more, is aware of every thing) then very pointedly provides it to Arya. Simply to deliver issues full circle, Arya later makes use of it to slit Baelish’s throat.

Nevertheless it goes ever deeper. Earlier within the season, we noticed an identical-looking Valyrian dagger in a e-book Sam was studying on the Citadel. The textual content round it explains how Targaryens typically adorned they Valyrian weapons with dragonglass — you understand, the one factor that kills White Walkers. 

Within the newest Season eight pictures, we see the dagger nonetheless with Arya and, boy, are we glad it is within the arms of a killing machine because the White Walkers at the moment are barreling towards Winterfell.

6. Cleganbowl HYPE

By far one of probably the most beloved and believed theories within the Recreation of Thrones fandom, Cleganebowl refers to the epic duel predicted to occur between Sandor Clegane (the Hound) and Gregor Clegane (the Mountain).

We noticed our first glimpse of it in Season 1, when the Hound steps in to shield Ser Loras from the Mountain when a tourney match will get too scorching. But when they do meet once more in Season eight, will probably be to the demise. And the Hound may have his work minimize out for him because the Mountain is now an undead, unfeeling monster.

7. Is Syrio nonetheless alive?

Okay so at this level, this one is extra want achievement quite than something probably.

However the love for Arya’s “dancing teacher” (AKA the extraordinarily badass First Sword of Braavos) Syrio Forrel stays robust. And lots of consider he escaped demise again in Season 1 and is both hiding out and even secretly Jaqen H’ghar.

In any case, when it comes to Recreation of Thrones, you need to by no means belief a dying that occurs off display. Then once more, we additionally solely have six episodes left for him to come again.

eight. What are Illyrio and Varys plotting?

Once we first meet Dany and Viserys, they have been the friends of Illyrio for a full yr. He is additionally the person who provides Dany her dragon eggs. Later within the season, Arya overhears him and Varys plotting within the dungeons of the Purple Maintain. In Season 5, he homes recognized fugitive Tyrion in order that Varys can deliver him to Daenerys.

Illyrio is low-key one of probably the most influential schemers. We’re unsure if he needs rather more aside from what he tells everybody: extra gold and wealth. However we do know he is half of the bigger conspiracy Varys is plotting — and that may for positive be an enormous reveal in Season eight.

By now it is all however confirmed that these schemes have been all to get a Targaryen again on the throne. Why? Nicely, as a result of he simply is perhaps a secret Targaryen (or Blackfyre, a line of Targaryen bastards in Essos who’ve plotted a number of occasions to reclaim management of the throne). Take a look at the video above for extra on that principle.

Nevertheless, even that sort of twist appears too apparent for Varys, since there’s hints of a fair grander scheme that we’ll handle within the later seasons. We might do properly to not overlook or underestimate these pair of puppet masters, although.

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