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‘Kingdom Hearts 3’: All Keyblades and How to Unlock Them

'Kingdom Hearts 3': All Keyblades and How to Unlock Them
Kingdom Hearts III review

Sora might technically be the star of Kingdom Hearts three, however the actual stars of the motion gameplay are the Keyblades you purchase all through your journey. With every Disney world you save from the Heartless, you get a brand new Keyblade that Sora can carry into battle. The superior designs are impressed by the Disney worlds they hail from. In fight, although? The Keyblades are even cooler, with every one providing a special fight expertise.

What you want to find out about Keyblades

Listed here are a couple of ideas and tips about wielding Keyblades earlier than we get began. Every Keyblade begins with totally different magic and power stats. Some begin out fairly balanced, whereas others favor one trait or the opposite. Each Keyblade, nevertheless, might be upgraded within the Moogle Store to have robust stats in each classes. Nevertheless, you’re unlikely to have sufficient supplies to degree up your full set of Keyblades throughout a single playthrough (every Keyblade has up to 10 ranges). You’ll need to concentrate to the strengths/weaknesses of every one when deciding which three Keyblades to equip.

Kingdom Hearts three Keyblade information

On this information, we’ll element every of the Keyblades, together with their type modifications, and define the strengths and weaknesses of every one.

Kingdom Key

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  • Beginning stats: Power – four, Magic – three
  • Unlock situation: Beginning weapon
  • Type change: Second Type
  • Potential: Treasure Magnet

The Kingdom Key’s Sora’s unique Keyblade from when his story first started. It has low beginning stats for each power and magic. Its type change provides Sora motion talents comparable to these seen in Kingdom Hearts 2, in addition to a further transfer referred to as Sonic Growth. The Treasure Magnet potential pulls in supplies and Munny from an extra distance. After finishing the primary few worlds, nevertheless, the Kingdom Key is just not advisable to use. We don’t advocate spending valuable supplies leveling it up.

Hero’s Origin

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  • Beginning stats: Power – 5, Magic – 2
  • Unlock situation: Full Olympus
  • Type change: Counter Defend
  • Capacity: Defender

A strength-oriented Keyblade, you’ll need to change to this one after finishing Olympus due to its helpful type change: Counter Defend. Counter Defend lets Sora deal injury throughout giant areas to take out a bunch of Heartless directly. Just like the Kingdom Keyblade, Hero’s Origin turns into relatively out of date as your Keyblade assortment grows.

Capturing Star

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  • Beginning stats: Power – three, Magic – 5
  • Unlock situation: Full Twilight City
  • Type change: Double Arrowguns, Magic Launcher
  • Potential: Magic Treasure Magnet

Capturing Star will get higher over time as you study extra highly effective spells. Its type modifications, Double Arrowguns and Magic Launcher, are ranged assaults. The twin weapons are the primary in line, whereas the magic launcher offers a big blow to an space (so precision isn’t crucial). The Treasure Magnet capacity attracts supplies from far distances.

Favourite Deputy

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  • Beginning stats: Power – 6, Magic – three
  • Unlock situation: Full Toy Field
  • Type change: Hyper Hammer, Drill Punch
  • Capacity: Fortunate Strike

Favourite Deputy was one in every of our favourite Keyblades within the recreation. Together with wanting tremendous cool, it has a pair of fantastic type modifications: Hyper Hammer and Drill Punch. Hyper Hammer turns the Keyblade into an extended, big toy hammer and Drill Punch turns Sora’s assaults into outsized drills that eat away at enemy well being in a short time. Fortunate Strike will increase the probability of high quality materials drops, and the give attention to power makes Favourite Deputy a Keyblade that may simply stay outfitted and helpful all through the period of Sora’s journey.

Ever After

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  • Beginning stats: Power – 2, Magic – 7
  • Unlock situation: Full Kingdom of Corona
  • Type change: Mirage Employees
  • Capability: Leaf Bracer

In case you are partial to magic assaults, Ever After is a superb Keyblade with excessive beginning magic talents. At this level within the journey, you’ll have some mid-level spells which make Ever After extra helpful. Its Mirage Employees type change permits you to strike large radiuses with devastating spells. That stated, it has very low power, so you must solely lean on it in the event you favor magic. Even when absolutely leveled, it nonetheless has decrease power than a few of the base power stats of different Keyblades.

Pleased Gear

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  • Beginning stats: Power – 7, Magic – three
  • Unlock situation: Full Monstropolis
  • Type change: Agile Claws, Twin Yo-Yos
  • Capability: Focus Converter

Power-oriented Keyblade with two spectacular type modifications that rival that of Favourite Deputy. Agile Claws flip the Kyeblade into two giant gears that may strike enemies far and vast. In the meantime, Twin Yo-Yos  is strictly what it seems like. Two giant Yo-Yos with grooves protruding of the edges to slash via enemies in all instructions. Twin Yo-Yos has a ending transfer good for dealing large injury (shut to an entire bar) to a boss.

Crystal Snow

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  • Beginning stats: Power – four, Magic – 7
  • Unlock situation: Full Arendelle
  • Type change: Blizzard Claws, Blizzard Blades
  • Capability: Freeze Safety

Invulnerable to freezing spells, Crystal Snow is a magic-oriented Keyblade with OK power as nicely. Its type modifications, Blizzard Claws and Blizzard Blades, each permit you to hit enemies from a distance with big talons or an enormous blade, respectively. At this level within the recreation, Crystal Snow is the perfect magic-based Keyblade out there. It might considerably maintain its personal as a melee weapon, too.

Wheel of Destiny

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  • Beginning stats: Power – eight, Magic – 5
  • Unlock situation: Full the Caribbean
  • Type change: Highwind, Storm Flag
  • Means: Waterza

Wheel of Destiny has one of the best mixed power/magic stats of all the Keyblades earned from the Disney worlds. Power targeted, Wheel of Destiny has two type modifications which are nice for taking over hordes of enemies. Highwind turns Wheel of Destiny right into a spear that may cowl nice distances, whereas Storm Flag turns the blade into an enormous purple flag able to slicing and dicing in all instructions. Its ingrained capability, Waterza, allows you to deploy high-level water assaults even for those who haven’t unlocked the spell but, making it a formidable magic Keyblade as nicely.

Nano Gear

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  • Beginning stats: Power – 7, Magic – 5
  • Unlock situation: Full San Fransokyo
  • Type change: Nano Arms
  • Potential: Solar Safety

A balanced Keyblade that flippantly favors power. Its Nano Arms type modifications are good for boss battles as every strike hits the goal a number of occasions. Due to the balanced stats, Nano Gear is an effective candidate for being certainly one of your three outfitted Keyblades all through the ultimate stretch of the journey.

Hunny Spout

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  • Beginning stats: Power – 6, Magic – 5
  • Unlock situation: Full 100 Acre Woods
  • Type change: Hunny Blasters, Hunny Launcher
  • Capability: Harvest

Hunny Spout is acquired from the 100 Acre Woods storyline inside Twilight City. 100 Acre Woods isn’t a compulsory world, so it’s potential to miss out on Hunny Spout. With balanced stats and two type modifications that function homing assaults, Honey Spout is among the best Keyblades to use within the recreation. You’ll be able to enter 100 Acre Wooden after finishing Monstropolis.


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  • Beginning stats: Power – four, Magic – four
  • Unlock situation: Full Keyblade Graveyard
  • Type change: Second Type S
  • Capability: MP Haste

Starlight is unlocked late within the recreation and has stats comparable to the Kingdom Key. Although it does have a top quality MP Haste capacity for regenerating magic factors, Starlight is extra of a bonus Keyblade in that you simply in all probability gained’t need to use it. Its type change is sort of comparable to that of the Kingdom Key as nicely. Primarily, it’s one of many extra lackluster weapons obtainable (particularly contemplating once you unlock it).

Basic Notes

  • Beginning stats: Power – 11, Magic – 14
  • Unlock situation: Purchase/play all 23 Basic Kingdom video games
  • Type change: Growth Hammer, Clock Drill
  • Capability: MP Haste x3

Basic Notes has the perfect magic stat of any Keyblade within the recreation and the second greatest power stat. There’s a purpose for this: It’s difficult to unlock. You will need to discover all 23 Basic Kingdom video games all through the worlds and then play them. Its type modifications are very comparable to Favourite Deputy, and it stacks three MP Haste talents on prime of each other. Briefly, for those who handle to get it, you’ll need to use Basic Notes — typically.

Ultima Weapon

  • Beginning stats: Power – 13, Magic – 13
  • Unlock situation: Acquire all 58 synthesize supplies and craft
  • Type change: Final Type
  • Capability: Combo Increase, State of affairs Increase, Air Combo Increase

The perfect Keyblade within the recreation is, in fact, the toughest to unlock. It’s essential to acquire all 58 synthesize supplies and then craft it. In case you are an professional scavenger, nevertheless, you’ll be rewarded with the strongest Keyblade and second greatest magic Keyblade. Its Final Type eviscerates the whole lot in its path and its talents allow you to actually lean into performing fast and devastating combos.

Midnight Blue (PS4 solely)

  • Beginning stats: Power – four, Magic – four
  • Unlock situation: PS4 pre-order bonus
  • Type change: N/A
  • Capability: Blizzaga, Blizzard Up

Midnight Blue is a pre-order bonus for PS4 gamers. It’s principally the Kingdom Key however with elevated Blizzard magic talents. You gained’t be utilizing Midnight Blue for very lengthy.

Phantom Inexperienced (Xbox One solely)

  • Beginning stats: Power – four, Magic – four
  • Unlock situation: Xbox One pre-order bonus
  • Type change: N/A
  • Potential: Thundaga, Thunder Up

Phantom Inexperienced is a pre-order bonus for Xbox One gamers. It’s principally the Kingdom Key however with elevated Thunder magic talents. Like Phantom Inexperienced, it shouldn’t be used for very lengthy.

Daybreak Until Nightfall (Amazon solely)

  • Beginning stats: Power – four, Magic – four
  • Unlock situation: Amazon pre-order bonus
  • Type change: N/A
  • Means: Firaga, Hearth Up

Daybreak Until Nightfall is a pre-order bonus for many who purchased the sport from Amazon. It’s principally the Kingdom Key however with elevated Hearth magic talents. Like the opposite pre-order bonus Keyblades, Daybreak Until Nightfall is essentially for present.