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Monster Hunter World Weapons: which weapon should you choose? All 14 types evaluated

Monster Hunter World Weapons: which weapon should you choose? All 14 types evaluated

With its launch on PC this month, Monster Hunter World is about to get an entire lot of latest gamers. Fortunately, it has a play fashion for everybody – nevertheless it all begins with a little bit of a quandary: which weapon should you begin with?

The Monster Hunter collection has all the time been one of many extra open takes on character development within the RPG style. Moderately than choosing a personality class from a variety of pre-set courses, you’re as an alternative given a personality who’s a jack of all trades, together with your talent set, talents and strategy to fight as an alternative outlined by what gear you take into battle, together with weapons.

Weapons have the most important impression of all on what you’ll be doing as soon as you interact a monster in battle, the truth is, since even your selection of armor will partially be influenced by your weapon of selection. In some ways your weapon defines your typical RPG-style character class, and Monster Hunter World has a whopping 14 totally different weapon types for gamers to select from.

Monster Hunter World can get fairly difficult – so if you need extra help take a look at our complete Monster Hunter World information. Okay – let’s get to the weapons.

Monster Hunter World Weapon Fundamentals: which weapon is greatest for you?

These 14 weapon types have been showcased within the video above by Arekkz – and we’re going to be breaking down every on this very web page as nicely if textual content is extra your factor. For starters, Monster Hunter World weapons are divided into three classes – mild, heavy and technical. This should give new gamers a little bit of an concept of what every weapon sort may play like, and we’ve damaged up our breakdown under accordingly.

There are different attributes that have an effect on weapon efficiency, however the primary one you’ll need to know is the division between slicing and impression weapons. Chopping weapons are nice for concentrating on mushy, weak areas to do focused injury, whereas influence weapons have a greater probability of knocking enemies out.

In Monster Hunter World weapons of the identical ‘type’ will all the time broadly have the identical type of utilization. Each Nice Sword may have most issues in widespread, for example, however stats, affinity, elemental buffs and so forth will differ from weapon to weapon. You’ll have to learn the under rigorously to decide on hwich is greatest for you.

Right here’s all the weapon types…


Monster Hunter World: Mild Weapons

These weapons are usually faster and weaker, however don’t underestimate them.

Sword and Defend

The Sword and Defend is a light-weight weapon and is likely one of the absolute best beginning factors for Monster Hunter newbies. It’s nicely balanced, boasting a quick, nimble set of actions and strikes with the sword that’s balanced alongside respectable protection because of the defend.

Sword and defend sort weapons permit for chopping and impression sort assaults in Monster Hunter World, although the large kicker is that you can use gadgets whereas your weapon is drawn with this weapon sort.

It’s not all about novices, nevertheless – the sword and defend can also be nice for knowledgeable gamers dealing with off towards new monsters, because it provides good cowl as you study the enemy’s transfer set. New assaults in Monster Hunter World embrace an aerial comply with as much as a combo.

Twin Blades

The twin blades are a really quick mild weapon which are nice for inflicting standing results. The distinctive promoting level of this weapon sort is ‘demon mode’, a change that lets you change to a special sort of play type that’s extra damaging – although utilizing it’s going to sap away your stamina.

In Monster Hunter World, there’s been an enlargement to the twin blades’ spinning assault from ledges, which means you can unleash extra aerial injury. Mastering these might be troublesome because of managing your time between common and demon modes, however it’s a deeply rewarding weapon set if you achieve this.


The longsword has the most important common assault vary of all the sunshine melee weapons in Monster Hunter World. It’s truly pretty fast, too – although slower than different mild weapons, it’s nowhere close to the heavy weapons in velocity regardless of its bigger measurement.

This weapon is constructed up round cost and launch – first you construct up power in your spirit gauge, after which you let rip some brutal and cool-looking assaults by spending that earned power to energy up and buff assaults.

Mild Bowgun

The ultimate mild class weapon in Monster Hunter World is one for these of you preferring a little bit of vary in your fight – is the sunshine bowgun, which is probably the most nimble of the ranged weapons. It has extra mobility and agility than ever in Monster Hunter World, and the power to embed explosives within the floor.

That is finally nonetheless a gun, which means juggling ammunition types and the like. Fortunately, modifications to the digital camera in Monster Hunter World additionally imply that it handles appropriately, with a sense extra like a typical third-person shooter.


Monster Hunter World: Heavy Weapons

Heavy Weapons would require you to have some endurance and actually grasp the timing of your assaults, however they’re usually far more damaging consequently…


The Greatsword is your typical, middle-of-the-road heavy weapon choice, and it’s probably the most pleasant of the heavy weapons for newcomers. It’s a two-handed weapon, which means no defend, however the sword is so giant that you can use the broadside of it to protect towards monster assaults.

The distinctive promoting level of this sword is its charged assault – when absolutely charged you can launch into multi-hit combos and shatter enemies underneath the sheet pressure and weight of the sword. Add a shoulder barge and you’ve received a well-rounded if sluggish weapon.


If the sluggish velocity of the greatsword is slightly an excessive amount of for you, the Lance is a perfect various. It encompasses a truthful quantity in widespread with the sword and defend because of how you have a defend in your off hand, giving you wonderful defensive choices.

Finally the true star of this weapon set is its vary, nevertheless. The load of the weapon means you’re not as cellular as with a light-weight weapon, so you’ll be standing your floor, poking and prodding to open up an enemy earlier than making an attempt to cost in for a combo.


Take the lance above and add an enormous previous gun to it. Yeah. That’s just about an correct description of the gunlance, nevertheless. You even get to maintain the defend – however there are upsides and drawbacks to this configuration.

The gunlance retains the attain and usually spectacular mobility for a heavy weapon that the lance had, however features explosive new gun-type assaults as nicely. These gun-type assaults imply you’ll should reload it, nevertheless, and utilizing them will deplete sharpness in a short time certainly.


The hammer is a hard-hitting weapon that does blunt injury – the type of injury that may KO monsters extra simply if you’re fortunate. The hammer could be very arduous hitting, and just like the greatsword you can energy up and cost its assaults.

The flip aspect right here is clear: vary is brief, and the weapon itself is sluggish and sluggish to swing. You’ll be able to run when the hammer is provided and drawn, nevertheless, in order that’s helpful.

Heavy Bowgun

The sunshine class had a bowgun, and so in fact right here is the Heavy Bowgun, its extra highly effective sibling. This can be a excessive injury weapon with an extended vary and a better ammunition capability – and you may even use it with a defend, which considerably makes up for the way it lowers your means to maneuver round.

It has a sluggish price of fireside, too, so you’ll want to put your photographs rigorously. There’s a variety of ammo types you can use, so you can customise your strategy to any given state of affairs.


Monster Hunter World: Technical Weapons

Weapons that match into the ‘technical’ class are somewhat trickier to deal with – however they’ve some very spectacular outcomes, with large injury output and in a single occasion some vital passive buffs for the remainder of your group whereas the weapon is in use. Let’s speak about these extra fiddly weapons intimately…

Change Axe

The Change Axe is one other reworking weapon in Monster Hunter World, and it’s there that its execs, cons and complexities all are. You’ll need to chain combos collectively, and typically that may imply switching types mid-combo, which is difficult and has an execution barrier.

The axe type as superior attain and mobility whereas the two-handed sword type is all about dispensing big quantities of injury. Simply watch out, as a result of it’s not all that cellular and you can’t guard in any respect with this weapon.

Cost Blade

In some ways the Cost Blade could be seen as a kind of pure commencement from Sword and Defend when you’ve mastered that sort of gameplay. It’s truly a reworking weapon with two varieties – an unlimited axe or a sword and defend.

The thought is fairly easy: you’re meant to make use of the sword mode to construct up power after which change to axe mode to spend that power on devastatingly highly effective assaults. It has another helpful strikes like a backstep and slide, however you’ll want to recollect your combos to take advantage of this weapon.

Searching Horn

It wouldn’t actually be Monster Hunter with out the Searching Horn, and on this entry within the collection it takes on a significantly support-driven position, greatest utilized in co-operative multiplayer hunts to buff your staff mates.

It’s not all help since you can take the horn and bash enemies with it with a transfer set not dissimilar to the hammer – it even has the identical blunt properties. It’s sluggish, nevertheless, and it’s actually all about enjoying songs with it to buff your workforce.


Whereas the technical class is usually filled with fanciful fantasy weapons, the bow is an previous trustworthy – and simplistic in its design. In contrast to the weapons it has limitless ammunition and is right for mid-range fight. There’s coatings you can apply to arrows to vary their properties once they hit enemies.

Equipping the bow has its downsides, in fact – you can’t block with it, and your success with it is going to largely be decided by your capacity to maintain your enemy at bay so you can decide them off – although that’s helped by a neat new slide and sprint strikes.

Insect Glaive

In Monster Hunter World the Insect Glaive is now solely targeted round mobility, delivering probably the most actively cellular and speedy weapon within the recreation. Maintaining your mobility could have excessive stamina prices, nevertheless it’s value it.

A low injury output means that is all about touchdown plenty of hits in lethal combos – and you’ll need to use that mobility to dodge tons, since there’s no block with this weapon. As in previous video games you may also use the weapon to set off numerous buffs.


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