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Pennsylvania legislature election results | PhillyVoice

Pennsylvania legislature election results | PhillyVoice

At the least 10 incumbents fell within the Pennsylvania Home of Representatives on Tuesday, together with seven from the Philadelphia area. 

The development prolonged to the state Senate, the place one other two Republicans – each from the world – additionally fell. 

One other 4 races – three from the Home and one from the Senate – have been too near name early Wednesday morning. 

Republican incumbents Catherine Harper, Tom Quigley, Rebecca Corbin, Eric Roe, James Santora, Duane Milne, Warren Kampf and Bud Prepare dinner – the one one from outdoors the Philly area – all fell to Democratic challengers. Democratic incumbents Mike Hanna and Bryan Barbin – neither from the Philly space – additionally misplaced.

Within the Senate, Republicans Republicans Tom McGarrigle and John Rafferty additionally misplaced. 

All state Senate and Home races are listed under. All results are unofficial. 


In District 2, Democrat Christine Tartaglione ran uncontested.

In District four, incumbent Democrat Arthur Haywood III defeated Ronald Holt. With 93 pecent of precincts reporting, Haywood had gained 87 % of the vote in comparison with Holt’s 13 %.

In District 6, Democrat Tina Davis led Republican incumbent Robert Tomlinson by 1 % with 81 % reporting. 

In District eight, Democrat Anthony Williams ran uncontested.

In District 10, Democrat Steven Santarsiero led Republican Marguerite Quinn in an open seat race. With 66 % of precincts reporting, Santarsiero had acquired 52 % of the vote to Quinn’s 48 %.

In District 12, Democrat Maria Collett defeated Republican Stewart Greenleaf in an open seat race. With 89 % of precincts reporting, Collett had acquired 53 % of the vote to Greenleaf’s 47 %.

In District 24, incumbent Republican Robert Mensch defeated Democrat Linda Fields. With 93 % of precincts reporting, Mensch had acquired 52 % of the vote in comparison with Fields’ 48 %. 

In District 26, Democrat Timothy Kearney defeated incumbent Republican Thomas McGarrigle. With 99 % of precincts reporting, Kearney had collected 54 % of the vote. McGarrigle had acquired 46 %.

In District 44, Democrat Katie Muth defeated incumbent Republican John Rafferty. With 90 % of precincts reporting, Muth had acquired 52 % of the vote in comparison with Rafferty’s 49 %.


In District 13, incumbent Republican John Lawrence defeated Democrat Susannah Walker. With all precincts reporting, Lawrence gained 54 % of the vote to Walker’s 45 %.

In District 18, incumbent Republican Gene DiGirolamo led Democrat James Lamb III. With 78 % of precincts reporting, DiGirolamo had acquired 56 % of the vote. Lamb had garnered 44 %.

In District 26, Democrat Pamela Hacker defeated incumbent Republican Timothy Hennessey. With all precincts reporting, Hacker had re

In District 29, Republican Meghan Schroeder led Democrat Andrew Dixon in an open seat race. With 86 % of precincts reporting, Schroeder had gained 52 pecent of the vote to Dixon’s 48 %.

In District 31, Democrat Perry Warren Jr. defeated Republican Ryan Gallagher. With 62 % of precincts reporting, Warren had gained 61 % of the vote to Gallagher’s 39 %. 

In District 53, Democrat Steven Malagari defeated Republican George Szekely II and Libertarian John Waldenberger in an open seat race. With all precincts reporting, Malagari acquired 51 % of the vote. Szekely gained 48 %.

In District 61, Democrat Laura Hanbidge defeated incumbent Republican Catherine Harper. With 100 % of precincts reporting, Hanbidge gained 54 % of the vote to Harper’s 46 %.

In District 70, Incumbent Democrat Matthew Bradford defeated Republican Christopher Mundiath. With all precincts reporting, Bradford acquired 69 % of the vote to Mundiath’s 31 %.

In District 74, Democrat Dan Williams defeated Republican Amber Little-Turner in an open seat race. With all precincts reporting, Williams had gained 62 % of the vote to Little-Turner’s 38 %.

In District 131, incumbent Republican Justin Simmons defeated Democrat Andrew Lee. With 96 % of precincts reporting, Simmons had acquired 53 % of the vote to Lee’s 47 %.

In District 140, Democrat John Galloway ran uncontested.

In District 141, incumbent Democrat Tina Davis defeated Rep. Anthony Sposato. With 94 % of precincts reporting, Davis had gained 62 % of the vote to Sposato’s 38 %.

In District 142, incumbent Republican Frank Farry III defeated Democrat Malinda Lareau. With 74 % of precincts reporting, Farry had gained 57 % of the vote. Lareau had gained 43 %.

In District 143, Democrat Wendy Ullman led Republican Joseph Flood in an open seat race. With 69 % of precincts reporting, Ullman had gained 52 % of the vote to Flood’s 48 %.

In District 144, Republican Todd Polinchock led Democrat Meredith Buck in an open seat race. With 63 % of precincts reporting, Polinchock had garnered 52 % of the vote. Buck had acquired 49 %.

In District 145, incumbent Republican Craig Staats defeated Democrat Brian Kline. With 79 % of precincts reporting, Staats had gained 56 % of the vote to Kline’s 44 %. 

In District 146, Democrat Joseph Ciresi defeated incumbent Republican Thomas Quigley. With all precincts reporting, Ciresi garnered 56 % of the vote. Quigley gained 45 %.

In District 147, incumbent Republican Marcy Toepel defeated Democrat Joshua Camson. With all precints reporting, Toepel earned 57 % of the vote to Camson’s 43 %. 

In District 148, Democrat Timothy Briggs ran uncontested.

In District 150, Democrat Joseph Webster defeated Republican Nicholas Fountain in an open seat race. With all precincts reporting, Webster gained 56 % of the vote to Fountain’s 44 %.

In District 151, Republican incumbent Todd Stephens defeated Democrat Sara Johnson Rothman. With all precincts reporting, Stephens collected 51 % of the vote to Rothman’s 49 %.

In District 152, incumbent Republican Thomas Murt defated Democrat Daryl Boling. With all precincts reporting, Murt had collected 55 % of the vote. Boling had gained 45 %. 

In District 153, Democrat Ben Sanchez defeated Republican Douglas Beaver in an open seat contest. With all precincts reporting, Sanchez garnered 71 % of the vote. Beaver gained 28 %. 

In District 154, incumbent Democrat Stephen McCarter defeated Republican Kathleen Bowers. With all precincts reporting, McCarter gained 82 % of the vote whereas Bowers acquired 19 %. 

In District 155, Danielle Otten defeated incumbent Republican Rebecca Corbin. With all precincts reporting, Otten acquired 55 % of the vote and Corbin gained 45 %.

In District 156, incumbent Democrat Carolyn Comitta defeated Republican Nicholas Deminski. With all precincts reporting, Comitta gained 56 % of the vote to Deminski’s 44 %. 

In District 157, Democrat Melissa Shusterman defeated incumbent Republican Warren Kampf. With all precincts reporting, Shusterman had gained 57 % of the vote to Kampf’s 44 %. 

In District 158, Democrat Christina Sappey defeated incumbent Republican Eric Roe. with all precincts reporting, Sappey earned 54 % of the vote. Roe gained 46 %. 

In District 159, incumbent Demorat Brian Kirkland defeated Republican Ruth Moton. With all precincts reporting, Kirkland had gained 77 % of the vote to Moton’s 24 %.

In District 160, incumbent Republican Stephen Barrar defeated Democrat Anton Andrew by a slim margin. With 97 % of precincts reporting, Barrar had acquired 51 % of the vote. Andrew had gained 49 %.

In District 161, Democrat Leanne Krueger-Braneky defeated Republican Patti Rodgers Morrisette. With 99 % of Delco precincts reporting, Krueger-Braneky had gained 58.5 % of the vote. Morrisette had acquired 41.5 %.

In District 162, Democrat Devid M. Delloso defeated Republican Mary Hopper in a decent open seat race. With all precincts reporting, Delloso had garnered 52 % of the vote to Hopper’s 49 %.

In District 163, Democrat Michael Zabel defeated incumbent Republican James Santora. With all precincts reporting, Zabel had picked up 53 % of the vote. Santora had gained 47 %.

In District 164, incubment Democrat Margo Davidson defeated Republican Inderjit Bains. With all precincts reporting, Davidson had gained 83 % of the vote. Bains had acquired 17 %.

In District 165, Democrat Jennifer Omara held a slim margin over incumbent Republican Alexander Charlton. With 99 % of Delco precincts reporting, Omara had acquired 50.26 % of the vote to Charlton’s 49.74 %. Lower than 200 votes separated the 2 candidates.

In District 166, incumbent Demorat Gregory Vitali defeated Republican Baltazar Rubio. With 95 % of precincts reporting, Vitali had acquired 73 % of the vote to Rubio’s 27 %.

In District 167, Democrat Kristine Howard defeated incumbent Republican Duane Milne. With all precincts reporting, Howard gained 52 % of the vote in comparison with Milne’s 48 %.

In District 168, incumbent Republican Christopher Quinn defeated Democrat Kristin Seale in a decent race. With 98 % of precincts reporting, Quinn had acquired 51 % of the vote to Seale’s 49 %.

In District 170, incumbent Republican Martina White defeated Democrat Michael Doyle. With 98 % of precincts reporting, White had gained 58 % of the vote in comparison with Doyle’s 42 %.

In District 172, Democrat Kevin Boyle ran uncontested.

In District 173, Democrat Michael Driscoll ran uncontested.

In District 174, Democrat Ed Neilson ran uncontested.

In District 175, Democrat Mary Louise Isaacson ran uncontested.

In District 177, Democrat Joseph Hohenstein deefeated Republican Patty Kozlowski in an open seat race. With 97 % of precincts reporting, Hohenstein had gained 59 % of the vote. Kozlowski had acquired 41 %.

In District 178, Republican Wendi Thomas led incumbent Democrat Helen Tai. With 68 % of precincts reporting, Thomas had acquired 52 % of the vote in comparison with Tai’s 49 %.

In District 179, Democrat Jason Dawkins ran uncontested.

In District 180, Democrat Angel Cruz ran uncontested.

In District 181, Democrat Malcolm Kenyatta defeated Republican Thomas Road in an open seat race. With 99 % of precincts reporting, Kenyatta had gained 95 % of the vote to Road’s 5 %.

In District 182, incumbent Democrat Brian Sims defeated Republican James McDevitt. With 95 % of precincts reporting, Sims had acquired 91 % of the vote. McDevitt had gained 90 %.

In District 184, Democrat Elizabeth Fiedler ran uncontested.

In District 185, Democrat Maria Donatucci ran uncontested.

In District 186, Democrat Jordan Harris ran uncontested.

In District 188, Democrat James Roebuck ran uncontested.

In District 190, Democrat Vanessa Brown ran uncontested.

In District 191, Democrat Joanna McClinton ran uncontested.

In District 192, Democrat Morgan Cephas ran uncontested.

In District 194, incumbent Democrat Pamela Delissio defeated Republican Sean Stevens and Libertarian Matthew Baltsar. With 98 % of precincts reporting, Delissio had acquired 78 % of the vote. Stevens had gained 20 % and Baltsar 2 %. 

In District 195, Democrat Donna Bullock ran uncontested.

In District 197, Democrat Danilo Burgos ran uncontested.

In District 198, Democrat Rosita Youngblood ran uncontested.

In District 200, Democrat Christopher Rabb ran uncontested.

In District 201, Democrat Stephen Kinsey ran uncontested.

In District 202, Democrat Jared Solomon ran uncontested.

In District 204, Democrat Isabella Fitzgerald ran uncontested.