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Resident Evil 2 Remake Walkthrough Part 11 – Claire B – Alternate Lab

Resident Evil 2 Remake Walkthrough Part 11 – Claire B - Alternate Lab

Poor Sherry can’t catch a break. Not solely are her mother and father megalomaniac biochemists, however now she’s been implanted with the G-Virus. In a uncommon second of compassion, Annette invitations Claire down into Umbrella’s NEST laboratory to attempt to remedy Sherry, however like every part she’s been by means of to date, it’s not going to be easy.

Opening the lab

As you allow the cable automotive, carry Sherry ahead and to the correct, going by means of the entrance door of the NEST facility.

As soon as inside, head over to the left and Claire will put Sherry down on the mattress on this Safety Room.

With Sherry resting, decide up the map of the lab from the desk behind you, then return out into the hallway.

To the left of the entrance desk with the Umbrella emblem is a aspect-workplace with a Typewriter and an Merchandise Field.

Retailer or retrieve any weapons and ammo you want, then head round to the northwest in the direction of the Cafeteria.

On this spooky hall, stroll ahead and switch left on the finish, then proper. The primary door in your proper goes into the unlit Cafeteria. Go inside and prepare to kill some zombies.

Kick issues off by capturing the one instantly in entrance of you, then transfer over to the left and cope with the one feasting on the corpse on the ground. The noise will get up one other to your proper, so ensure you’re not stunned.

As soon as they’re finished for, make your solution to the far aspect of the cafeteria – taking out a fourth zombie in your method – and climb up the ladder.

Comply with the shaft round, and drop down into the kitchen space. Then stroll ahead by way of the door. Be on guard, since a zombie may need woken up, however flip proper when you’re by way of, and go into the nap room on the finish of the corridor.

Contained in the Nap Room, search the lockers in your left to get an improve for the Spark Shot, then take the improve to your Umbrella wristband from the zombie’s wrist in your proper. Mix it together with your present wristband to get the Common Employees band.

Now head again into the hallway the place you left Sherry, then undergo the door to the south and into the “Main Shaft”.

Take the observe from the lifeless Particular Forces soldier in your proper, and your foremost goal will change.

Then decide up the Sign Modulator subsequent to the lifeless man, then flip round and return to the Nap Room.

Look at the Sign Modulator in your stock, change it to the “OSS” channel, then match the dials to the screenshot under:

Then apply it to the panel on the wall. This releases the zombie within the nap pod, so shoot it, nevertheless it additionally provides you entry to the final Hip Pouch. You’ll want the additional area quickly.

Now return to the Foremost Shaft and prolong the bridge utilizing the console on the left.

Go throughout the bridge, then activate the bridge to recover from to the East Space.

Stroll by means of the hall and into the foyer, there’s a Typewriter and a few provides across the room, so fill your boots.

If you’re achieved, undergo the door subsequent to the Umbrella emblem to get to the Presentation Room.

Your important goal will now change. Flip and undergo the door in your left, this results in an overgrown hall with a brand new enemy – plant zombies.

To kill them, you should pop the pulsing bulbs that develop on their chest, legs and arms.

On the finish of the hall you’ll get into the Greenhouse Management Room.

Work together with the console in entrance of you to get the Dispersal Cartridge.

Then go over to the console on the suitable and enter the next codes:

These open the lure door and Drug Check Lab locks.

Now exit into the Greenhouse and bear left. This path takes you down over to the Drug Testing Lab.

Decide up the word from the unit to the left of the door and your goal will change once more.

Sliding Puzzle

Then go over to the console within the nook of the room. Use the Dispersal Cartridge on the console, then transfer the containers to refill the massive container to the purple line.

To do that, refill the medium container so it’s utterly full and the small container is 2 elements full.

Then transfer the containers and refill the small container and the medium container is nearly full.

Now transfer the massive container and empty the liquid from the small container into it.

Then empty the liquid from the medium container into the now empty small container. This leaves one a part of liquid within the medium container.

Now empty the liquid from the small container into the massive one, and the puzzle is solved.

Retrieve the now full Dispersal Cartridge, and return out into the Greenhouse. Within the backside proper of the Greenhouse is a lure door. Head over, killing the plant monster in your method and go down.

On the backside, go proper and to the top of the passage gather the map of the extent.

Now return to the ladder and head left. Undergo the door and also you’re in stroll proper in the direction of the Lounge.

There are a number of zombies right here, so a great way to cope with them is roll a frag grenade into the center of them.

Look at the Sign Modulator in your stock, change it to the URF channel, then match the dials.

Use the Modulator on the console on the again wall, which activates the lights within the room.

Now flip round and stroll ahead in the direction of the Low Temp Testing Lab.

As you get nearer, a two Lickers will burst via the ceiling, so give the primary a fast blast out of your Grenade Launcher, then retreat backwards as you reload. Shoot the second with one other grenade whereas the primary is surprised, then end them each together with your small arms.

Then go into the Low Temp Testing Lab and stroll round to the left. Go into the freezer and use your Dispersal Cartridge on the console inside.

This provides you the Herbicide. The simplest means again is to retrace your steps to the ladder and up into the Greenhouse. Within the Greenhouse, run again as much as the Greenhouse Management Room.

Then use the herbicide on the console. Now return out into the Greenhouse and down the center path. Then flip proper and go across the again, choosing the ID Improve chip up off the ground and mixing it together with your wristband.

Now flip round and run again via the Management Room, via the Presentation Room and the Lounge – heading off the crops alongside the best way.

Return out into the Primary Shaft, then prolong the bridge to the West Space.

Run over the bridge and into the brand new lab. Undergo the damaged door, then look at the Sign Modulator, change it to AWS and match the dials.

Apply it to the wall console to activate the lights.

Stroll round to the Bioreactors Room, then go ahead by way of the chemical bathe.

Run throughout this subsequent bridge and into the final lab. Flip left and work together with the biohazard chamber in entrance of you. This triggers a cutscene with Sherry’s locket.

With the antidote in hand, retrace your steps again to the Fundamental Shaft.

Get out!

On the best way again you’ll set off a cutscene.

Once you regain management, you’ll be in a boss battle.

To defeat the creature, you’ll want to shoot the eyes on its knee, shoulder and again. Upon getting, extra eyes will burst out of its chest that you might want to shoot.

The attention on the monster’s again is probably the most troublesome to hit. So wait till it tries to seize a bit of equipment to throw at your to select it off.

As soon as it’s down, go up the service raise within the nook of the room.

On the prime head again out to the Fundamental Shaft and to the room the place you left Sherry.

After the cutscene, mix the extent four chip together with your wristband, then run with Sherry again to the elevator in the midst of the Major Shaft.

On the backside, comply with the room round and undergo the door on the finish.

Flip left, go down the steps, then undergo the door in your left.

When you’re by way of, run to the small carry and go down.

On the backside, dash ahead previous the plant monsters by means of the steam. Simply persist with the trail shifting ahead and undergo the door on the finish.

Go down the ladder in your left, then via the door in your proper on the backside.

It’s locked, so Sherry will climb via to get it open. Maintain off the plant monsters whereas she does, then run by way of the door.

Within the subsequent run hold operating ahead previous the exploding equipment, then via the door. Now shoot the flaming zombie on the bridge and run previous.

Hold operating throughout the lengthy bridge, then undergo the door to the practice platform.

Use the merchandise field on the left to clear 4 areas in your stock.

Then run round to the opposite aspect of the practice.

Go into the aspect workplace and decide up the Minigun in your left.

Now run to the practice door and go inside.

On the ground on the entrance is the Joint Plug. Decide it up.

Run again to the workplace after the cutscene and use the plug on the console.

This units off a cutscene, and once you get management, run again to the practice.

One other cutscene begins, which triggers one other boss struggle.

Equip the minigun out of your stock and shoot the eyes on the monster’s chest. Ultimately it’ll begin to climb up the aspect of the shaft, maintain capturing the eyes, and when it jumps onto the highest of the practice maintain firing.

It’ll leap down once more, so hold capturing the eyes. Ultimately it’ll begin to fall down and crawl alongside the ground in the direction of you. Hold capturing the eyes and it’ll go down.

After the prolonged cutscene, you’ll regain management on the practice.

Stroll ahead in the direction of the top of the carriage and maintain going.

On the finish, the monster will attempt to break by way of once more!

This time, unload as many bullets as potential into the beast. It’ll begin to come in the direction of you, and ultimately you’ll see an enormous eye seem in its mouth. Not such as you’d want an invite, however shoot the attention!

Hold capturing and also you’ll set off the ultimate cutscene – congrats!

The reward for finishing your second playthrough is the 4th Survivor Hunk marketing campaign, together with a trophies and bonus gadgets.


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