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The 13 Most Amazing Captains (And 12 Who Should’ve Never Had Command)

The 13 Most Amazing Captains (And 12 Who Should've Never Had Command)

Star Trek has captivated numerous followers all through its many collection. Typically utilizing sci-fi to deal with complicated social points, the collection has managed to create a plethora of memorable and emotional moments which have caught with viewers lengthy after the episodes had run their course.

Nevertheless, this spectacular connection between the exhibits and their followers would have been unattainable with out unimaginable characters, notably people who fall into the lauded place of captain.

Each Star Trek collection has given us an exquisite captain to steer beloved crews on numerous adventures by means of the cosmos, and even via the guts of battle, and it’s no shock that it’s the captain character that many would think about their favourite.

Alas, not each captain in Star Trek is worthy of reward. In truth, there’s a large chunk of captains who virtually sully the very essence of what it means to command a starship.

In our record, we’re going to be counting down the easiest of what Starfleet has to supply when it comes to leaders, spanning not solely the tv exhibits, however films, video video games and comics, too.

On the opposite finish of the coin, we’re going to be discussing the underside of the barrel when it comes to so-called leaders. Whereas a few of them merely mirror the headline of not deserving their title, others are outright terrible when it comes to their horrific and amoral decision-making.

Listed here are The 13 Most Amazing Star Trek Captains (And 12 Who Should’ve Never Had Command).

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25 Amazing: Nog

As the primary Ferengi to ever enlist in Starfleet, Nog transitioned from an obnoxious nuisance on Deep Area 9 to a accountable chief. “The Visitor”, an episode coping with an alternate future, options Nog as a captain, however Star Trek On-line has confirmed that that is Nog’s future whatever the timeline.

In fact, Nog rests so low on the record of probably the most superb captains just because we don’t have a lot first-hand information of his adventures.

Nevertheless, we do know that regardless of the timeline, he’s a well-respected chief.

24 Never Ought to’ve Had Command: Keogh

Keogh virtually doesn’t belong on this record. He’s not an imbecile and he doesn’t have dangerous traits – the truth is, Captain Keogh was a particularly competent captain, maybe even the most effective. So why is he right here?

With the united statesOdyssey, Keogh’s mission was to rescue Sisko from the Gamma Quadrant, the place he had been captured by the still-unknown Jem’Hadar. Regardless of being outgunned by the Jem’Hadar, Keogh holds quick ready for Sisko, dooming the hundreds aboard his ship.

Whereas his final stand is admirable, and efficiently saved Sisko and crew, his sacrifice appears virtually unnecessary as “the needs of the many” ought to outweigh the wants of the few.

23 Amazing: Geordi La Forge

Geordi La Forge is a fan-favorite from Star Trek: The Subsequent Era because of not solely his iconic, VISOR-wearing look, but in addition his depth as a personality. In accordance with Star Trek On-line, Geordi returned to Starfleet and have become the captain of the united statesChallenger, with Nog serving as his chief engineer (earlier than his personal ascent to the rank of captain.)

Like with Nog, there isn’t a lot strong info to go no relating to his captaincy, however just by contemplating what we already know of Geordi, it is sensible that his cool temperament and in depth information simply make him an amazing chief.

22 Never Ought to’ve Had Command: George Kirk

Thor would be the God of Thunder, however he’s not an incredible captain. To be truthful, although, upon his “promotion” to Captain within the 2009 Star Trek reboot, George wasn’t precisely dealt a great hand.

The USS Kelvin, already in on its final legs, was up towards a drive it couldn’t probably deal with, so George opted to ram it into the enemy vessel.

Whereas it may be argued that this was the most effective plan of action, we additionally need to make it clear that George is almost the least undeserving of his title on this listing. He was merely dealt a nasty hand and did what he might. It simply wasn’t sufficient.

21 Amazing: Worf

Worf by no means turned a captain, at the very least not formally, however we needed to point out him anyway. From his uptight debut on the Subsequent Era, the place almost each plan he had was tossed apart by Captain Picard, to Deep Area 9, the place he was lastly reduce unfastened to destroy his enemies (and get married within the course of), Worf is yet one more beloved fan favourite, and it’s straightforward to see why.

Worf’s heritage and tactical information gave him an simply identifiable benefit when it got here to commanding of the united statesDefiant towards the Borg, and he clearly had no drawback rallying an enthusiastic crew.

20 Never Ought to’ve Had Command: Clark Terrell

Very similar to George Kirk, Clark Terrell was dealt a nasty hand. Whereas thought-about “strong” by Chekov, Terrell turned concerned the questionable Genesis Venture, and foolishly investigated the world of Ceti Alpha VI, which was a serious fake pas that put the evil Khan’s plans into movement.

To be truthful, Terrell did redeem himself by resisting the Ceti eels and disintegrating himself, however he actually shouldn’t have gotten concerned with each the Genesis Challenge, careless exploration, and eventual plot by Khan within the first place. In addition to, we a lot choose actor Paul Winfield as Dathon in “Darmok” anyway.

19 Amazing: Knowledge

Yet one more Star Trek: The Subsequent Era character who’s held within the highest of regards, this android’s in depth information, response speeds and surprisingly endearing character made him an ideal candidate to the captaincy, and that’s precisely what the comedian, Star Trek: Countdown, exhibits us.

As captain of the Enterprise-E, Knowledge demonstrates distinctive tact and restraint, however he additionally maintains his trademark curiosity, which he seamlessly incorporates into his deft management fashion.

Although we don’t get to see an excessive amount of of Knowledge as a captain, what we do see is sufficient to persuade he belongs on this listing.

18 Never Ought to’ve Had Command: Richard Robau

In all honesty, there’s solely little or no details about the captaincy of Richard Robau aboard the united statesKelvin. Even so, there’s sufficient head-scratching moments there to make a genuinely dangerous impression of the man.

When Nero’s Narada emerged from a black gap 153 years prior to now, Robau and the Kelvin investigated have been instantly attacked. Robau then headed over to the Narada to barter, however was eradicated by Nero in a match of anger. This all appears okay at first look, however even with a destroyed warp drive, there was definitely a greater choice than going right into a clearly hostile vessel.

17 Amazing: Gabriel Lorca

In all honesty, we debated the inclusion of Gabriel Lorca on this record. No, it’s not due to Star Trek: Discovery’s extraordinarily polarizing reception, however fairly the standard of Lorca’s character. On the floor, he seems to be a seasoned chief and reliable captain, however in actuality, he was an agent of the villainous Mirror Universe.

Abusing his energy, fostering alliances, and creating friendships with the sole-intent of warping them to his personal ambitions, Lorca was a harmful man, however his tactical genius and distinctive decision-making outlined him as an amazing captain, whether or not we prefer it or not.

16 Never Ought to’ve Had Command: Marcus Alexander

Star Trek Into Darkness is likely one of the worst Trek films to ever exist, as it’s crammed to the brim with wasted potential, misguided course, and enormously ham-fisted makes an attempt to ape the far superior Wrath of Khan. 

Marcus Alexander was truly far past the rank of captain as a Fleet Admiral, however his command of the painfully named Vengeance is sufficient to put him on this listing.

An all-around terrible individual, Marcus was a warmonger, tried to enslave Khan into designing weapons and ships for his future struggle, after which tried to remove everybody on the Enterprise in order that they couldn’t reveal the reality.

15 Amazing: Hikaru Sulu

Hikaru Sulu, grasp helmsmen of Kirk’s Enterprise, served as a talented and dependable crew member for the unique adventures of Star Trek collection, and even fairly a number of films. Ultimately, he would obtain the promotion to captain and take command of the united statesExcelsior. Whereas he ran a decent, disciplined ship, his neverending loyalty to his crew was unmatched.

Maybe most critically, Sulu’s captaincy (and the Excelsior) performed an element within the historic Khitomer Convention, which solely additional cemented this wonderful Captain’s necessary position within the realm of the Star Trek franchise.

14 Never Ought to’ve Had Command: Nero

Nero was the Romulan captain of the former-mining vessel Narada. A perpetually indignant man, Nero’s time-space disruption and destruction of the Kelvin created the complete alternate timeline that the newest Star Trek films have been a part of.

It’s past us, nevertheless, that somebody as lame as Nero might probably be revered sufficient by his crew for them to willingly comply with his lead. Nero provides out dangerous concept after dangerous concept, and doesn’t do a lot else however angrily gurgle and scream like a toddler. Positive, he’s not a Starfleet captain, however he’s nonetheless a captain – and an terrible one, at that.

13 Amazing: Morgan Bateson

Morgan Bateson is an oddity on this record and in addition to the world of Star Trek. Whereas time journey is definitely one of the crucial used tropes in almost each season of each collection within the franchise, Bateson is among the few characters misplaced in time that continued to function within the timeline he discovered himself trapped.

Captain of the united statesBozeman, Bateson actually didn’t do a lot that was historic or crucial within the full scheme of issues, however what he did not do when it comes to significance, he made up for with honor and reliability.

This made him a captain you’d need to serve beneath.

12 Never Ought to’ve Had Command: Phillipa Georgiou

Phillipa Georgiou from Star Trek: Discovery was a short-lived character, however even in that small period of time, she made greater than sufficient questionable selections as a captain to be thought-about for this record.

Whether or not it was trying to abduct a Klingon, going towards her personal instincts and investigating mysterious phenomena, beginning an extended, bloody and completely avoidable warfare and even placing herself (and hundreds of others) into their graves, Georgiou has a prolonged listing of failures that make us query her promotion to the captaincy within the first place.

11 Amazing: William T. Riker

This jazz-loving, trombone-playing, bearded First Officer William T. Riker lastly accepted a promotion to Captain after years of refusing all command presents. As a result of his wonderful diplomacy expertise and all method of experiences, peaceable or in any other case, aboard the Enterprise, Riker was well-groomed and well-honed for superior command duties.

Because the Captain of the Titan, Will went on his personal collection of thrilling adventures, however it was the alternate future the place he turned an admiral that basically captivates our curiosity. His ascension to admiralty in a future, apocalyptic struggle with the Klingons proves his mettle as a pacesetter.

10 Never Ought to’ve Had Command: Edward Jellico

Edward Jellico is a little bit of an outlier on this record. As an alternative of creating horrible selections that endangered the lives of hundreds, or simply being a plain moron, Jellico truly knew what he was doing. If we have been to explain Jellico as eloquently as potential, it will be “colossal jerk who everyone hates.” The man is pugnacious, calls for respect (as an alternative of incomes it) and, frankly, forces his elitist satisfaction to get beneath the pores and skin of nearly everybody beneath his command.

Whereas he did efficiently save Picard from the Cardassians, he didn’t make any pals doing it.

It’s exhausting to comply with a pacesetter once you hate them, regardless of how profitable they’re.

9 Amazing: Kathryn Janeway

Captain Kathryn Janeway didn’t have a simple time on the helm of the Voyager. After the ship was by chance flung hundreds of sunshine years away into the guts of the Delta Quadrant, Janeway wanted to take care of an iron grip of her crew and on their dwindling morale. Confronted with the immense menace of the Borg, amongst others, it’s exceptional that she was capable of lead the Voyager and its crew to a victorious return.

It’s that stalwart management that ranks Janeway among the many prime 5 of our record. Thrown into an unimaginable state of affairs, by no means giving up, after which efficiently returning house is a very admirable chain of occasions.

eight Never Ought to’ve Had Command: John Harriman

Poor Captain John Harriman. The would-be captain of the newest (on the time) Enterprise, he shortly discovered himself overpowered and bowing to James T. Kirk within the opening of Star Trek: Generations.

It’s not simply this instant relinquishing of command within the face of a problem, both, but in addition the clear show of utter ineptitude at not solely operating a starship and commanding a crew. Briefly, regardless of inexplicably being given probably the most well-known ship within the entirety of Starfleet, John Harriman nonetheless had no enterprise being a captain.

7 Amazing: Jonathan Archer

Whereas Star Trek: Enterprise receives little or no love when in comparison with The Subsequent Era, Deep Area 9, Voyager, and the unique collection, it doesn’t imply that Captain Archer wasn’t an outstanding captain, as a result of he completely was.

Tasked with the burden of pioneering what would ultimately turn into the Starfleet we all know and love, Archer confronted each new pal, problem, and menace the most effective he might, with out ever backing down.

Positive, he nonetheless had his unfavorable moments, however with being liable for such an unimaginable cost, we actually can’t complain an excessive amount of.

6 Never Ought to’ve Had Command: Matt Decker

Once you’re a starship captain, you’re liable for the lives of lots of to hundreds of crewmen, who all look to you for steerage, help, management, and maybe most significantly, maintaining them protected. Matt Decker failed each single final considered one of these necessities.

Within the unique collection, Captain Decker and his ship have been on a survey mission when he determined to not solely beam down pink shirts, however his complete crew. Moments later, they have been destroyed by the titular “Doomsday Machine.” Upon being rescued by the Enterprise, Decker tries to grab management and have the ship ram into the dreaded machine, however then opts to hop right into a shuttlecraft and crash into the gadget himself.

5 Amazing: James T. Kirk

What can we are saying about James T. Kirk that hasn’t been stated already? Equal elements charismatic diplomat, fiery captain, revered chief, and ladiesman, Kirk was the important thing to lots of Starfleet’s successes.

Typically in comparison with a reckless cowboy for his improvisations and rule-bending (or breaking), Kirk confirmed his crew that deviating from the anticipated course to do what’s proper is a worthwhile trait, and this rubbed off on nearly everybody who served underneath his command. Positive, he will not be the mannequin Starfleet captain, however that definitely doesn’t imply he isn’t the most effective.

four Never Ought to’ve Had Command: Khan

For a genetically engineered superhuman and beautiful genius, Khan is an embarrassingly terrible captain. Positive, he’s not a member of Starfleet, however he did command the united statesReliant in battle towards the Enterprise. He additionally failed miserably.

Outsmarted by the genetically inferior Kirk and his equally inferior crew, and outgunned by a virtually crippled Enterprise, Khan’s superiority appeared as nothing greater than joke.

Khan, for all his energy and all of his intelligence, by some means by no means took the time to completely perceive the ship he had stolen and plunged into battle, resulting in a defeat that a worthy captain may need escaped from.

three Amazing: Jean Luc Picard

Jean Luc Picard has not solely saved numerous worlds and civilizations, however the universe itself. That’s definitely worthy of getting close to the highest of our listing, however its who he’s as an individual that basically issues.

Dedicated to information and understanding, Picard’s diplomatic options and his logical strategy to just about each state of affairs is one thing that so many others (in not solely Star Trek, however our personal world) might study from. He’s additionally unafraid to fall again on his expert staff, whom he trusts implicitly. With immense poise, a caring demeanor, and a real want to do good, Jean Luc is a perfect chief.

2 Never Ought to’ve Had Command: Beverly Picard

Whereas compiling the record of probably the most superb captains, the thought occurred to us that fairly of few confirmed Trek captains appear to have been the title on nothing greater than a whim or maybe to please followers. Beverly Picard is, sadly, a type of.

Showing sooner or later timeline inside The Subsequent Era’s finale, Beverly Picard, ex-wife of Jean Luc, is the captain of medical ship USS Pasteur. Whereas we suppose this is sensible indirectly, we’re unsure how her admittedly unimaginable medical expertise would transition to captaincy, and we don’t actually purchase it.

1 Amazing: Benjamin Sisko

Vexed, bellicose, and warfare felony – these three phrases can simply describe Captain Sisko, however so can honorable, compassionate, and fatherly. Certainly, it’s the mixture of each considered one of Captain Sisko’s traits that create probably the most human and most superb captain to ever grace Star Trek.

Sisko’s unimaginable love for his son and his endless compassion for his crew made him a real chief, however so did his potential to inform arduous truths or stand defiant within the face of defeat (from each the surface and inside.) Sisko felt like all the things and everybody within the struggle was on his shoulders, and as an alternative of letting that scare him, he took full duty, like a real captain.

What do you assume? Who do you assume is Star Trek’s greatest (and worst) captain? Tell us within the feedback!

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