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The 30 Most Powerful Creatures, Officially Ranked

The 30 Most Powerful Creatures, Officially Ranked

The general mythology of the world of Supernatural is the battle between angels and demons and Heaven and Hell, with Earth and people caught within the center. Nevertheless, very similar to The X-Information earlier than it, the present could be probably the most enjoyable when it takes on the Monster of the Week episodes the place Sam and Dean Winchester gear as much as battle all types of monsters and demons to save lots of lives and shield the harmless. Whereas the present has began to rely extra on the battle between Heaven and Hell, all the premise from the beginning was that the boys have been hunters and the creatures they hunted ranged from the basic myths to some actually evil and powerful unique creations.

The first season of Supernatural alone featured some legendary myths, from the tales of the Lady in White and Bloody Mary to Wendigos and poltergeists. From there, the hit CW collection stored upping the stakes, making each ghost and ghoul extra powerful than those that got here earlier than. Quickly, Supernatural launched Alpha monsters after which the Archangels confirmed up, displaying what true energy appeared like.

From bloodsuckers and shapechangers to horrific monsters and powerful demons, here’s a take a look at The 30 Most Powerful Supernatural Creatures, Officially Ranked.

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The Changeling is a legend from European mythology. They’re a monster that replaces a stolen baby. This is identical on Supernatural. Of their pure state, they’re discolored with hole eyes and a rounded mouth, which is filled with tooth. They appear human until seen by means of their reflection. The Changeling mom feeds on the stolen infants whereas the younger Changelings feed on the moms.

Whereas what occurs to the stolen infants is tragic, Changelings aren’t as powerful as different monsters. They’re stronger than people, however they are often crushed by hearth in addition to by eliminating the Changeling mom.


With regards to Supernatural, ghosts and poltergeists can get fairly complicated. For a lot of situations, they’re simply lumped collectively. Nevertheless, there’s a distinction between the 2. Ghosts are the spirits of the deceased who have been unable to maneuver on to Heaven or Hell and are caught on Earth. They don’t seem to be all the time dangerous and typically work to assist people in occasions of want.

In the meantime, Poltergeists are extraordinarily harmful. In contrast to ghosts, that are merely caught on Earth — and in lots of instances need to transfer on — poltergeists need consideration and can do something to obtain it. They’re former ghosts who at the moment are powerful creatures. It takes a particular ritual or salting to get rid of them.


A Crocotta is a monster that’s harmful as a result of it could mimic a human’s voice. It may well use the voices of family members to lure victims into traps that it has arrange. They’re based mostly on a mythological monster from India. In response to legend, they have been animal-like creatures that would mimic human speech and then assault and eat their victims.

The fascinating alteration to the Supernatural monsters is that they’ve developed the power to use telephones and computer systems, which creates a simple approach of acquiring victims, as they not have to hunt. They eat their victims and devour their souls. Nevertheless, a Hunter can beat them by stabbing them behind the neck.


The Rugaru just isn’t solely a strong monster on Supernatural, however additionally they have a tragic historical past as nicely. These are regular people who reside a traditional life till they hit the age of 30. Nevertheless, once they flip 30, they morph and alter right into a monster with natural instincts that make them hungry. Due to this, they’ll eat something — even former family members — since they’re unable to regulate themselves.

No Rugaru was capable of keep away from their destiny and regardless of how good or virtuous the individual was, since they fall sufferer to the curse on their 30th birthday. Hearth is among the solely issues that may take a Rugaru down, in addition to a couple of enchanted weapons.


The legend of the Sirens goes again to Greek mythology, the place the monstrous ladies would sing engaging songs and lure sailors to their doom. With regards to Supernatural, the legend was delivered to land, the place these beings now use their voices to lure individuals to their finish.

On the present, they don’t seem to be lovely of their pure state, as they’re hairless and barely human wanting. Nevertheless, they’re shapechangers and may seem like no matter their sufferer most wishes with a purpose to lure them in. They will then tempt them to betray their family members. It takes a Bronze Dagger coated within the blood of their sufferer to defeat a Siren.


Soul Eaters are historic creatures that stay in one other dimension. They feed on human souls after they drag them from the bodily world into their nest. As soon as the souls are dragged there, they’re trapped perpetually and stay there even when their physique perishes.

The drawback right here is that for the longest time, hunters believed that Soul Eaters could not perish. It took a Celtic Sigil to entrap them. Nevertheless, the British Males of Letters discovered that putting the Sigil within the nest might flip the Soul Eater to mud and set the victims’ souls free.


One of many earliest monsters launched on Supernatural was the Wendigo, which was the monster that Sam and Dean Winchester needed to defeat within the second episode of the collection. They arrive from the Algonquian mythology and are cannibalistic creatures that can possess people. Additionally they possess tremendous velocity and are immortal.

These are a number of the most troublesome creatures to get rid of. It takes hearth to finish the lifetime of a Wendigo. The drawback is that they’re very quick, very sensible, and keep away from the warmth. Anasazi symbols can maintain them at bay and shield people from turning into prey.


The Scarecrow was a monster that appeared within the first season of Supernatural in an episode of the identical identify. As anticipated, this can be a dwelling scarecrow in a area that takes its victims by luring them from the street. The Scarecrow additionally appeared unbeatable, as Dean’s gun had no impact on it.

The Scarecrow turned out to be a manifestation of the Norse God Vanir. The townspeople within the city during which it resided then sacrificed strangers to it so as to maintain their group “blessed.” The solely strategy to destroy this monster is to burn the sacred tree that gave it energy.


For everybody who hates clowns, the Rakshasa could be fairly scary. These are Hindu creatures that feed a number of occasions each 20 to 30 years. If its look is not apparent sufficient, this monster can also be in all probability a reference to Stephen King’s Pennywise in It.

These are creatures that eat human flesh, sleep on deceased bugs, and may shapeshift to seem as people — principally clowns. They’ve superhuman power and velocity. They will additionally turn out to be invisible. Nevertheless, they can not enter a house with out an invite. They’re invulnerable to every little thing besides brass.


The Daeva is a savage and animalistic demon that appeared within the first season of Supernatural. The one factor that holds again the Daeva is that they should be summoned or conjured. Nevertheless, they may assault the one that summons them as nicely because the goal they’re despatched after.

They’re invisible, however their shadows aren’t. Principally, they’re used as instruments by powerful demons with a purpose to take out their enemies. They will teleport and have tremendous power, in addition to harmful claws. Since they’re demons, they will not perish, however mild can repel them and black magic can management them.


The Shtriga is predicated on an Albanian fantasy that dates all the best way again to Historic Rome. They’re just like witches however, as an alternative, Shtriga feed on an individual’s Spiritus vitae, which is their life pressure. As soon as an individual loses this, their immune system weakens. In Supernatural, they principally feed off youngsters’s lifeforce.

Whereas Sam stated that the Shtriga are invulnerable to all weapons made by males and God, this was not totally true. If caught feeding on somebody, they’re weak to consecrated iron, and whereas it will not finish them, it’s going to trigger them to flee.


The witches on Supernatural are just about the identical sort of witches that we see on different horror TV exhibits, films, and books. They forged spells by connecting to supernatural forces and may talk with spirits. As Sam stated in “Malleus Maleficarum”, what makes them harmful is that they are often anybody and it’s inconceivable to know who’s and is not a witch.

The energy of a witch depends on each their supply of magic and their information and coaching. Rowena is an ideal instance of a particularly powerful witch. The essential weak spot of most witches is iron.


Ghouls are Alpha-level monsters that feed on the flesh of the deceased. After this, they take the type of their sufferer after which hunt down their subsequent goal. There are additionally occasions when ghouls will feed on the dwelling they usually can tackle the types of their victims even when the sufferer continues to be alive.

They will additionally change again to a former type in the event that they want. They’ve tremendous velocity, power, agility, and senses — all larger than regular people. They’re additionally indestructible, although they are often decapitated and are weak to mind injury. Ghouls may be a kind of Djinn, however they don’t seem to be that powerful.


As their identify suggests, Arachnes are spider-based creatures on Supernatural, though they take the type of a human. They will create robust webs like spiders to lure their victims. They will additionally flip a human into an Arachne by biting them, and they possess poison that may finish a human’s life with a single chew.

They’re just like Spider-Man and possess the powers of a spider, together with power, agility, velocity, and tremendous senses. They’re additionally weak to most weapons and hearth, however one positive method to finish them is by chopping off their heads.


Werewolves in Supernatural are precisely what most followers of horror fiction anticipate. They’re kinfolk to skinwalkers and may morph right into a human-wolf hybrid. They’re carnivores and lots of eat people. Most legends are right, as they will flip people into werewolves with one chew. Nevertheless, in Supernatural, they will additionally sire werewolf infants.

The strongest werewolves are purebloods, that are near the Alpha degree. They will rework at will and may management their animal aspect higher than common werewolves. Silver and decapitation are two of the one methods to remove a werewolf.


A Djinn is a creature that many generally seek advice from as a genie. Nevertheless, whereas many individuals see genies as beings that grant needs, the Djinn is a sinister creature that makes use of trickery and deceit to realize their means. In contrast to the standard legends, Supernatural modified these from supernatural beings into monsters.

The Djinn on the collection can contact an individual and trigger them to relive their deepest goals and wishes. This places the human in a coma-like state, which permits the Djinn to feed on them. The solely method a hunter can remove a Djinn is meant to be with a silver knife dipped in lamb’s blood, though Sam took one out by hitting its head with a golf membership.


Clearly, this can be a creature on Supernatural that was named by basic rock loving Dean Winchester fairly than one which got here from conventional mythological lore. In response to Dean, he named them Jefferson Starships as a result of they’re “horrible” and arduous to remove. Eve created these creatures as a hybrid monster.

These beings are thought-about the last word monster by Eve, since they’ve the traits of lots of her earlier creations, together with the tooth of a vampire, the spike of a wraith, and the power to shapeshift. Whereas decapitation labored to sluggish them down, it took Crowley’s demonic forces to lastly get rid of them.


Hellhounds are extraordinarily harmful beasts that Sam has described as demonic pit bulls. They principally serve demons from Hell and are a hazard to people, angels, and different demons alike. A Hellhound’s most important objective is to gather the souls of people when their offers with demons are due. Solely these people can see them normally.

As soon as a Hellhound will get the scent of its goal, it has it for all times. The solely strategy to cease a Hellhound is with iron, Angel Blades, The Colt, or with Ruby’s knife. Salt can be utilized to dam them out, nevertheless it won’t cease them from discovering a strategy to get to their prey.


Supernatural has labored exhausting to make their vampires very harmful. Due to this, they eradicated a lot of the lore that horror followers have grown accustomed to. The crosses do not have an effect on vampires and daylight does little injury. Even a picket stake to the guts will not cease them.

Nevertheless, like basic vampires, they’re immortal, by no means age, have superhuman power and velocity, and are invulnerable to standard weapons. They will additionally retract their fangs, which signifies that they will mix in with people. For years, decapitation was the one solution to remove them till the British Males of Letters got here up with specifically constructed weapons that turned their very own blood poisonous.


The Khan Worm is one other unique Supernatural creature that Dean Winchester named. In fact, the identify got here from the basic Star Trek film The Wrath of Khan resulting from their look and powers. Eve created these creatures, which may enter a human’s head after which management their actions.

The Khan Worm is extraordinarily harmful. It possessed Dean and brought on him to finish the lifetime of his cousin Gwen Campbell. It then possessed Bobby Singer and compelled him to take out his previous companion Rufus Turner. These may be electrocuted whereas they’re nonetheless in a number’s physique and can be crushed if the worm escapes from the physique.


Most of the most well-known creatures in Supernatural have an Alpha, which is the primary creature that was created and often is probably the most powerful. One of the crucial powerful Alphas we see on the present is arguably the Alpha Vampire — the strongest of all vampires. He was the primary vampire and it’s stated that he existed even earlier than people first found easy methods to make hearth.

The Alpha Vampire has the identical powers as different vampires however on a a lot larger degree because of his age and expertise. He’s additionally thought-about one of the powerful monsters in historical past as a consequence of his Alpha standing. Nothing appeared to completely get rid of this Alpha till Sam used the Colt with a newly designed bullet towards him.


Categorizing demons into one spot is slightly broad since there are such a lot of several types of demons and all of them have totally different powers and skills. Demons have been created as a result of they endured lengthy durations of torture in Hell and turned evil and very powerful and corrupt. In relation to stronge= creatures on Supernatural, demons are those that seem probably the most powerful.

Lillith was the primary demon and shortly powerful demons, akin to Azazel, Dagon, Ramiel, and Asmodeus rose. Probably probably the most powerful demon on Supernatural is Crowley, who as soon as served because the King of Hell. Demons can perish, however it’s by no means straightforward to take them down.


The Knights of Hell are demons, however they’re specifically bred and educated by Cain, who was the unique Knight of Hell. When contemplating their energy, there isn’t any official phrase on the place they rank, however most demons are in awe of the Knights of Hell, which signifies that they’re probably probably the most powerful demons.

These demons are invulnerable to virtually every little thing and it took one among their very own to wipe out a lot of the species, outdoors of Abaddon, who was capable of escape. The Knights Of Hell are extraordinarily troublesome to take down. Solely somebody who has the Mark of Cain and makes use of the First Blade can maintain hope to hurt one.


It is perhaps slightly improper to think about angels as creatures, however lots of them have confirmed to be extra harmful than many monsters that Dean and Sam Winchester have hunted on Supernatural. Most angels are tasked with sustaining Heaven and defending the souls of the great, however there are those that have strayed and are very harmful.

Angels get their powers from their grace and wings. The class of Angels sitting under the Archangels can nonetheless smite beings with lesser powers, unleash Holy White Mild as a weapon, negate a being’s energy, and rather more. Little or no can finish their lives outdoors of Angel Blades, greater rating demons, Leviathans, and the First Blade.


The 4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse consists of the Biblical variations — Conflict, Famine, Pestilence, and Demise. These are all powerful entities, however amongst them, one stands tall as probably the most powerful of their ranks and probably the most powerful creatures in Supernatural historical past: Dying.

Demise is the oldest of all the Horsemen, and like the opposite Horsemen, he’s invulnerable. The solely factor that may finish the lifetime of a Horseman is Dying’s Scythe, however even that’s solely short-term, as the subsequent Reaper to fall replaces Dying, which was what occurred with Billie in season 12.


The Leviathans are historic monsters that have been the very first beasts that God created. Because of this the Leviathans are older than even the Angels. These creatures have been so powerful and damaging that God lastly created Purgatory in order that he might lock them away from the remainder of the universe.

Leviathans are extra powerful than virtually some other creature in existence and may eat nearly all the things. Leviathons are additionally one of many solely beings that may take the lives of an Angel in battle. There is just one weapon able to ending the lifetime of a Leviathan – one cast from the bone of a righteous mortal, the blood of a Fallen Angel, the blood of the Father of Fallen Beasts (just like the Alpha Vampire), and the blood of the Ruler of Hell (for instance, Crowley).


The Cosmic Entity may be probably the most powerful creature in Supernatural historical past, however there’s not sufficient recognized about it to rank it very excessive on this record. The Entity predated God, the Darkness, and Demise. Nevertheless, the complete energy of the Entity is unknown, as we nonetheless do not know what its particular powers are but.

The thought is that, whereas the Entity is within the Empty, it’s omnipotent and may do something it needs. Nevertheless, there are doubts that the Entity can do as a lot outdoors of the Empty. Its true type will make any being that views it lose their thoughts.


A Nephilim is a hybrid creature that was conceived by an Angel and a human. That signifies that a Nephilim has a human soul and angelic grace. Due to this, it is likely one of the strongest creatures in existence. A Nephilim is so powerful that the celestial being that conceives one will lose their very own life in addition to the lifetime of their baby.

The strongest Nephilim is one which was sired by an Archangel. A daily Nephilim is stronger than most angels since they’re extra powerful than their mother and father. Which means one born to an Archangel is stronger than even Archangels. Jack is Lucifer’s son, in order that makes him very powerful if he features full power, though he loses his powers when he loses his grace.


God created the Archangels to assist him battle and convey down his older sister, the Darkness. Nevertheless, the Archangels wanted to work collectively and alongside God to cease and imprison her. Outdoors of that, there are few creatures in Supernatural that may decelerate an Archangel — a lot much less cease them.

In fact, Archangels have fallen on Supernatural, however this was solely in a battle towards one other Archangel. With that stated, there are few extra powerful than Michael and Lucifer, who are capable of do absolutely anything when at full energy. The Archangel Blades can finish the life of 1, however solely when it’s wielded by one other Archangel.


The Darkness is Amara, the older sister of God. She existed earlier than the beginning of time and spent plenty of time destroying what God created. In consequence, God created the Archangels and it took a mixed effort of those beings and God himself to cease her and entrap her.

Dying revealed that the Darkness was extra powerful than God and was each amoral and damaging. God revealed that Amara is probably the most powerful being in all existence and even Demise fears her. There’s nothing a mortal, angel, or demon can do to finish her life.

Are there another powerful Supernatural creatures that we forgot to say? Tell us within the feedback!

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