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‘The Division 2’: Everything We Know About the Beta, Specialists, and More

'The Division 2': Everything We Know About the Beta, Specialists, and More

Tom Clancy’s The Division turned Ubisoft’s best-selling launch recreation of all time when it launched in March 2016. It additionally broke launch data for a model new recreation franchise. As Ubisoft’s reply to Future, The Division emphasised on-line co-op and endgame content material, which it has launched periodically since launch. The Division‘s main campaign was lengthy and well-made, but the endgame got off to a rough start. Regardless, there’s no denying that The Division was a serious business success that many gamers completely loved.

The much-anticipated sequel, The Division 2, lands on PS4, Xbox One, and PC on March 15. Right here’s every thing we find out about what is going to possible be considered one of the largest releases of 2019.

Goodbye NYC, whats up D.C.

the division 2 everything we know about beta specialists and more

The Division 2 trades snowy New York Metropolis for an apocalyptic Washington D.C. Set seven months after the unique recreation, the weaponized flu epidemic that decimated NYC has had rippling results throughout the nation. Based mostly on the story trailer, we all know that the Division brokers have been referred to as upon to D.C. as a brand new civil conflict looms.

The specter of the virus could also be gone, however D.C. has devolved into chaos. Now it’s as much as the Division brokers to assist save the nation from threats coming from rogue factions, spiritual zealots, and fascists. All of those teams appear to have totally different objectives, however all of them seem to embrace pandemonium. As a 1:1 illustration of D.C., anticipate the map to be fairly giant. Washington D.C. is extra rundown in The Division than it’s in actual life, with dilapidated buildings and a basic sense of chaos.

Nonetheless, there will probably be some acquainted set items ripped from actuality. For starters, the White Home is the sight of no less than one mission. The U.S. Capitol constructing may be seen in the backdrop of the demo we performed at E3. You’ll additionally go to the forested space of Roosevelt Island, the slender strip of land separating Manhattan and Queens. One other mission takes place in the Nationwide Air and Area Museum.

Open world modifications

The Division 2 review

As a part of Ubisoft’s imaginative and prescient to create a extra vibrant open world, your interactions with NPCs are designed to have extra weight. Whereas Protected Homes, areas all through the map with merchants and quest-givers, will stay, The Division 2 additionally introduces settlements.

Areas on the map may be liberated by finishing Management Level occasions. We acquired a style of this throughout our temporary E3 2018 hands-on. When liberating an space, you typically are capable of name in AI-controlled reinforcements. After the space is liberated, NPCs arrange a makeshift encampment. Just like Protected Homes, merchants and new quests open up with every liberated settlement.

Whereas The Division 2 continues to be designed to be performed co-op (2-Four gamers), Ubisoft has made positive to make the recreation utterly playable as a solo Division agent, even the endgame content material.

Eight-player co-op raids

The Division 2 review

It’s not solely clear what the raids will entail, however you’ll be able to tackle endgame raids with two four-person groups. The eight-player co-op choice will add a further problem to every raid. The Division capped out at four-player raids.

Main modifications to the Darkish Zone

The Darkish Zone, The Division‘s PvE and PvP map space, will return in The Division 2. There have been some issues with the Darkish Zone round the launch of the unique, so Ubisoft has made some modifications to (hopefully) enhance the Darkish Zone expertise for all gamers.

At launch, The Division 2 may have three Darkish Zones: Darkish Zone West, Darkish Zone East, and Darkish Zone South. Every of the zones has their very own aesthetic and caters to a unique sort of fight technique. Darkish Zone West is about in a suburban space for medium-range fight. Darkish Zone East is the business sector the place you’ll discover D.C. landmarks in the distance and is designed for long-range warfare. Darkish Zone South is a forested space that accommodates a number of totally different fight approaches, together with stealth. Every occasion of a zone can maintain 12 gamers at one time.

Earlier than getting into the Darkish Zone with on-line gamers, you will need to full an introductory story mission, which helps you to get the lay of the land with out worrying about different gamers. This is only one of the options that may assist make the transition to the Darkish Zone extra welcoming. Gear stats shall be adjusted accordingly inside the Darkish Zones to make sure gamers aren’t too overpowered. The matchmaking system may also cut up gamers into one among 4 degree classes when discovering matches: Degree 10 and under, Degree 20 and under, Degree 30 and under, and World tier gamers.

Nonetheless, the Darkish Zone is meant to be a extra chaotic model of the recreation. To mirror that, Darkish Zones will periodically turn out to be “occupied.” What this implies is that pleasant hearth shall be allowed, and all figuring out markers will probably be faraway from gamers. Primarily, you’ll do not know who you’re capturing at. When getting into an occupied Darkish Zone, your construct stats won’t be adjusted. By no means worry, just one Darkish Zone could be occupied at a time, so you’ll be able to utterly keep away from this function when you so select.

The aim of the Darkish Zone nonetheless revolves round loot, and contaminated gear returns. You’ll be able to steal the gear from different gamers earlier than extraction. In a change, it’ll all the time be higher than what you have already got, which incentivizes the activity much more.

Modifications are additionally coming to the Rogue system, which now has three totally different statuses. To turn into Rogue, you’ll have to do issues resembling steal loot from different gamers. After turning into Rogue and finishing a couple of actions, a Thieves Den opens up on the map, which has distributors that solely promote to Rogue brokers. Killing one other human participant whereas Rogue turns you to Disavowed standing. In case you kill a number of human gamers, you’ll ultimately enter Manhunt standing. Manhunt standing signifies that it’s a must to head to a terminal earlier than being allowed to take loot from the Darkish Zone. In Manhunt standing, different gamers will know the location of the terminals, so that you’ll should watch out.

Domination and Skirmish are the two organized PvP conflicts that will probably be out there at launch. Skirmish is a 4v4 staff deathmatch with a quick period. In the meantime, Domination duties groups with capturing and holding zones on the map. This time round, the aggressive multiplayer could have designed maps. Up to now, three maps have been revealed: Capitol Ruins, Stadium, and Georgetown. Capitol Ruins is a Domination map set in the forest. Stadium is a skirmish map on streets and parking tons by a stadium, and Georgetown takes place on rooftops above a residential space as a Domination map.

Specialist courses

Like its predecessor, The Division 2 won’t have character courses at the leap. As an alternative, you’ll degree up identical to the unique, equipping whichever weapons you want. Nevertheless, when you attain the degree cap (30), you’ll have the ability to select one in every of three Specialist courses: Sharpshooter, Survivalist, or Demolitionist.

Every specialist has their very own particular weapon and talent tree. As you proceed to “level up” in the endgame, you’ll earn further expertise and devices pertaining to your specialist position. These roles determine to be key to the endgame content material and will possible go an extended method to making a balanced staff for the recreation’s tougher content material. Don’t fear, although, you possibly can change specializations as you please.

Every specialist class may even have their very own grenade sort. Sharpshooters get flashbangs, Demolitionists have Incendiary grenades, and survivalists have frag grenades. That additionally signifies that you gained’t have entry to any of those grenades till you attain degree 30. From the bounce, gamers can solely use Concussion grenades.

Enemies aren’t as spongey

The Division 2 review

Enemies in The Division have been bullet sponges. You’d unload a clip (or a number of) and someway they’d nonetheless be standing. Ubisoft has addressed weapon injury and enemy well being in The Division 2 to make it a extra sensible expertise. If you shoot armored enemies, Ubisoft says the armor will visibly weaken and fall away to exhibit that their well being goes down.

Weapons, skills, and mods

the division 2 everything we know about beta specialists and more weapons

Ubisoft has refined every weapon class to make capturing really feel extra real looking on the subject of recoil and influence. Ubisoft can also be including a 3rd rifle weapon sort, merely referred to as rifles, to hitch Assault Rifles and Marksman Rifles. In the rifles sort, you’ll discover each semi-automatic and burst-fire rifles. In accordance with Ubisoft, the change lets them additional differentiate bonus stats throughout all of its courses. Unique weapons, the rarest of finds, will look extra the half this time round. All exotics have a definite look.

In a change from the unique, weapon mods will probably be unlocked by play as an alternative of awarded from random drops. This can be a welcome change for many gamers, because it eliminates the tedious grind of hoping to get the mod you’re on the lookout for. Now every mod shall be tied to set circumstances, rewarding you for finishing missions fairly than occurring upon a helpful mod. A single mod might be outfitted with as many suitable weapons as your coronary heart wishes at one time. This can release stock area.

As a loot-based expertise, Ubisoft needed to make weapon/armor builds extra fascinating. Weapon skills, bonuses and buffs, have been tweaked. Equipping a number of items of drugs with the similar “brand” can increase the stats of that expertise. One actually cool addition to weapon skills, is the augmented actuality tracker.

“It is a real-time tracker for you weapon’s talent that will show different things depending on what talent you have equipped. For example, it can light up when the talent is activated or help you keep count of shots left until the talent activates, etc. The purpose of this is to make it easier for you to understand your talents and use them in the most efficient way,” Ubisoft stated in a weblog submit.

Particular expertise

In one among its Intelligence Annex updates, Ubisoft outlined 5 of the particular expertise that shall be obtainable at launch for Division brokers.

  • Chem Launcher: Grenade launcher that fires 4 several types of chemical blasts, together with flammable fuel, riot management foam, corrosive chemical compounds, or an armor repairing cloud (the lone therapeutic blast).
  • Drones: 5 several types of drones will help you in fight, together with the Striker, Defender, Tactician, Bombardier, and Fixer.
  • Hive: The Hive are micro-drones cut up into 4 differing types, together with the Stinger, Restorer, Booster, and Reviver.
  • Seeker Mines: Making its return from the unique, seeker mines are cut up into 4 courses: Explosive, Airburst, Mender, and Cluster.
  • Turret: Additionally making its return from the unique, turrets are damaged into 4 courses as properly: Assault, Incinerator, Artillery, and Sniper.

Free post-launch DLC

The Division‘s preliminary yr of post-launch DLC was tied to a season cross. In a transfer that may undoubtedly make loads of followers glad, Ubisoft will give out a minimum of three items of main story and content material DLC all through its first yr. The expansions are anticipated to reach each three months all through 2019. If you wish to spend extra cash on The Division 2, although, you possibly can seize the Yr One Move, which grants one-week early entry to every piece of DLC together with a bevy of in-game gadgets.

It’s unclear if The Division 2 could have loot packing containers, however we all know it’s going to function microtransactions just like the ones seen in the unique. This implies the microtransactions will (hopefully) solely be obtainable for beauty gadgets.

Personal beta

Ubisoft will host a personal from February 7 to February 10 on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.  You possibly can nonetheless join an opportunity to take part in the beta. For those who pre-order the recreation, nevertheless, it ensures you entry to the beta. The beta will embrace two story missions, 5 aspect missions, and three Darkish Zones for the participant versus participant and participant versus setting content material. One in every of the conventional multiplayer modes, Skirmish, a 4v4 deathmatch, may even be obtainable to take a look at.

Although the beta goes reside February 7, one portion of it can go up on February eight. The “Invaded” mission quick forwards to the endgame content material to let gamers attempt the three specializations.

Launch date and editions

the division 2 everything we know about beta specialists and more dark zone

The Division 2, like many video games, may have extra than simply the $60 commonplace version when it launches March 15. That stated, a pre-order of the normal version will get you the Hazmat outfit, an unique shotgun, and entry to the personal beta. For those who pre-order at GameStop, you’ll get a restricted version hat.

For $100, the Gold Version comes with the Yr One Cross (for DLC early entry and unique gadgets) and three-day early entry to the recreation itself. Unique to GameStop, the Steelbook Final Version comes with all of the content material of the Gold Version plus three content material packs together with outfits, weapon skins, and different gadgets.

For $190, you will get the Darkish Zone Definitive Version. Unique to the Ubisoft Retailer, it comes with a Heather Ward figurine, the soundtrack, a map of the recreation, and a lithograph guide. It additionally consists of the Final Version content material. And for a whopping $250, the Phoenix Defend Version comes with a Brian Johnson figurine (articulated) as an alternative of the Heather Ward figurine and a steelbook case. It additionally consists of the lithograph e-book, soundtrack, recreation map, and Final Version content material.

The PC model of The Division 2 will solely be obtainable by way of Ubisoft and the Epic Video games retailer (not Steam).