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This Is Why Women Test Men… | #1 Reason SHIT Tests Happen


A variety of males scratch their heads in confusion over ladies.

“They say one thing, then act like another!” they’ll shout out.

Properly humorous sufficient, ladies truly aren’t that tough to know—the truth is, more often than not you’re “confused” over her, it’s as a result of she’s testing you.

…however why do ladies check males? Properly, let me stroll you again about 10,000 years and paint a lower than a reasonably image.

why women test men

The Starting

At first, most of humanity was comprised of tight-knit tribes. This is the place “Dunbar’s Number” comes from; the concept we’re biologically programmed to have a psychological Rolodex of 150 individuals max.

For many of human historical past, time was very unsure. You can be stooping over a river to get a fast drink one second, after which the subsequent, a saber-tooth tiger rips you limb from limb. The occasions have been robust.

…and naturally, in some ways, ladies had it worse than any of us. And not using a man to guard her, there’s no approach a lady would survive even a day alone.

Thus, ladies advanced to hunt out, and develop deeply interested in what we’ve coined “alpha males.” You recognize—the lads who’re assured, dominant, assertive, and all the time appear to return out on prime in each state of affairs.

Some have coined this time period “hypergamy,” however others merely name it “common sense.” It’s in a lady’s greatest curiosity, evolutionary clever, to need alpha males.

…and that is why they check males.

Why Women Test Males

Let’s check out our paleolithic tribe for a second. Say that we’ve obtained a woman, let’s name her “Stacy,” and she or he’s on the lookout for one of the best man she will discover to guard her.

Now understand that the stakes are excessive. If she chooses the flawed man, issues might go VERY flawed, VERY quick.

She might get eaten by a saber tooth tiger.

She might be gang raped and killed by a neighboring enemy tribe.

She might additionally simply plain die of hunger.

Discovering a superb man who’s a pacesetter, and who’s assured and assertive sufficient to hunt successfully and fend off predators was completely crucial.

However Stacy can’t simply ASK a person: “Hey, are you a good mate for me?” as a result of each man in that tribe goes to scream “YES!” in order that they get an opportunity at Stacy.

No… as an alternative, Stacy goes to take a look at their ACTIONS and throw TESTS at them, to see if they really are who they’re claiming to be.

Each man places on a assured bravado when speaking to women, however only a few males are literally as assured and top quality as they act.

The Artwork of the Shit Test

This is the place the thought of “shit tests” are available. As you’ll have heard, shit checks are snide little remarks that ladies throw at you, to check your congruence.

They will additionally take totally different types—however let’s concentrate on this one proper now.

Say that Stacy needs to know if a person is an effective hunter… once more, she will’t simply ask him, can she? In fact not. She must know the reality.

So perhaps she’ll tease a person’s means to hunt. Perhaps she’ll jokingly comment about how little he appears to deliver residence, to see how he reacts.

The “beta male” will get defensive, insecure in his capability to hunt. “N-no!!” he’ll shout. “I’m a really good hunter, I swear, I always get the best meat!” he’ll scream.

…however she’s not taking a look at his phrases. She’s wanting on the feelings behind them, they usually scream one factor loud and clear: “I’m insecure about my ability to hunt.”

Examine this to the “Chad” alpha male, who will jokingly brush it off, and even play alongside and exaggerate how dangerous of a hunter he’s.

“Oh yeah,” he’ll say. “That 1,500 pound mammoth I killed the other day? That’s barely enough to feed my family for a day,” he’ll jokingly spout.

…and although his WORDS are saying “I’m a terrible hunter,” his underlying confidence pierces by means of loud and clear. And Stacy is interested in him, due to it.

The “Do You Care” Shit Test

One other type of shit check is the “congruence” shit check, to see if a person actually is all that he’s making himself out to be.

Let me present you a meme that got here up on my Instagram the opposite day, that made me chuckle. Most males will giggle a laughter of recognition when seeing this:

why women shit test men

Sound acquainted? Humorous sufficient, most males don’t understand it, however any such conduct from a lady is a full-fledged CONGRUENCE shit check.

Once more, let me stroll you again to cavemen occasions so we will all perceive this.

Say that Stacy is on the lookout for a person… however not simply any man. She needs a person who will care about her, and who will struggle for her life if crucial.

Courting and sleeping with the improper man might imply that she’s caught to boost a child on her personal, and even worse—she finally ends up getting killed by a lion or a wild animal when the person leaves on the first sight of hazard.

Clearly, ladies advanced to keep away from this.

So one factor they’ll generally do, is check your endurance by making an attempt to actually work out in case you care about them sufficient to be inconvenienced.

Has she ever began a struggle over seemingly nothing? Typically occasions, it’s as a result of she needs to know that you simply care sufficient to attempt to work issues out together with her.

…and whereas such a conduct definitely isn’t useful if it occurs often, it’s to be anticipated on occasion.

The best way you cross this one is straightforward. You reaffirm the truth that you do care about her, and that you simply do need to see her.

If she continues to pester you about this, she may be looking for validation or consideration, during which case she must be instantly de-prioritized. However in case you’ve been courting for some time and she or he hits you with certainly one of these shit checks, it’s more likely to see for those who care.

The “Congruence” Shit Test

One other type of shit check is the “Congruence” shit check. Like many different shit exams, that is imply to show whether or not or not you’re really as assured as you appear.

Have you ever ever been out to excessive finish golf equipment, notably in cities like Los Angeles, Miami, or New York Metropolis? There’s a phenomena generally known as “hot girl blase” on the market.

This is actually the place ladies ignore you, and barely even acknowledge your advances. You possibly can stroll as much as a woman and introduce your self, and she or he’ll barely even take a look at you.

Once more, that is one other type of a shit check. She’s testing to see if you may be instantly disheartened (AKA like a bitch) by her coldness, or in the event you’re assured sufficient to push by means of a couple of minutes of awkwardness to win her over.

Most males fail right here. They really feel indignant that she was “mean” to them, or that she’s a “bitch,” however do you need to know the God’s trustworthy fact?

When a woman is actually lovely, she actually doesn’t have sufficient time within the day to speak to each man who hits on her. If she did, it might be a full time job.

So one of many unconscious mechanisms lovely ladies will make use of to keep away from this, is the “hot girl blase.” That means, all the guys who get butthurt can be filtered out inside seconds, and solely the assured guys will shine via.

The “I’m The Boss” Shit Test

One other type of shit check is the “I’m The Boss” shit check. This is the place a lady will ask you to do some ridiculously menial process, to see if she will management you.

In reality, I keep in mind a very embarrassing second from center faculty, the place a woman I had a crush on was shit testing me left and proper.

We have been sitting outdoors throughout recess, and she or he randomly blurted out: “Tie my shoe!”

Me, being a dumb 13 yr previous child who knew nothing about shit checks, eagerly complied. I, like many boys who’ve but to turn into males, thought that the best way to a lady’s coronary heart was by showering her in presents and making an attempt to impress her.

In fact, I used to be mistaken. All that my actions confirmed her was that she might stroll throughout me, and within the method that solely a center faculty “mean girl” might do, she did.

This shit check is widespread early on within the interplay, and may take many varieties:

  • “Go buy me a drink.”
  • “Hand me the remote.”
  • “Hold my purse.”
  • “Carry this for me.”

Virtually each time a woman asks you to do one in every of this stuff, it’s a shit check. In fact, there are specific occasions the place logistically she wants you to “hold her purse” in order that she will maybe unlock her automotive or one thing, however underneath most circumstances, this can be a shit check.

The Shit Test Strategy

Usually talking, when a lady checks you, it’s a very good factor. Women don’t check males they aren’t interested by—if she wasn’t all in favour of you, she would simply allow you to fade away.

However you’re totally different. You stand out from different males. She will see this, and her girlfriends in all probability all can, too. So what’s a woman to do? It’s easy: check you.

Welcome checks with open arms, as a result of every check is an opportunity to develop your attraction degree together with her. Each shit check a lady provides you, is a approach of her saying: “I’m interested, and want to see how confident you really are.

So with this in mind, there’s typically two strategies I use to pass a shit test:

  • Agree and Amplify
  • Complete Re-Frame

Of course there’s other strategies to pass them, but these are my favorite, and they’re some of the most widely applicable (aside from just flat out plowing through her test).

One shit test you’ll get quite frequently, once you get good with women, is the “are you a player” shit check, which takes on many variants.

Let’s check out a couple of examples, and the way to answer them, under.

  • Woman: “Do you use this line on every girl?”
  • Man: “Yeah, you’re number 5,423,910 today.”

This line is nice, as a result of it’s so clearly exaggerated (amplified) that it might’t be true… BUT he didn’t deny that he may actually use this line on each woman.

  • Woman: “Why are you wearing that dumb shirt?”
  • Man: “Woah, I know you want to tear this shirt off me, but let’s wait until we get home to do that, jeez.”

This line can also be nice, as a result of it utterly “misinterprets” her assertion (which was an insult), and frames it round into one thing humorous and constructive.

These are simply two of many various examples that you can probably encounter within the subject…and finally, gaining your personal expertise is vital.


In conclusion, ladies will typically check males to see what they’re really product of. Women don’t purchase the robust look many males placed on, understanding that they solely achieve this in an try and seduce her.

So what ladies will do, is that they’ll check your confidence and your congruence in some ways. Typically they’ll ignore you, different occasions they’ll irritate you, and once in a while, they’ll simply flat out insult you.

It’s on you to study what shit checks are, learn how to cross them, and truly apply this recommendation in your personal courting lives. You have got all that you should know—so now’s the time to make use of it.